China opens key economic policy meeting

By Sue Ford,2014-07-06 14:17
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China opens key economic policy meeting


    China's decision makers gathered in Beijing Saturday to determine economic policies for 2010, aiming to better deal with the impact of the international financial crisis(国际

    金融危机) and consolidate the foundation for economic recovery;紧急复苏;.

    The Central Economic Work Conference;中央经济工作会议;,

     an annual event initiated more than a decade ago, started days after China said it would continue the proactive fiscal policy ;积极地财政政策;and moderately easy moneta

    ry policy ;货币政策;next year.

    Analysts with the Development Research Center of the State Council;国务院;, a government think tank;智囊团;,

    said coping with further impact of the international financial crisis would remain a major task for China in 2010.

    To continue the fiscal and monetary policies;财政金融政策;

     and implement and enrich the economic stimulus package ;经济刺激一揽子计划;would help China achieve full economic recovery, the analysts said.

    They expected more efforts to transform the mode of development and in economic restructuring next year.

    Meanwhile, they believed the government would further deepen reform and opening up;改革开放;, push forward in

    novation;推动创新;, and improve people's livelihood.

    However, they cautioned China should still prepare for a bumpy ride next year as the road of global economic recovery would be "long and winding."

    Increase in the country's exports would still be difficult with a grim forecast of overseas demand, and domestic consumption should be further boosted to drive economic growth, they said.

    It is also expected decision makers at the conference would address issues such as tackling overcapacity in some industries and promoting the development of some strategic emerging industries;新兴产业;.

    Despite the global downturn, China had outperformed;超

    额完成; other major economies in 2009. Gross domestic p

    roduct (GDP) had grown by 8.9 percent year-on-year in t

he third quarter, and the economic growth for the year is

expected to exceed 8 percent.

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