Practical trainning report(contrustion_site work placement)

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Practical trainning report(contrustion_site work placement)

    Work placement regarding A&A works

    Construction Industry Council Training Academy

    Practical training regarding A&A works

    A report prepared


     Chan Yin Wai?S-DSV-1101-00323?

    In partial fulfillment for the course

    Diploma in Building Services Supervision

    August 5, 2012

     Work placement regarding A&A works


     According to the statements in the program of RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) from training and development executive director of Construction Industry Council, Charles Wong Doon-yee(黃敦義), construction industry is thriving by following the beginning of Ten Major Infrastructure Projects as well as Urban Renewal Projects, thus, most of the newcomers to construction industry is required in society. It is delighted to me to become one of the members who devote themselves to this industry and to be provided an opportunity of work placement by Construction Industry Council Training Academy and relative companies. Moreover, the engineering project of my work placement is addition and alteration works (A&A Works) at

    ththlevel 1 to level 3 at sunshine City during the period approximately from 10 May, 2010 to 5

    May, 2014. In order to share my experience learned in the previous work placement, I would like to report the progress in the period of placement after organizing and analyzing whole the information which I recorded in the site placement daily reports and numerous photos. Background of company of placement

     The name of the company of placement is Heng Tat Construction Company Limited (HT Co. Ltd.) which has established over the years a seamless working relationship with all units under E Man Construction Company limited. Whereas E Man Construction Company limited is also one of the branches of Henderson Land, which is having responsibility of planning and construction, structural design and so on. Below is a chart may clarify the relationship of


     Work placement regarding A&A works


(This chart is from )

Background of project

     As for those prime roles within project, there is client, main contractor, members of property management, and sub-contractors, thereof, Henderson Land Group for client, HT Co. Ltd. for main contractor, Goodwill Properties Management Limited (GPM Ltd.) for the management of parking lots, Heng Yick Properties Management Limited(YPM Ltd.) for the


     Work placement regarding A&A works

management of plaza and so froths. For the sake of describing the relationship clearly, a

    relationship chart created is given as follows.

    Propert Hang Tat Construction management Company Limited

    物業管理 恆達建築

    Heng Yick Properties Management




    分判商 Goodwill Properties Management


    冠威管理有限公司 高陛冷氣電視水電 工程

    Shun Hing Electric Service

    Centre Limited

    信興電器服務中心有限Mitsubishi Elevator Hong Kong 公司 Company Limited


    福霖園藝工程有限公司 Yuen Cheong Engineering Co., Ltd


     Lap Kei Engineering Company Limited



    U-Tech Engineering Company Limited



     Work placement regarding A&A works

     Besides, there are some work positions in HT CO. Ltd., including site agent, foreman, vice-foreman, clerical staff, safety supervisor, electrical and mechanical services manager and technician.

     Apropos of the venue(displayed by following picture 1, 2 and 3) of placement, it names Sunshine City, located in the heart of Ma On Shan in Shatin, being the largest private housing estate built by Henderson Land in the 90's and the first large scale private housing development within the district.

(Picture 3 from )


     Work placement regarding A&A works

Experience of placement

     According to my site placement daily report recorded, the knowledge which I learned from work placement can be divided into four parts: safety and tidying in site, comprehension of plans progress of construction, quality of construction as well as comprehension of construction drawing.

    Safety and tidying in site

     It is vitally important that we must be cautious for various forms of dangers in site whenever, therefore, I deem that learning safety of site is the first step for throwing ourselves into construction industry. Succeeding articles reveal diverse types of hazardous circumstance, and introduce several ways for resolving those issues.

    Dealing with large hole on floor

     The photos unfold the location of the large hole (picture 4 and 5) and we have deal with the problem not only by setting fencing included top fencing, middle fencing, base board and mesh fence, but also by covering wood board fixed by cement slurry. Picture 5 is the hole seen from an angle of below floor.


     Work placement regarding A&A works



    g fence




    Base covered

    board by wood



    (Picture 5)

Placement of fire extinguisher

     On sixteenth of July, I was sent to assist in placement of new fire extinguishers. During

    the work, I realized that each area of a square of 200 meter must deposit a fire extinguisher at

    least. Moreover, when we replace the fire extinguishers we must pay attention to the next


     Work placement regarding A&A works

    maintenance date printed on the label of fire extinguishers (shown by picture 6).

    Owing to the next

    maintenance date of

    th19Jan13, it is required

    to be replaced before

    th19Jan13; otherwise we

    would be punished by

    Fire Services



    Next Maintenance Date: 19-1-13

     (Picture 6)

     Realized the process of replacing fire extinguishers in the period of work, I would like to

    reveal it to you by following pictures and brief descriptions. 1) Founding and remembering the positions of fire extinguishers(A, B, C, D)

    HThe positions of fire Ha extinguishers (A, B, C, D) H



     Work placement regarding A&A works

    2) Replacing the four fire extinguishers and take some photo within the shooting close and the

    shooting far away for each.

    Position Photo of shooting far away Photo of shooting close





    3) If you wish to keep any records, make and even print a report like preceding chart.


     Work placement regarding A&A works

     Testing drainage capacity

     Inasmuch as the coming of monsoon, it is necessary to ensure that the rainwater though those louver windows cannot adversely impact on any mechanical systems in electrical and mechanical rooms. Hence, we need to regularly remove any sundries on those drainages and test the drainage whether can flow the rainwater away.

     In the process of the testing, there are two techniques required, including seeking the higher and lower positions in the lines of drainages, and the positions of drainage holes.

     Due to the physical characteristic of water which is flowing to lower positions, we can know the water flow directions by recognizing higher and lower terrains, as the succeeding picture (picture 7). It is one of the methods to predict the flow directions.

     1. Higher and lower positions

    To know the water flow direction ( )

    (Picture 7)

    For propose of having an unimpeded access for rainwater, we need to remove the nearby


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