Side Letter Traditional and Complementary Medicine - Malaysian ...

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Side Letter Traditional and Complementary Medicine - Malaysian ...Side

    The Hon Dr Craig Emerson MP

    Minister for Trade and Competitiveness


    Dear Minister Emerson,

    I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your letter of this date, which reads as


    “I have the honour to refer to the signing on this date of the Malaysia-

    Australia Free Trade Agreement („the Agreement‟) and to the discussions that

    have taken place between representatives of our two governments regarding

    Chapter 8 (Trade in Services) and Chapter 10 (Movement of Natural Persons).

    Recalling the Agreement‟s objective of enhancing bilateral trade and

    investment, I have the honour to advise that Australia will facilitate

    engagement between relevant Australian professional bodies for suppliers of

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Malay Traditional

    Massage Services and their Malaysian counterparts, with a view to clarifying

    and providing advice on the recognition of Malaysian accreditation and

    qualifications of suppliers of these services in Australia. Following that

    engagement, Australia stands ready to discuss with Malaysia any market

    access issues that Malaysian service providers may experience in Australia.

    Furthermore, I have the honour to advise that Australian state and territory

    level governments regulate the supply of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    through a nationally consistent registration and accreditation scheme. From 1

    July 2012, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be required to

    register with and meet the standards developed by the Chinese Medicine

    Board of Australia. These requirements will apply to all practitioners

    including those from Malaysia. The Government of Australia and Australian

    state and territory level governments do not directly regulate the supply of

    Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Malay Traditional Massage services by foreign

    suppliers. Relevant professional bodies are responsible for registering and

    developing standards for practitioners and maintaining qualification

    requirements for suppliers of these services in Australia.

    Additionally, all suppliers of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda,

    Homeopathy or Malay Traditional Massage Services in Australia must comply

    with relevant immigration, consumer protection, public health and safety

    measures and workplace law and practice, which are applied on a non-

    discriminatory basis”.

    I have the further honour to confirm that your letter and this letter in reply reflect this understanding between Malaysia and Australia.

    In support of the development of the traditional and complementary medicine industry in Malaysia, I hope that both countries will be able to exchange information and facilitate cooperation in respect of mutual recognition of the traditional and complementary medicine service providers. It is my aspiration that Malaysia will be able to promote adoption of best practices on standards and qualifications in the field of traditional and complementary medicine once the regulatory measures are in place.

Yours sincerely,

Dato‟ Sri Mustapa Mohamed

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