1 Comprehension passage and exercises

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1 Comprehension passage and exercises1 Co

     A sweet tradition

     The tradition of eating mooncakes goes back to more than seven

     hundred years ago as a way of celebrating the mid-autumn full

     moon. The celebration takes place on the fifteenth day of the

     eighth lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest and 5 brightest. Today we celebrate this as the Mid-Autumn Festival

     and we give tins of mooncakes to relatives and friends as gifts.

     Traditional mooncakes have a duck egg yolk in the middle to

     represent the moon. The yolk is surrounded by a paste made of

     lotus seed, red bean or sesame. This is covered in a pastry that 10 is usually stamped with the baker’s stamp.

     Not everyone likes traditional mooncakes. However, there are

     lots of new and unusual varieties of mooncakes being sold now

     so there is usually something for everyone.

     Today, you can find mooncakes that are filled with dates or nuts, 15 or even Chinese sausages! Flavours such as green tea or

     chocolate have been introduced to make them more interesting.

     In fact, you can now get mooncakes in all sorts of colours and

     flavours. There are even curry-flavoured mooncakes! Some of

     the most popular new mooncakes today are the tasty coffee

    20 mooncakes from Starbucks, or the new Haagen-Dazs ice-cream

     mooncakes. The number one alternative mooncake is the snowy

     mooncake, which is covered with white pastry like a Japanese


     With the traditional mooncakes and their new varieties, there

    25 are now loads of mooncakes made in Hong Kong each year. In

     fact, if all the mooncakes were put on top of each other, they

     would reach about 300 times the height of the Two IFC building.

     Now, that’s a lot of mooncakes!

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    To find out more about mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn Festival, follow this link.

    If you want to know how to make your own mooncakes, follow this link.

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    A Complete the following sentences using words or phrases from the article.

     1 Mooncakes are eaten at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    2 We gave our grandparents two tins of


    3 My favourite mooncake flavours are chocolate and


     4 I had a coffee mooncake and it was very tasty .

     5 I like mooncakes that are filled with jelly.

    6 The new type of mooncakes are very popular in

    Hong Kong.

B Choose the best answer for each question. Circle the correct letter.

     1 The Mid-Autumn Festival 2 Traditional mooncakes

     takes place during the … have … in the centre.

     A the fifth lunar month. A egg yolk

     B the eighth lunar month. B paste

     C the fifteenth lunar C pastry


     3 The most popular new 4 A tower of all the

     mooncake is the … mooncakes made in Hong

     Kong each year would be …

     A ice-cream mooncake.

     B curry mooncake. A taller than Two IFC.

     C snowy mooncake. B shorter than Two IFC.

     C as tall as Two IFC.

C Answer and discuss the questions below.

    1 What is your favourite type of mooncake? Why?

    2 Mooncakes are eaten at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Is this your

    favourite festival? Why? Why not? Tell your classmates about

    your favourite festival.

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3 There are lots of new types of mooncakes. What would be

your ideal mooncake? Describe it to your classmates.

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