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    June 2012

JobBeacon follows free ads on Australia’s largest job site

    Mobile and online job solution uWorkin has launched JobBeacon to advertise jobs in shopfront windows and noticeboards. JobBeacon connects to the online ads via a QR (Quick Response) code and a URL., the first App and website with social media sharing on mobile, now has free job-ad listings.

uWorkin‘s chief marketing officer, Damian Lucas, says being free ―removes all barriers to

    advertising jobs, while JobBeacon is all about increasing the offline reach of a job ad‖.

―It‘s an employment-industry innovation,‖ Lucas says. ―JobBeacon is a printed poster of a job ad

    for a shop window containing a QR code that takes the smartphone user right to the web listing. It‘s a free form of promotion generated from the online ad. Businesses can put these in their windows or in other public areas.

    An interested person scans the QR code with their mobile, and then applies for the job; they can also go through the web browser on their phone to apply that way. Every job is GPS positioned, so anyone using their iPhone can start finding jobs nearby, instantly.‖

    QR code readers are free to download from the App Store, but Lucas says uWorkin intends to build them into its apps in the future.

Alternatively, when people see a job of interest for a friend, they can scan the code, hit ‗share

    through Facebook‘ and their friends just click on a link through Facebook to apply for that job.‖

―JobBeacon is also cool, clean, colourful and professional looking it certainly beats the old ad

    scrawled on a pizza box and stuck in the window. It‘s old school, with print, and new school with

    the QR code and embedded URL. It‘s all free much better than the minimum $200 spend on

    traditional job sites.

    Over 50 per cent of jobs are searched today on mobile phones,. We believe this technology will only make things easier for job seekers, employers and recruiters.

―Some 80 per cent of jobs are never advertised because of the cost to advertise it‘s just not

    worth it. Our goal is to support job boards and ensure everyone can advertise their jobs online and on mobile.

    Employers and recruiters have quickly taken to the free uWorkin site. Although it only began in November last year, uWorkin is now Australia‘s largest jobs site, with more than 193,000 jobs

    online and mobile Lucas says this is based on an ―all jobs‖ search (on June 21, 2012 at

    ―Employers and recruiters can choose to feature their jobs, brand them, get guaranteed top spot, insert banners within the job feed and get priority listings, all to stand out. We charge a small fee for those special features. If you don‘t want them, then you can still list your ad for free — and that

    will always be the case.

Being free removes the barrier to entry for people to advertise on and the best

    part is that we now have more jobs than anyone else, too.‖


    uWorkin Pty Ltd Tel: 1300 UWORKIN

    Suite 1, 130 Albert Road South Melbourne Vic 3205

About uWorkin: is Australia‘s largest online job site, with more than 190,000 Australian jobs listed both online and on mobile solution. (Figures based on an ―all jobs‖ search on June 21, 2012 at

    It offers free job-ad listings, opening up the market to a huge array of small businesses.

    Established in November 2011, uWorkin has given job seekers free access to thousands of jobs from hundreds of companies and job boards. uWorkin drives targeted applicants to jobs across all industries.

    uWorkin is the first with social media sharing online and on mobile; its mobile App offers industry-leading social sharing, where all listed jobs can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, SMS and email. Job ads have GPS, enabling people to find a job close to home or in a preferred location.

    From the web to mobile to social, uWorkin helps companies find people with its unique technology to match the right person to the right job (and the right job to the right person). uWorkin connects employers with quality job seekers at all levels and provides personalised career advice to candidates along the way.

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Media contact:

    Damian Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer, uWorkin

    ; 1300 UWORKIN or mobile 0417 707 282. E-mail:

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    Samantha Schelling,

    for uWorkin

    ; 03 5823 5145 or mobile 0431 015 904. E-mail:

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    uWorkin Pty Ltd Tel: 1300 UWORKIN

    Suite 1, 130 Albert Road South Melbourne Vic 3205

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