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    Read and answer

     Bill and Fred were students at a school and they were friends.

    Last year, they spent their summer vacation together. One day they wanted to get up early to go fishing, but they didn’t have

    an alarm clock.

     “That’s all right, Bill,” Fred said, “I’ll put some pieces of

    bread on the windowsill of the house tonight and they’ll wake us up in the morning.”

    Bill was surprised.Fred was right. Early the next morning. Small birds came down to eat the bread, and they woke Bill and Fred up very quickly.

    Circle the letter of the correct answer.

    1. When did Bill and Fred spend a vacation together?

    A. Last month. B. Last year.

    2. What did they want to do one day?

    A. Go camping. B. Go fishing.

    3. When did they go fishing?

    A. Early in the morning. B. Late in the afternoon. 4. What did Fred put on the windowsill of the house?

    A. An apple. B. Some pieces of bread.

    5. What woke them up early in the morning?

A. Small birds. B. An alarm clock.

参考答案;1. B 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. A

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