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    43% of 16-21 year olds fear it will take between 6 months and two years

    to find a job

    Mixed opinions on the future for young people, thanks to the recession

    London, 6 July 2010: A worrying proportion of young people expressed concern about their future job prospects according to new research released today by CitizenCard, the

    government-approved proof of age scheme. One in five young people believe it will take them a year or longer to get the job they want in the current economic climate, while 12% think they will never find the job they want.

    There were pockets of optimism among those questioned, however. 11% said they expect to find the job they want immediately and 34% said they thought it would only take six months.

    According to the Government’s latest labour market figures, nearly 1 million young people

    1are currently unemployed.

    CitizenCard’s research, which investigates young people’s concerns about the recession, also shows that a quarter of 16-21 year olds (24%) don’t expect to leave home for three to

    five years. One third of those asked said they expect to move home between one and three years’ time. 7% expect to still be living with Mum and Dad when they are 30 because they won’t be able to afford to fly the nest.

Andrew Chevis, CEO of CitizenCard, said today of the research: Although some people are

    optimistic about their future, it is worrying to see how pessimistic young people are today about the opportunities that are out there. While young people are concerned with such pressing issues as unemployment, CitizenCard provides a solution to another frustrating issue: proof-of-age identification. Our research shows that 77% of 16-21 year olds are asked for their ID between one and four times a week

    Launched in 1999, CitizenCard is a proof of age card supported by the government, police and trading standards. The 2 millionth CitizenCard was issued to Adrian Edwards, aged 18. As the 2 millionth cardholder, Adrian was given his new CitizenCard by Coronation Street’s

    Sophie Webster (in real life actress Brooke Vincent, who is also 18) at a ceremony in Manchester.


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Andrew Chevis continued: “Although the government has scrapped national ID cards, young

    people are regularly asked for ID. CitizenCards, which feature the Government-approved PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram, are available at half the cost of the national ID card and at no cost to the taxpayer.”

The research was conducted online by CitizenCard in June 2010.

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About CitizenCard

    CitizenCard is Government-approved PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) Accredited. CitizenCards are accepted nationwide at supermarkets, off-licences, newsagents, forecourts, pubs, clubs, gaming centres, cinemas, banks, airlines and in many other places.

    CitizenCard is a non-profit company operated by: Association of Convenience Stores, Camelot, Co-Operative Group, Experian, Ladbrokes, National Federation of Retail Newsagents, and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association.


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