APPF 13/Draft

By Kathleen Mason,2014-09-25 07:52
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    APPF 13/RES./22



    (Sponsored by the Philippines)

    The 13th Annual Meeting of the Asia - Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

    Recognizing that the Asia-Pacific region is home to indigenous peoples who have preserved the culture of practising traditional medicine;

    Aware that scientific studies have proven the efficacy of this practice and is a viable alternative vis-à-vis the high cost of pharmaceutical medicines;

    Noting that the preservation of the art of traditional medicine would prove beneficial to developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region specially to its poor constituents;

    Aware that the practice of traditional medicines is a result of centuries-old knowledge and folklore passed on from one generation to another and is, by itself, part of the country’s cultural heritage;

    Noting that the protection of the practice of traditional medicine is essential for its preservation, as well as, a safeguard to piracy;

    Noting also such protection has not been fully covered by the WTO-Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) signed in Doha, Qatar,

    Noting the inclusion of reference to indigenous peoples and their resources in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation and relevant documents of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous peoples,


    Resolves to:

    1. Call on all APPF member countries to encourage research protection

    and development of traditional medicine,

    2. Enjoin all APPF member countries to formally recognize the

    importance of traditional medicine and explore its assimilation in

    national health care systems and medical curriculum,

    3. Create awareness within APPF member countries to pave the way

    for a regular exchange of information on knowledge on traditional

    medicine and ensure information is catalogued in an accessible data

    bank using available modern technologies,

    4. Increase technical cooperation on the development of herbal

    medicines among APPF member countries,

    5. Request the governments of APPF member countries to participate

    actively in the review of the TRIPS Agreement in the WTO TRIPS

    Council, World Intellectual Property Organization, the Convention

    on Bio-diversity, and other appropriate international fora so ample

    protection could be accorded to the protection of traditional medicine



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