Unit 1 School Lesson 1

By Tina Harrison,2014-07-06 04:45
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    Unit 1 School Lesson 1 Teaching Aims:

    1 Words: grade,class,classroom,look,blackboard,desk,chair,where

    2 Pattern: Class One,Grade Four.

    3 To arouse the kids to speak English loudly. Preparation: cards,tape,recorder,pictures Teaching Steps:

    Step 1 Warm-up

    1. Free Talk

    Talk about the summer vacation.Then talk about the new classroom.

    Step 2 Pre-task

    1. Learn the words

    Show the cards,and prompt the kids to read after me. Game: A Read as quickly as they can.(match)

    B Listen and point.(The whole class stand.I order,then the kids who is wrong

    sit down.)

    2. I show some pictures.Promp the kids to read. (1)?四;2??一;1??一;2


    T: Wang Tao and Sally are in Grade 4.What class are they in?

    Listen to the tape and answer.Then repeat. 4. Practice

    Do a play.Work in a pairs.

    Step 3 Summary and Sing a song.

    Step 4 Homework

    1. Read the text.

    2. Recite the words.

    Step 5 Blackboard Design

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