Module 1

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Module 1

    Module 1~2


    ( )1 A Are B is C am

    ( )2 A Nice B naughty C nine ( )3 A Brother B mother C father ( )4 A Teacher B today C to ( )5 A Clever B clock C cake


    B Yes, I am ( )1 A Yes, it is ( )2 A This girl is naughty B it is a river

    ( )3 A I'm nine B I am from london

    ( )4 A They are my friends B this is my friend

    ( ) 5 A Yes, it is B Yes, they are


    1 (there/those) are my new books. 2 (he/she) is my friend.

    3 he is my new friend, he is very (kind/nice).

    3 i like this parrot ,it is (beautiful/big)

    4 look at this (boy/man), he is my big brother.


    1 Xiaoyong is clever.

    A very B good C bit

    2 She is a teacher.she is kind to us. A shy B cool C nice

    3 are you clever?

    A No, i am B Yes, I am C Yes ,You are 4 My little sister is very ,we all like her.

    A cute B cool C naughty

    5 She's shy.

    A a bit B a little C lots of 6 I'm London

    A on B from C at

    7 This is my .he is a teacher

    A mother B father C sister

    8 parrot is a bird

    A nice B shy C naughty

    9 she is nice teacher

    A a B the C an

    10 What are you going to ?

    A do B doing C does

    11 Are you naughty ? No,

    A I am not B I can't C I am

12 Beijing is the Capital China.

    A In B of C and

    13 is very big and very beautful

    A Book B my house C bukingham palace 14 Iam a chinese girl ,i am Beijing

    A Of B about C from

    15 Is that your shcool bag? Yes ,it

    A Is B am C are


    ( )1 A she B he C shy

    ( )2 A nice B very C good

    ( )3 A bus B naughty C bike

    ( )4 A clever B your C my

    ( )5 A big B bad C bag

    ( )6 A long B capital C short ( )7 A book B pencil C about

    ( )8 A famous B big ben C tower bridge ( )9 A river B bus C car

    ( )10 A old B new C book


    ( )1 What's this ? A Yes, it is

     ( )2 Is this your sister? B It's about London( )3 Where are you from? C I'm from England ( )4 Is that your house? D No, she isn't ( )5 What is it about? E It's Buckingham Palace.


    ( )1年幼的,小的 letter listen little ( )2可爱的 cute cup cats

    ( )3酷的 cold cool coat

    ( )4淘气的 noodles naughty nineteen

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