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     Most friends of him think him as a silent wood. Indeed, he doest

    like speaking too much. Thus many girls regard him as a cook man and very like him. But there are also people who consider that he hasnt

    opinion on something and his mind is not flexible, so he seldom talks with others because he doesnt know what he should say. However, found

    another him as well- one whose mind is clever, tongue is good.

    He is a discreet person so he does everything carefully, although he has good idea about doing something before others, he wouldnt speak it

    out. He always tells us after he succeeding. Two weeks ago, my cellphones something is wrong, it cant be used. Im very hurry and

    nervous because i need it. I repaired it a whole day but i failed. So i found him and ask him wether he can help me or not. When i saw him, he said nothing. Just hold my cellphone and do something to my phone. Im very

    hurry and ask him several times whats wrong with my phone. He still

    hasnt mouth until i didnt ask. For a half hour, he looked up and said here you are, its right now. Maybe this behaviour is beyond somebody but this is his character.

    If you have got along with him for a long time, you will fond he is also a considerate and practical person. In usual life, he always know his friends need what and help them and every time his friends birthday, he

    would give him a gift that is some artistical of everyday use.he said only romantic and expensive things are wasteful, only useful things can stand for you heart.

    Every time we sit together and everyone talks about his dream, he never talk. We all dont know whats his dream until occasionally he

    talked with me, i know it. In that time i know he is ambitions just in his heart not mouth.



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