Sure no problem

By Gary Long,2014-12-08 19:11
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Sure no problemno,No,sure,SURE,Sure

    Sure no problem

    Dad: Jason...Jason;turn down the TV a little,please! Jason: oh,but it's my favorite program.

    Dad: I know,but it's very loud.

    Jason: OK,I'll turn it down.

    Dad: That's better ,thanks!

    Mom: Lisa!please pick up your things.there are all around the living room


    Lisa: In a minute,mom. I'm on the phone. Mom: OK,but do it as soon as you hang up. Lisa: sure ,no problem.

    Mom: were we like them when we were kids? Dad: Definitely!


    Jason :have you noticed how forgetful dad is getting?he is always

    forgetting where his car keys are. It drives me crazy. Lisa: and he can never find his glasses,either. Jason: I know.

    Lisa : you know what drives me crazy about mom? Jason: what?

    Lisa : those awful talk shows she watches on TV. She just loves them. Jason : yeah I think she watches them for hours everyday. Lisa: Oh,well.I guess they are just getting old.I hope I'll never get like that.

    Jason: me ,too. Hey ,let's go and play the video game!

    Lisa: great idea! Have you seen my glasses anywhere?

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