Management and use of geo-data and geo-information for museography and museology

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Management and use of geo-data and geo-information for museography and museologyof,Geo,Data,for,and,Use,AND,FOR,data,geo


    Management and use of geo-data and geo-information for museography and museology

    Agata Lo Tauro

    Minister of Public Instruction, IPSIA Giarre, Viale Libertà,151, 95014, Catania, Italy,

The current research reports on a first attempt for the implementation of IT, CAD, GIS, Web-GIS, thematic

    cartography, terrain modelling, spatial imaging (such as laser scanning, MMS, etc.), graphic design and computer graphics which allow display and analysis of the collected data during the implementation of a project-GIS for the management of projects in the field of museography and museology (listing of communication technologies, arts objects, ancient physical instruments and all their related fields) with the support of 3D thematic cartography. “In the frame of Project

    MONITOR ( of the Galileo Joint, Undertaking Second Call, GEONETLAB, University of Trieste” the Innovative Educational Programmes may involve “experiment on GNSS real time positioning and NMEA transmission via GPRS to a Local Control

    Centre, by using various kind of almost wearable or pocket PCs and Smartphone as well as of the DGPS/INS GEONETLAB technologies” (Manzoni, G. 2008). The current project also reports on an

    attempt for the extraction of spectral features changes for a novel remote sensing classification. The research also

    helps to plan cultural-scientific, organizational, spatial and environmental features of the places intended for the study, preservation, exhibition and fruition of works of art and materials used to represent the project in the field of museography and museology, including industrial design and town planning in relation to the innovative aspects induced by information technologies in the telecommunication, innovative cataloguing fields and cultural tourism. Special guidelines for the use of IT and GIS in cultural resources management were developed (UNESCO 1999) for Unesco Sites. The project also involves the implementation of telecommunication technologies (such as Voip systems, or WIFI and RFID). Considering the size and complexity of museography and museology, adequate tools have to be provided for the management. After UNESCO had introduced legal instruments to recognize and protect cultural sources of outstanding universal value, and several cultural sizes were included in the World Heritage list (, it was soon

    realized, that the resources management, e.g. the management and protection of the cultural values in modern and ancient art for which these sites may be inscribed (such as industrial archaeology, untangible and tangible heritage of popular traditions, historical clothing, etc.) has to be improved.

    It is obvious that surveying and mapping procedures, based on sufficiently complete and updated databases, are needed to document and monitor the sites and to allow predictive modelling of future developments.


Keywords: ITC, GIS, museography, museology, RS Classification;


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