Marriage is a Lifelong Commitment

By Florence Gray,2014-12-08 13:05
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    Marriage is a Lifelong Commitment

    Ladies and Gentlemen , Good morning ! I am very glad to stand here and give you a short speech . Today , my topic is Marriage is a lifelong commitment .

    First , I want to ask you a question : what s the

    marriage that you look forward to.

    In my opinion marriage is a lifelong commitment . Maybe it is too early for us to talk about marriage , but we still have the right to put forward our opinions about love and marriage .

    You can imagine , the two people that they never meet before, then they fall in love with each other gradually after they come across a few days or years later and finally , they marry with each other . You can find a person who will never leave you alone and you will company each other to go through the rest of life , it is the happiest in this world .

    In my growing years , I have learned from my parents that their love has been being washed by time and common life all the time , but it was never vanished , on contrary , they care about each other whether each of them are in good health or happy , Maybe they have

    complained , but they have never suspected their marriage and their own choices . Their marriage has become not only something about moral and duty but further thing .

    In fact , the real marriage is based on deep love . The true love is that no matter what difference you have and no matter how many tempt around you and no matter how the outside changes , you just keep going ahead with the person you love and you will never think of breaking up with each other and you will become braver and stronger with him or her .

    The marriage should be a lifelong commitment , because of love . Love is the promise of marriage and marriage is the sublimate of love . Happiness is not getting what you want , but enjoying all you have .

    Last , I hope everyone can find the true love In their lives and last it forever .

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