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    Chinese food

    China has a long history of 5000 years and 56

    nationalities. Due to the diffidence of geographical environmentreligion and historical process, Chinese food can be divided into eight major regional cuisines, which has been widely accepted around.

    Chinese food pay a lot of attention to perfect harmony with the colorsmelltaste and shape. A good dish itself is a work of art which can be attractive to every sensory of people.

    A meal in Chinese culture usually consists of two general components. One is main food, carbohydrate source, such as rice, noodles or buns. The other one is

    accompanying dishes, such as vegetable, fish, meat or other items. In fact, its a harmony of grain, vegetable and meat. The idea of Yin and Yang are used in the sphere of food and cooking. Yang foods are believed to increase the heat of the body, while Yin foods are believed to decrease the heat of the body.

    Yang foods tend to be dense in energy, especially from fat and meat, while Yin foods tend to have high water content. The Chinese ideal is to eat both of food to keep body in

    balance. A person eating too much Yang foods might suffer from obesity or high blood pressure, while a person eating too much Yin food might be anemic or weak.

    Chinese people like having meals together with their relatives and friends. All people have their own main food but share the dishes which are put in the center of table. The atmosphere is very lively and the relationship of people becomes closer. Its not a time to enjoy delicious and various food, but an occasion to unite a family together.

    Additionally, its worth mentioning that tea is chinas

    national drink. It contains vitamins, essential oils. Since it can improve eyesight and alertness, Chinese believe that frequent tea drinkers enjoy an increased life span. Tea has come to be generally recognized as a natural healthy food. Whats very worrying is that Chinese traditional eating habits with high oil and high salt. Although many Chinese have been trying to advocate healthy eating with low salt and oil in the past few years, the traditional eating habits are still passed down from generation to generation.

    Fashion is in France, living is in America, but eating is in China.

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