By Herbert Wilson,2014-12-07 11:24
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     Do you know the word, phubbing? You may never heard it before.

     It seems from the smart phone was released in 2007, we have faced a new problem, a unique twenty-first century’s problem.

    While the world gets more connection, the people become more disconnective, losing the ability to conversation and real human interaction. The problem, is ignoring the person in front of you in favour of your smart phone. Just about everyone does it.

     But at the first time the behavior is against you, why don’t we talk about it. Well, probably because there doesn’t have a word for

    it. (Until now, you just be phubbing...)Ok, take the step back, where did the word come from and why did we have this word? Well, on a remarkable day, May 2012, a group of people gathered the University of Sydney, Australia. Almost the group was made up by a lexicologist, a phonetician, a debating champion, a poet, several authors, a cruciverbalist. Their goal was to create a word will get the people to put the phones down and talk to each other again. So for the room was filled with genius, the search for word to describe the behavior that annoy other by the favour of phone began. Then a 23-year-old Melbourne resident named Alex Haigh, coined the word phubbing that stands for "phone snubbing", and describes "the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your

    phone instead of paying attention". The word released the following day, saw it in the social conversation and created a new movement. Ignoring the person in front of you in favour of your smart phone now was a behavior with the name, the behavior was being a question that went global, all because the single word, phubbing.

     Recently a news reported that in San Francisco, a robber went on a subway and he took out a gun and aimed the people, but no one noticed him, They all busied working with their smart phones. He returned the gun to his pocket, after a while he took out the gun, and then returned the gun... He repeated that again and again, but people was still in silence and looked at their smart phones. That’s

    made him angry. He followed a young man that stood in front of him and killed him in a small alley. District Attorney George Gascon said

    the phone provided convenience for alert, but it also let people to be uninvolved bystanders automatically. Then public attention was aroused as to the questions importance. "No Tweeting, No QQ, No

    Facebook: respect the food, the music and the company you're in." Against digitally derived rudeness that has started to go global.

     So Its time to ditch phones and if your friend keep looking at phone when you are talking with him, just ask him, would you stop phubbing me.

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