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    The Galmorgan Group is known as the group that almost go bankrupt and saved by the Triton’s acquisition in the short-term. There are some future prospects problems are determined for the new Galmorgan Group, and the new manager from the Triton would be face to them.

    To deal with the problems the new manager should start from the three separate companies which are Glamorgan Timber Mill manufactures different gauges of

    wooden boards which are then sold untreated ; Smooth Finish purchases untreated

    boards and coats them with a plastic finish before selling them on to wholesalers ; and Swansea Board Supplies acts as a wholesaler for finished boards, to customers from the kitchen and bathroom construction industries.

    But according to the objectives of these three separate companies, the new manager John Person would find that there are some disagreements from each company if he decided to use one of them. Recently, John bid a contract with the Swansea Management Consultants(SMC) and will get 250 undergraduate business students to help the Galmorgan Group find the solution. As rewards, the five best of 250 students would get the jobs for the group.

    Basically, the problems that the Galmorgan Group face could be defined as four : Should Swansea Board Supplies have the new warehouses or not; Should Smooth Finish have the new high capacity No.2 machine; Should Galmorgan Mill have the new oven for light gauge; and how to increase the level of the complaints. Each manager from the three separate companies have the different ideas of their company, but the capital for the invest is stationary. To chose right one is the most important thing for the new Galmorgan Group, this is relative with the life of the company.

According to the calculation, our group find that from the (写出你们表格的观点;以


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