The committee meeting will be held as scheduled

By Jack Roberts,2014-04-20 19:24
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The committee meeting will be held as scheduled


    June 2, 2006

    Nebraska State Office Building

    Lower Level Conference Room C


    Present: Labor Basoco, Revenue; Girch, Health and Human Services; Kowal, Labor;

    Petska, Roads

    Management Busch, Environmental Quality; Lundberg, Education; Lomack,

    Roads; Samuelson, Health and Human Services




    April notes were amended:

    ; 80% of the safety inspections will be conducted by employees of the District Safety


    ; District 3 will have 100% of inspections done by the NSC

    The April notes were approved as amended.

    No meeting was held in May.


1. Safety Inspections at Roads

    ; Districts 2, 6, & 7 remain to be done

    ; Pending

2. Safety Survey

    ; Pending

3. Workplace Violence at Regional Centers

    ; Complete

4. Security at Omaha Cedar Street Office

    ; Only food being stolen

    ; Food stamp office will put in a card reader access system

    ; Complete

5. Mold at Auburn HHS Office

    ; Samuelson reviewed documentation from Ewing

    ; One employee is on sick leave & has made a claim for Workers Compensation from Risk


    ; Kowal shared information on Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records

    ; Kowal will put information about records access in the Statehouse Observer


    ; The information will be posted on our web site

    ; Samuelson will write a letter & send to Kowal for review to be sent with information to

    all state agencies and our contacts through Risk Management

    ; Pending

    6. Statewide Tornado Drill

    ; Samuelson will send a note to the State Building Division Administrator with cc to Risk

    Management, reminding them of their past commitment to fire drills & recommending

    that they participate in future tornado drills

    ; Pending


    1. June Safety Month

    ; See attached information from Lomack

    ; Complete

    2. Homeland Security

    ; Bush asked about agency plans

    ; Agencies are required by the Governor to have a plan

    ; Issues are access & training

    ; Training is available on-line

    ; Pending

    3. Statewide Training

    ; Group discussed past training

    ; Group agreed to look into possibility of conducting more training sessions

    ; Pending

    4. Membership

    ; Roberts has resigned and accepted a position in Iowa

    ; Forward all suggestions for a management member to Samuelson


    No training was presented.


    Regular feature in Statehouse Observer

    2005 Safety Survey

    Personal Protective Equipment


    July 7, 2006, Nebraska State Office Building, Lower Level Conference Room D, at 1330



    We (Department of Roads) are doing several things to promote Safety during the month, using the theme Safety Excellence -- An Accident Free Month.

    Weekly, the Safety Section will send an e-mail to all NDOR Employees promoting a specific topic, encouraging employees to be particularly diligent in avoiding accidents in that category for the week:

     June 5th -- Backing and Parking Hazards

     June 12th -- Common Strains and Sprains

     June 19th -- Slips, Trips and Fall Hazards

     June 26th -- Good Housekeeping

    Every Monday during the month of June an email will be sent out to all NDOR employees with a new safety topic outlined above challenging them to participate in safety month promotion. Employees can submit photos, stories, or other ideas on the weekly topic. From the photos, stories or ideas submitted we'll select some to use for the 2007 Safety Calendar -- giving credit where credit is due.

    To start the month off we enclosed tags with cable-ties that we'd ask supervisors to put on the key-ring for every NDOR vehicles in their yard. Hopefully ever time

    someone picks up the key they'll notice the tag and be reminded to think about how to operate the equipment safely. They may even review the “Backing Safely” tips on the reverse side of the tag during the month of June.

    If any, this particular effort prevents. But we do know that we increase the chances of reducing accidents when we call attention to particular behaviors that contribute to accidents. When we add recommendations to avoid or alter those behaviors, the odds are even better. The back of the tag has some suggestions for Safe Backing

    Lifting, pushing, and overreaching are common causes of strains and sprains. Any job that requires employees to sit or stand bent in an awkward position for long periods of time can cause excess stress and strain on muscles. Most strains and sprains affect the back, arms, and shoulders of the body.

    Almost one in every five work-related injuries results from a slip, trip or fall. There are many situations that can cause slips, trips and falls. Slips, trips and falls whether on or off the job are expensive, disruptive, painful, and may be tragic. Most slip, trip and fall injuries can be prevented by eliminating workplace hazards and by behavior modification: people taking the proper action to work safely.

The month will close out with Good Housekeeping. Poor housekeeping contributes

    to work-related injuries results from a slip, trip or fall. We hope this period of increased safety awareness to promote an attitude of safety that will carry beyond the month of June


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