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    AMENDMENT 1 MARCH 18, 2004

    The Department is amending RFP MED-04-037 Iowa Medicaid Implementation & Support Services to clarify staffing expectations. State Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will not be assigned to this project except for oversight and approval and limited consulting purposes. Therefore, to successfully perform the services, a contractor provided Medicaid Program policy expert with experience in federal and state Medicaid policy (not necessarily Iowa policy) and best practices is required to be onsite throughout the term of the contract. Bidders who submitted a bid proposal may amend their technical and/or cost proposals in response to this amendment. Amended proposals shall be submitted as follows:

    ; Amendments to proposal are due March 25, 2004 by 3:00 PM Central Time. ; Electronic mail and faxed Bid Proposal amendments will not be accepted. ; Submit substitute pages to the original Bid Proposal showing additions (in

    bold) and deletions (in strike through). Bidders are not required to re-submit

    the entire Bid Proposal.

    ; The bidder must sign the substituted pages.

    Oral presentations will be held March 31, 2004 in Des Moines at a location to be announced. Presentations will be scheduled for a maximum of two hours. (This amends the first sentence of the answer to question #31 posted February 23, 2004).

Amendments in Bold

RFP MED-04-037 is amended as follows:

2.4 Procurement Timetable

    The following dates are set forth for informational and planning

    purposes; however, the Department reserves the right to change

    the dates.

     Notice of Intent to Issue RFP 2/02/2004

     Issue RFP 2/09/2004

IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 1

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

     Letters of Intent and Questions Due 2/16/2004

     Response to Questions Issued 2/20/2004

     Closing Date for Receipt of Bid Proposals 3/25/2004

     and Amendment to Bid Proposals

     Oral Presentations 3/31/2004

     Announce Apparent Successful Bidder 4/05/2004

     Completion of Contract Negotiations and 4/12/2004

     Execution of the Contract

     Begin Contract 4/15/2004

    2.20 Oral Presentations

    Bidder finalists may be requested to make an oral presentation of the Bid Proposal. Bidders are required to bring the Program

    and/or Project Manager(s) and the Medicaid Program policy expert. They may bring other key personnel as desired. The

    presentation will occur at a State office building in Des Moines, Iowa. The determination of participants, location, order and schedule for the presentations is at the sole discretion of the Department and will be provided during the Evaluations process. The presentation may include slides, graphics and other media selected by the bidder to illustrate the bidder’s Bid Proposal. The presentation shall not materially change the information contained in the Bid Proposal as amended.

     2.22 Award Notice and Acceptance Period

    Notice of intent to award the contract will be sent by mail to all bidders submitting a timely bid proposal. The notice of intent to award is subject to execution of a written contract and, as a result, the notice does not constitute the formation of a contract between the Department and the apparent successful bidder. Awarding the contract to the apparent successful bidder is final for purposes of Iowa Code Chapter 17A. Bidders may request review of the award decision by filing a written appeal to the District Court. Any action taken by a bidder to request review of the award decision will not stay negotiation of the contract with the apparent successful bidder. Negotiation and execution of the contract shall

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 2

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

be completed no later than April 12, 2004 subject to CMS

    approval. If the apparent successful bidder fails to negotiate and execute a contract by April 12, 2004, the Department may revoke

    the award and award the contract to the next highest ranked bidder.

    The Department further reserves the right to cancel the award at any time prior to the execution of a written contract.

    3.1 Introduction

    Detailed below are the activities to be accomplished as a part of the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise Implementation and Support Services project. The project is divided into phases. Key activities, contractor responsibilities, deliverables, and performance measures are identified for each phase.

    All aspects of the services described in this section must be addressed in the bidder’s technical proposal. All fees associated with the services described in this section must be addressed in the bidder’s cost proposal.

    Describe how you propose to comply with each requirement. Include a detailed description of the manner in which the bidder will perform specific tasks and provide assurances that the deliverables will be completed. All deliverables must be reviewed and approved by the Department. As with any established project management methodology the project will be well documented by the contractor. Bidders are expected to present resumes for key personnel and job descriptions for all other positions. Key personnel named in the proposal must be committed to the project from the start date of the contract through at least the first six months of operation. Key personnel may not be replaced during this period except in cases of resignation or termination from the contractor’s organization, or in the case of the death of the named individuals. All key personnel must be approved by the Department. The RFP requires a

    Medicaid Program policy expert with experience in federal and state Medicaid policy (not necessarily Iowa policy) and Medicaid best practices to be onsite full-time throughout the term of the contract. The Medicaid Program policy expert cannot also hold the position of primary Project Manager.

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 3

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

    3.2 Scope of Work

3.2.1 Activities Applicable to All Phases

    The activities and skill sets needed throughout this project include extensive general Medicaid Program policy expertise and

    strong project management skills to manage a multi-faceted, interconnected project. Bidders are encouraged to partner with others to assemble the various skill sets needed throughout the term of the Contract. The Contractor will be expected to be on-site unless, at the sole discretion of the Department, other arrangements are made. The successful bidder must be able to keep the big picture in focus as well as handle the multitude of detail from multiple contractors comprising the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME). It is important that each phase be completed on time. The requirements of this RFP require the successful bidder to bring all necessary skill sets and required expertise to this project. State Subject Matter Experts (SME) will not be assigned to this project except for oversight and approval and limited consulting purposes. The Department will not be involved in performing the tasks described below except as explicitly mentioned. It should be understood that the successful bidder is the State’s primary resource for the activities listed in the RFP. This means the successful bidder must bring all SME resources for successful completion of all design, development and implementation of the IME.

    ; Explain your role in developing and coordinating the

    individual components and contractors into the cohesive

    entity known as the IME.

Skill sets include extensive Medicaid Program experience and

    strong project management skills to review, assemble, and monitor the multiple work plans from each IME contractor and DHS, along with the independent verification and validation (IV&V) facet into a Master Work Plan (MWP). IV&V of the proposed compilation of services and systems is also a major requirement of this contract. Interested bidders will need to refer to the IME RFP released in December on the Department’s website ( or

    request a softcopy of the RFP from the Department, to understand the full scope of management responsibilities of the Implementation and Support Services contractor. Bidders with previous IV&V

    experience in a Medicaid Enterprise such as that contemplated in Iowa will be favored.

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 4

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

    ; Tell us how you use the Medicaid Program policy expertise

    in the IV&V process.

    The Implementation and Support Services contractor will oversee the transfer of the existing Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) from a legacy system of the current Medicaid Fiscal Agent Contractor (ACS) to Iowa’s State Data Center (SDC). A

    data warehouse will also be built on the SDC hardware. Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the management of Information Technology (IT) projects with the proven ability to oversee and to complete projects on time are crucial to the success of the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise project.

    The current MMIS has embedded in the system the Iowa Medicaid business rules. Activities of this contract require the Contractor to bring SMEs that will read the code of the current MMIS and document the business rules. The skills required to review the rules and document any discrepancies will require the talents of

    SMEs with extensive experience in Medicaid Program policy and

    the ability to facilitate the type of communications with DHS

    Medicaid policy staff that will successfully communicate any

    differences in the current MMIS with current Iowa Medicaid policy

    exist. The contractor will identify and document any differences

    before review with policy staff.

    ; Explain how you will integrate your Medicaid policy

    expertise with your analysis of the MMIS business rules.

    The development of a workflow process management system to include all the components of the new IME with an emphasis on quality and efficiency will require the skills of SMEs that are familiar with healthcare insurance operations, Medicaid Program policies

    and successful workflow design. It will be critical that an optimal workflow process is designed to successfully incorporate all IME

    contractors and the Department’s Medicaid staff into a cohesive,

    efficient, seamless operation. To do this the contractor will draw

    upon their Medicaid Program experience and their healthcare operations experience to develop a system within the workflow

    design to easily monitor activities of the IME contractors as they

    relate to the workflow so problems can be detected and resolved.

    ; Tell us how you will integrate your Medicaid expertise and

    your healthcare insurance operations expertise with the

    workflow process management system.

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 5

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

    ; Explain your approach to the requirements in the RFP as

    the lead in development of the workflow process

    management system.

    As part of the successful melding of multiple contractors and DHS Medicaid staff to form the IME, the physical location of IME will be developed and implemented. The successful bidder will also participate in the determination of layout of the office and placement of personnel, equipment and systems, etc. and overseeing the activities associated with move and set up of the new IME. The Contractor must have the understanding of

    Medicaid policies and best practices and skills to optimally

    structure the physical location of resources in accordance with the workflow process management developed to optimize the IME.

    ; Explain how you will use the Medicaid expertise you bring

    in the development of the plan to layout the physical

    placement of the components of the IME.

    The concept of this project brings to the table different aspects of Medicaid expertise. It requires Medicaid Program policy and Medicaid best practices experience as well as MMIS system experience.

    ; Identify the resources and explain the application of the

    Medicaid Program policy experience you bring to this


    ; Provide the resume of the Medicaid Program policy expert

    including dates, company name and project(s) of prior

    experience as a Medicaid Program policy expert and

    resumes of any new staff submitted as an amendment to

    your original bid proposal.

    ; If there are any other changes in staffing from that

    identified in the original bid proposal, please explain.

; Please update personnel references as necessary.

    The bidder shall delineate the skill sets needed to accomplish the following key activities and demonstrate the bidder’s competency in each skill set. The successful bidder will provide the necessary software tools to meet the needs and scope of this project. (See section

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 6

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

    The key activities identified in the section below ( through span the entire contract period. The skill sets associated

    with each key activity must be available for the entire term of the

    Contract. Describe the executive management and technical staff

    assigned to this project. Include the number of staff, their

    roles on this project, their expertise and experience in providing the

    services described in the RFP, and their tenure with your

    organization. Include resumes for all individuals assigned to the

    project; Project manager must have a CPM or PMP certification in

    project management. The RFP requires a Medicaid Program

    policy expert with experience in federal and state Medicaid

    policy (not necessarily Iowa policy) and Medicaid best

    practices be onsite through the term of the contract.

    4.5.13 Bid Bond

    The bidder shall submit a bid bond or certified check in favor of or made payable to the State of Iowa in the amount of $5000.00 which shall guarantee the availability of the services offered for a minimum of thirty (30) days after the date set for completion of contract negotiations and execution of the contract. The bond of the apparently successful bidder shall be forfeited if that bidder fails to negotiate and deliver an executed contract by the date specified in the

    procurement timetable (see 2.4 Procurement Timetable) set in the

    procurement time table for completion of contract negotiations and execution of contract. The bid bond or certified check shall be returned to bidders following execution of the contract.

    IME Implementation & Support Services Amendment 1 7

    MED-04-037 03-18-2004

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