International companies and China

By Josephine Powell,2014-04-07 22:58
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International companies and China

    International companies and China

    You found yourself sitting in Starbucks,checking the to-do list on your Iphone,thinking about shopping in Walmart after a day’s work in Deutch Bank.You may get confused about where is it,New York?Actually Beijing. International companies are such a commonplace,not only in Beijing but also in many inland cities.China has been seen as the promised land for those big name companies to branch out and realize their global strategy.

     The effect of many multinational companies opening in China is never easy to tell.It is international companies that linked China’s

    economy to the world trade system.China used to close its border only to find that we were lagging behind.Since the openning -up policy was made,China has always been eagering for return.Few instruments like international companies helped it so much. In the first place ,they provide our large workforce with numerous job opportunities.Many a production factory were distributed in populous provinces like

    Fujian,Guangdong.,which facilitates our urbanization.In recent years, more and more high-tech companies place their new product developing center in China due to the large pool of young talent. In the second place,advanced ideas and technologies are coming in with the spread of international companies.Nobody can deny that every successful company has something valueble for us to learn,from the spirit of innovation in Microsoft to the pursuit of effiency in KFC.Gone are the days when

    administrative order can solve everything. Taking valuable experiences can go a long way toward a well-functioning economy. What’s more,the

    high-quality products are consumer’s favorites.When it comes to imported goods,people always label them reliable and fashionable. However,the negative effects are also obvious.Firstly,with so many strong companies flooding into local market,the space for local industries is squeezed.Try as they might,few small local companies survive this fierce competition. Secondly,sometimes the workload is heavy while wages are low.All of us can’t forget the tragedy happend in Fushikang last year.Only-for-money companies pay little attention to employees’ wellbeing. Last but not least,big companies,holding its strong position,are exerting great cultrual influence in every corner of China.For instance,individualism and materialism are eroding the very fabric of China society.In the face of globaliaztion,one should think about what kind of cultural awareness or values should take .

    In the book The World Is Flat,the writter showed us how highly

    connected this world could be.The opening borders to the flow of goods,services,information and human resource has made international companies a powerful force for global integration and mutual underst anding. I believe the advantages outweigh its negative effects .The key lies in whether we can keep a liberal but sober mind to it.

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