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    The good news is that once you’ve completed the form, The reasons to contact us could include: Can I apply for Free School Meals for my it’s not necessary to re-apply ever year, only when your Child?child changes school. ; If you start work and come off benefit.

     ; If your start earning more than ?16,190 a year Around 1.8 million UK children are entitled to free school On average a family with 2 children spends over %500 ; If you change address meals but more than 330,000 pupils don’t get their per year on school meals so it’s well worth checking out ; If your child changes school entitlement. You can apply for free school meals if: your entitlement. ; If your benefits/financial situation have change you may no longer be eligible for free school ; You and your child live in Oldham (if you do not live When do I apply? meals for your child. Remember, if this is the in Oldham and your child attends an Oldham School case you will be billed for all school meals your please contact your local Council for advice). You should apply a few days before your child first child has taken since your situation changed. attends school. ; You receive: Contact o Income Support (IS) If your child is at school and you become eligible for the o Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA) benefits you can apply immediately. You can access fact sheets in a number of ways: o An income-related employment and support allowance (this benefit was introduced on How will the school know that my Download:27 October 2008 child/children can have Free School Meals? o Support under part VI of the Immigration and

     Asylum Act 1999 Telephone: 0161 770 6644 o Child Tax Credit (provided you are NOT If your child is eligible for free school meals we will send entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an you a letter telling you the start and end date of your Fax: 0161 770 6944 annual income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s free school meal entitlement. A copy of this letter will Revenue and customs) that, as of 6 April 2010 also be sent to your child’s school to let them know. Email: does not exceed ?16,190 o The Guarantee element of State Pension Senior school children receive credits to purchase their Write to: Contact Oldham, PO Box 196 Credits midday meals at school on a weekly basis. Primary Civic Centre, West Street school children are simply marked into the dinner OLDHAM, OL1 1QJ ; Your child attends a school maintained by the register, whether free or paid meals, and receive a school Council as the local education authority meal every day. Call In: to any council office and requesting them Children who receive IS of IBJSA in their own right are If your child is going on a day trip with the school the also entitled to receive free school meals. school will arrange for the child to have a packed lunch

     or meal.

    Please note that children who receive “education

    suitable for children who have not attained compulsory What should I do if my circumstances change? school age” will still need to satisfy the additional requirement of “receiving education both before and If your situation changes you should contact Customer after the lunch period”, before being eligible to receive Services at the Civic Centre, using the contact details free school meals. above. You will also have to contact your child’s school


Faxing: 0161 770 3365 Why choose school meals?How can I find out more about school

meals?Emailing: ; School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals and desserts every day, often including If you want to find out any more details about school If you are applying for Free School Meals at other pasta, salad, fresh fruit and yoghurt. meals please contact us either by Authorities, the numbers are detailed below: ; All schools have specially prepared menus each day and the school cook can supply a copy of this on Writing to: Catering and Cleaning Section Rochdale: 01706 674474 request. Chadderton Town Hall ; All food is prepared and cooked on the school Middleton Road Tameside: 0161 342 3257 premises. Chadderton ; All meals are nutritionally balanced over the course OLDHAM Manchester: 0161 953 8377 of one week and are served by friendly catering OL9 6pp staff. Are all children entitled? Phoning: 0161 770 4252 ; Children can sit down together and enjoy their meal whilst at the same time developing social skills of No, only those who attend schools maintained by the Faxing: 0161 770 4216 eating together that are so important in later life. Local Education Authority can apply for Free School ; A well-fed and happy child is more likely to be Meals. Emailing: receptive to participating in the afternoon’s activities. Will I need to provide any other ; Convenience. Someone else preparing ad cooking How can I apply for free school meals?information with my application? lunch for your child saves you worrying about a

packed meal every day. If you think your child is eligible for free school meals If you decide to apply for free school meals we will please contact us and we will send you an application need to see: We all want children to have an open mind to food and form. You should apply in the June/July before your our menus are designed to tempt children of all ages to child first attends school. If your child is already at try new foods. We are happy to meet the needs of ; Your income support benefit order book or a school and you become eligible for benefits you can medical or cultural diets, such as Halal meat, and a recent letter from the Benefits Agency/Employment apply immediately. vegetarian choice is provided on a daily basis. Service confirming that you quality for benefit. We will also need to see your child benefit book, child’s Our office hours are 8.40 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Please let your school know if your child has been given a birth certificate or medical card. Friday and you can contact us by: medical diet and we will liaise with you, the school and the dietician. Should you have any queries please do For families who receive Child Tax Credit, but who Writing to: Customer Services not hesitate to contact us so that we can help your child are not entitled to Working Tax Credit, and whose Level 4, Civic Centre enjoy their lunch. annual income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s West Street Revenue and Customs), as of 6 April 2010, does not OLDHAM exceed ?16,190, we would need to see: Can I see a menu? OL1 1UH ; Your Inland Revenue Tax Credit award notice Menus are different in each school and are currently Phoning: 0161 770 6688 or alternatively (Form TC602) and your child benefit book, being looked at. A current copy can be provided by on our 24 hour form request line child/children’s birth certificate or medical card. contacting the school cook at your child’s school. 0161 770 3915

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