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    BRAD CRUM 6012 WELBORN DRIVE ? BETHESDA, MD 20816 ? 301 320-8808 ?

    Broadcast creative director, writer and producer. A recognized leader and innovator in

    entertainment and news marketing strategy, with a range of experience that covers both

    the on-air and online worlds. Winner of over 50 major industry creative awards.


     Developed a Manual of Best Practices in Cable Network Promotion for Discovery International to use in training

    promotion personnel in India and Southeast Asia

     Produced on-air and radio promotion news campaigns for Fox Broadcasting’s WTTG in May 2004, helping the D.C.

    station achieve market leadership in all major newscasts for the first time in many years. Created radio and on-air campaigns for TV One, the New African American Lifestyle and Entertainment Network.

     Won two Best of Show awards in the Aurora competition, three Aegis Awards and two Communicator Awards for three

    videotape Presentations created for the Lexus and Toyota Financial Services divisions of Toyota Motor Company. Developed content for the new ―Discover AOL‖ Channel on AOL, created to add value to the AOL user experience.

     Wrote and produced premiere on-air promotion campaign for BBC America’s successful fourth season premiere of the

    series, ―Waking the Dead.‖

     Wrote and produced a long-form presentation for the Kaitz Foundation (promoting workplace advancement for

    minorities) and NCTA, its main sponsor.


     Produced on-air promotion of The Discovery Channel’s ―Unsolved History‖ and other programs from June 2003 until

    March 2004. Was credited with substantially improving UH’s ratings performance. Other programs promoted: The

    Death of Diana‖, ‖ Mob Scene,‖ ―Covert Action,‖ ―Crimes of Passion,‖ ―Crimetime, ― ―Rally Round the House,‖ ―Double

    Agents‖, and ―Second Opinion with Dr. Oz. ―

     Introduced The Travel Channel’s hit show, ―World Poker Tour‖ to agencies and advertisers in spring 2003, and it

    became their biggest hit in the history of the network.

     As XM Satellite Radio’s Director of Branding and Marketing Services, helped establish the XM Satellite Radio service

    and the XM SKY Fi Radio as viable new products in the media marketplace. Worked closely with major retailers to

    promote distribution.

     Was commissioned by The WB Network to write a course-book on On-air Promotion Strategy, and develop a

    syllabus for an intensive series of seminars to develop the strategic capabilities of station promotion



     A member of the celebrated management team at CBS Marketing and Advertising that took CBS from third to first in

    the full-season ratings—twice. Developed CBS’s first affiliate marketing website and online database.

     Helped to switch 23 stations to CBS affiliation after FOX lured away the Network’s previous affiliates in many major


     Won the PMAA’s Super Reggie award for playing a major role in the K-Mart/CBS Get Ready Giveaway, the first

    marketing tie-in between a television network and a top retailer. Boosted premiere week ratings by 2 rating points, and

    started CBS’s climb from third to first place.

     EMPLOYMENT Brad Crum Creative, Bethesda, MD

    12/02--Present PRINCIPAL

    Writing, Producing, Consulting to major media and consumer marketers Clients include Fox 5

    Washington, The Discovery Channel, TV One, BBC America, Atlantic Video/ Washington, The Travel Channel, Animal Planet, NBC4 Washington, WBDC50, XM Satellite Radio, Lexus, Toyota University, Toyota Financial Services XM Satellite Radio Inc., Washington, D.C. DIRECTOR, BRANDING AND MARKETING SERVICES 6/0211/02 Directed creative advertising development and production of marketing materials for a fast- growing new satellite programmer. Worked with top management to implement the ongoing evolution of XM’s brand identity and consumer messaging. Helped achieve unprecedented

    2 Brad Crum 301-320-8808

    subscriber growth for the XM service, and the successful launch of the popular XM SKY Fi Radio.

    Brad Crum Marketing for Television, Pasadena, CA 4/01 5/02


    Creative and strategic services to entertainment marketers. Services encompass brand strategy,

    writing, video production, affiliate training, development of creative plans and proposals. Clients included The WB Network, Paramount Domestic Television, PAX-TV, Belief LLC, and Lexus 3Oh! 5 Creative, Inc., North Hollywood 6/00 - 3/01

    CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER (CMO) Took this established home video marketing company through a complete re-design, developing all new branding materials and website. Forged new alliances and spearheaded initiatives to expand the business into DVD production, corporate communications and interactive kiosking. B/R Creative Group, Los Angeles, Boston 3/99 -6/00 EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING & NEW MEDIA Established and managed the West Coast office of this entertainment advertising agency. West

    Coast client list included: Warner Brothers, KingWorld, Disney, Columbia/Sony Television, PAX TV and CNBC, plus new media clients, Guidance Solutions, Inc., and Novocom Design.

    CBS Television Network, Los Angeles ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;5/86 - 2/99


     In addition to existing duties, was acting V.P. of print advertising, overseeing ad production for

    prime time, on-air and late night. Other projects: produced the first new CBS Corporate Identity

    Manual in 50 years, reformatted Network on-air breaks, and began sponsored Network PSA's.

    ;;;V. P. AFFILIATE ADVERTISING & PROMOTION 11/881/97 Promoted from director to supervise restructuring and expansion of Affiliate Advertising

    department, and restaffing on both coasts. Played a key role in developing the creative strategies and rationales for each Network new season campaign. Oversaw a team of 14 that

    produced all CBS Advertising and Promotion print and on-air materials for affiliate stations.

    Administered $20 million in co-op offers, and the network promo swap. ;DIRECTOR, AFFILIATE PROMOTION & SPECIAL PROJECTS 5/8611/88

    Supervised production of on-air and radio promotion materials for affiliates. Developed on-air tie-in projects to increase CBS exposure in station advertising. Produced the Advertising and Promotion show at the May Affiliates Conference.

    NBC Entertainment, Burbank 10/84 - 5/86 WRITER- PRODUCER, PRINT PRODUCER Created on-air promotion and print campaigns for NBC's prime time programs, including regular series, movies and specials. Wrote and produced long-form marketing presentations and campaigns for premiering programs.

     Lifetime Television, New York


     Developed Lifetime’s first On-air look and Promotion positioning. Responsible for all aspects of

    the networks' on-air promotion efforts, from daily topical promotion to network identity, and

    branding. Designed marketing presentations for Advertising Sales and Affiliate Relations.

11/78 -- 6/82 KDKA-TV, Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Pittsburgh


    Supervised all news and entertainment advertising, and promotion activities at this group-owned

    3 Brad Crum 301-320-8808

    CBS affiliate, including on-air and print creative, outside media and press relations.

     Bachelor of Arts, Stanford University, Communication, Film and Broadcasting.

    EDUCATION Graduated "with Distinction" (John B. Crum)

    Winner of over 50 major awards for entertainment and news promotion.

    Highlights: AWARDS and


    AEGIS Awards 2004 (Video Production Industry’s Premier Competition) Elite of Lexus, 2003 (Writer/ boards) Now is the Time, Toyota Financial Services (Writer) TFS Concept Commercial (Writer/boards) Aurora Awards 2004 (For Regional Commercial Production) Best of Show--Elite of Lexus, 2003 (Writer/boards) Best of Show--Now is the Time, Toyota Financial Services (Writer) GoldToyotoa FS Concept Commercial (Writer/boards) Communicator Awards 2004 Elite of Lexus, 2003 (Writer/boards)

    Toyota Financial Services Concept Commercial (Writer/boards)

    PROMAX International

     Nominee, "Network Promotion Executive of the Year,1996"

    Board Member, 1990-1994

    Winner of Nine Gold Promax Awards, and numerous Silver and Bronze Awards

    PMAA Promotion Marketing Association of America

    Gold "Reggie" Award, "CBS Get Ready Giveaway"

    Chicago International Film Festival

    Gold Award, Pittsburgh Pirates Campaign

    Clio Awards

    Finalist, Sports and News Music

    IBA AWARDS, Hollywood Radio & Television Society

    Network Switch Radio

    International Film & TV Festival of New York

    Gold Award, Lifetime Network IDs


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