Elsa was Arendelle

By Connie Wilson,2014-05-07 12:52
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Elsa was Arendelle

Elsa was Arendelleprincess who was born

    with magic.She had ability tocreat ice and snow which brought her not only

    happiness,but also sadness.One day, while playing, she accidently hurt her little sister for she could not control herself.The king and queen asked help for trolls.They saved Anna(Elsas little sister) and removed her memories of Elsas power of magic.In

    order to protect Anna,the royal couple isolated the children in the castle.The sisters became wordless.Elsa spended more time alone in her room.

    However,while the girls grew up,their parents died for an accident at sea.When Elsa came of age,the kingdom prepared for her coronation.During the party,Anna met Prince Hans of Southern Isles and they talked for a long time.After,they felt they were fall in love with each other.Anna told Elsa that she wanted to married with Hans which made Elsa very angry.During the

    quarrel,Elsa could not control her power and exposed her ability.Many people became afraid.So did Elsa.Then ,her motion made the summer turned into winter and frozen a lot of things.She ran away and built her own palace in ice.Anna wanted to find her sister and met mountain man Kristoff and his reindeer Sven.They helped each other and with Olafs(a

    snowman made by Elsa and Anna when they were small)help,they finally found Elsa.However,Elsa hurted Anna

    inadvertently again and only act of real love can saved her.All the people think Hanskiss can save Anna.But,Hans wanted to kill she and then he can became the king.So lucky,Elsas love saved Anna ,it

    called family love. At the end of the movie, Kristoff and Anna became lovers and Hans was arrested.Elsa knew how to control her ability and her people still loved her.She made the sky snowed and the summer

became cooler.

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