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    Mathilde is a pretty girl, but no one appreciated her, she could only stay at home, sitting in front of the mirror narcissistic. Mathilde suppressed, but her vanity all completely burst out, to only some of vanity, to a friend borrowed a diamond necklace. Mathilde began for the tragic fate, she lost the diamond necklace, but did not dare tell a friend, just quietly make money debts. Ten years later, she also requested the debt, I feel relaxed, told the truth to friends. At this point, a friend told her, but she is a fake diamond project, simply not worth the money.

    I read here, also feel the pain Mathilde's tragic and regrettable, and friends, she can tell the truth, but he has maintained his silence vanity is vanity harm her.

    In fact, everyone more or less the vanity, I have. I like to wear nice clothes and toys to play fashion, that the only way to stand up tall in front of their classmates and friends will be impressive to me

    I completely ignored the expensive price, each begged my parents to buy, according to my mom and dad would rather live

    frugally their hard earned money to buy me new clothes and new toys. In fact, those are not necessary, but my vanity, I just want to show off in front of classmates and friends

    Clothes are still new, but not the most fashionable style I do not wear, toys to play with a few to throw aside that boring, and this is really great waste. From now on, I think the vanity to restrain myself, not because of vanity and a waste of money, let Mom and Dad for tough times ahead

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