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    Sculpt Equipment Free

    June 2, 2012 Fitness Fever

    Alicia Clow-Ennis Warm up

    Regular full body warm up range of motion

Equipment free Combinations:

    1. Stationary lunges +mini arm circles forward 2. Narrow squats + knee squeeze arms cross /cross/open 3. Standing glute lift +”Y”lift

    Repeat other side

1. Curtsey Squat +oblique arm “half moons”

    2. Squat/Curtsey slow +oblique arm “half moons”

    3. Add speed

    4. Abduction/curtsey + oblique arm “half moons”

    5. Knee lift +oblique twist (90degree arms) deepen squat

    6. Standing Oblique crunches (prisoner arms)single count

    7. Add reach one side

    8. Add abduction

    Repeat 1-7 on other side

    1. Sumo +twists (open one arm at a time) 2. Take out pause

    3. Repeat with straight arms

1. Plie squats +single heel lifts add three pulses

    2. Plie double heel lift

    3. Plie with slide in slide back

1. Lunge w delt T’s

    2. Turn to side for plie pulses

    3. Single leg squat drawing half circles 4. Hold “lightening bolt”

    Repeat opposite side

1. Elbow table top + straight leg glute squeeze

     + leg extension / knee cross tap

     +straight leg tap side/extend/tap back

     + 90 degree kick up with pulses Repeat other side

Great ideas for equipment free exercises:

    Tracey Anderson

    Physique 57

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