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    *DRAFT TO BE COMPLETED IN MARCH 2010 / Timing/order may be changed

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010 19:00 Get Together Reception, Tampere City Hall

Scientific Programme

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9:00 Opening

     Opening words Hely Tuorila or Juha Helenius, Vice-dean, University of Helsinki

     Welcome Hannu Salovaara, Professor, University of Helsinki

     Session 1: Coeliac disease and the triggering molecules


    9:20 Keynote lecture: Current prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of coeliac disease

     Markku Mäki, University of Tampere, Finland

    10:00 The triggering proteins and peptides in coeliac diesease

     Peter Köhler, DFA Lebensmittelchemie, Garching, Germany

10:40 Break

     Session 2: Coeliac food market and nutritional reguirements


11:10 *The coeliac food market A survey

     speaker open

    11:30 Keynote lecture: Particular nutritional requirements for gluten-free foods /

     Are the CD patients suffering from deficiencies?

     *Tricia Thompson, MS, USA

11:50 Folates in gluten-free diets and foods

    Vieno Piironen, University of Helsinki, Finland

12:10-13.10 Lunch break

    Session 3: Gluten analysis and safety testing


13:10 *Analysis of gluten in foods title needs to be confirmed

    Jorge Mujico, Leiden, The Netherlands / Spain pain

13:30 Improving accuracy in detecting gluten title needs to be confirmed

     Päivi Kanerva, University of Helsinki, Finland

13:50 *International standards in gluten definitions

     speaker open

14:10 (RIDASCREEN? Gliadin competitive) Second generation testing for gliadin in compliance

    with Codex level

    Dr. Sigrid Haas-Lauterbach, R-Biopharm, Darmstadt, Germany

14:30 Break

Poster hour 14:30-15:50

    15:50 Genomics approaches to analyse CD-toxicity . Luud Gilissen et al., Wageningen, The Netherlands

16:10 Testing safety of gluten-free products in mice

     University of Helsinki, Finland Tobias Freitag,

    Session 4: Gluten-free cereals and pseudo cereals


    16:30 Gluten-free food new developments including GF beer

     Elke Arendt, University of Cork, Ireland

16:50 Particular features of other cereals and pseudocereals

     *Regine Schönlechner et al. , BOKU, Vienna

17:10 Open slot

    17:30 Scientific programme ends for the day

19:00 Finnish Evening

Thursday, June 10, 2010

     Session 5: Enzymatic gluten detoxification

    Chair: *

8:30 Keynote lecture: Prolyl endopeptidases in gluten detoxification /

     Enzymatic tools for gluten detoxification

     Frits Koning, The Netherlands

    9:00 Many faces of POP A view of the pharmacologist

     Pekka T. Männistö, Helsinki, Finland

    9:20 Elimination of prolamins in food processes

     Jussi Loponen, University of Helsinki, Finland

9:40 Open slot

10:00 Break

     Session 6: Gluten-free baking

    10.30 Solutions to gluten-free baking

    Bill Atwell, Cargill Inc., MN, USA

10:50 Formation and modification of bioactive compounds in gluten free sourdoughs

     Edmonton, Canada Michael Gänzle,

11:10 Elimination of glutenin and gliadin in prolonged enzyme-aided sourdough fermentation

     Marco Gobbetti, Bari, Italy

    11.30 Dough quality and low CD-toxicity

    , Wageningen, The Netherlands Luud Gilissen

11:50-13:00 Lunch break

    Session 7: Gluten-free processing (pasta, beer, starch)

13:00 Gluten-free pasta: Technological process and product evaluation

     University ofMilan, Italy Manuela Mariotti,

13:20 Gluten-free wheat starch title needs to be confirmed

    Maren Wiese, Kröner Stärke, Bocketal, Germany

13:40 New developments in oat bread title needs to be confirmed

    *Diana Londono et al., Wageningen, The Netherlands

14:00 Break

    Poster hour 14:30-15:50

    15:50 Gluten-free beer form barley

     Saara Pöyri, Kerava, Finland

16:10 Open slot

16:30 Open slot

    16:50 Enzymes (ingredients, malt products, processes) title needs to be confirmed

     *speaker open

    17:10 Scientific programme ends for the day

19:00 Symposium Dinner

Friday, June 11, 2010

    Session 9: Coeliac Disease and Gluten-Free Foods Update

    - Joint session with the Coeliac Fair

8:45 Welcome to the International Coeliac Fair

     Leila Kekkonen, Executive Director, Finnish Coeliac Society

9:00 Gluten-free and very low gluten foods Enforcement of common EU legislation

    Annika Nurttila, Senior Officer, Head of Section, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira

9:45 Wheat starch in GF-diet

     Katri Kaukinen, MD, PhD, University of Tampere

10:15 Wheat starch in gluten-free bread

     Nanna Mossberg, Dietician, Fria Bröd Ab

10:30 Coffee break

11:15 Oats in GF-diet

    Hannu Salovaara, Professor, University of Helsinki

11:45 Tips for using oats in GF-diet

     Sanna Arnala, Dietician, Finnish Coeliac Society

12:15 Pure oats production Company presentation

     Pirjo Alho-Lehto, R&D Director, Raisio plc

     12:30 Quo vadis, coeliac disease?

     Markku Mäki, Professor, University of Tampere

13:00 Closing seremonies of 2nd International Symposium on Gluten-Free Cereal Products and


13:15 Lunch

     International Coeliac Fair 2010

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