Success and happiness for women

By Lynn Brooks,2014-07-05 16:12
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     Success and happiness for women

    It’s hard to define what is successful just as the difficulties we meet when we try to define happiness. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the pursuit of happiness in the Americanss decliration

    of independence,happiness seems to be a unescapable question for all of us to think about.And we are taught to be successful and pursue happiness all our life .But when we are busying finishing the assignment you have already missed something. Have you asked yourself what is success and happiness?

     In order to be truly happy ,you must live along with and you have to stand for something larger than yourself .Beacause life is a reciprocal exchange . To move forward you have to give back.ophar winfrey said in the commencement address of the standford university. I learned that being happy doesnt mean that what you have possed but what you can bring to the world .Never underestimate your contribution to the world.. It is what you do counts. Action speaks louder than words.You are the determiner of your life ,no one else can change that fact. Other people may drive for you but they cant walk for you ,other people may provide food for you but they cant

    taste the sweetness and bitterness of you.

    Look at those extraordinary female regardless of their age group they have something in common:They are strong- willed and they know who they are .konwing well about themselves,weakness and strength ,despite other peoples odds and ends,they live their own life

    and be themselves.

    J.K Rowling ,my favourite novel writer ,is a great inspiration for a lot of people.Her magnificent success doesnt come out of nothing.Growing up from a inproished bbckground she

    knew the truth of poverty ,which enabled her to depict the humble character of Harry Potter. She also suffered a lot when making the decision about her major in college .She detched German and French ,and went to the classic litteratrue ,which disppointed her parents very much .writing is the ultimate goal in her life .She made up her mind and never regret .A short-lived marriage left her a baby girl . A single mum can hardly pay her mortgage had to survived in the

    metropolic ,London.No one can be immediately successful without tasting the bitterness of life and mocking and prejudice from others.Her luck turned when she published the Harry Potter and

    the magic stone ,but the process of getting the book published is another pianful fighting .Being a single mum and a female writer,she tried hard to find a appropriate publisher.God favours those who belive in themselves and never give up. The first billionaire as a book writer.Wealth and success give her the opportunity to know herself and give her the chance to use the talent and wealth to help those who are in need.She exolted the importance of imagenation and the benefit of failure,she is still working on some activities for the charities of women and children.what impressed me most is her commitment to herself .She firmly belives in what she has passion for.Therefore,I conclude that no one succeed in a overnight sensation.Success takes time and patience.But you have to know well about yourself ,developing your potential and have a postive attitude toward your life ,you will always find your path .Dont let complexity stop you . Be


    During my last three college years ,I read several novels and the stories of the successful female ,Celine Dion ,Amy tan ,Jane Austin .I watched the talk show of Ophra Winfrey . From their life- long experience ,I feel that in a male dominated society it is really hard for women to have a successful position. They have to practise and prepare a long period of painful waiting ,take

    Celine Dion as an exemple ,she practiced singing when she was just a little girl she lost her childhood as other teenagers but stayed numerous days in the practising studio,which was boring for a little girl .She also suffered a long peroid of not being famous .But the ultimate success pays off her painful past.It is her hardwork and preparation that made her overnight sensation.Its her

    penetrating voice and multitalent make her be a legend in music.No one can easily succeed. There is no more cahllenging ,rewarding or important job than being a mom. For those successful women ,they had to handle well to balance their famliy and work .Without the endless support from their families ,their spouse,their friends they will not be so successful as they are today .It is not all about you ,as you are ventrued into this world ,you are offerd with help and suppot from other people .Your parents,your teachers and friend and even a stranger.Ophra winfrey still remebered her teacher ,when she talked on her show ,the very lady who helped her realised herself and worked hard toward her ambition in life .Without the support and recognition from others ,you can not grow up and find your path in your life.

    To be a good person ,to be a successful female who achieve happiness and victory .You should always have a heart full of gratitude and optimism. Smile is the best makeup for very female,when you smile ,from your exprssion ,other people are sharing your

    happiness,therefore,the happiness doesnt just belong to you .By sharing ,you will always get

    something in return. Being optimistic ,you can see people who are great is not because of their qualifications and degrees .They are great ,because they always have a postive atiitude toward life and stick to their purpose and never give up .Taking the british talent show star aunt Susan as an exemple ,she beilived in herself ,not caring about other peoples negative comment ,she sang her

    unforgettble voice to shock the world .She is not a glamous pop singer,but she is a ordinary lady who sing for herself and let go her dream .She still remembered her friends who sang with her in the church and her mother who gave her endless care and support though she was dead.

    There are thousands of way for every young girl or lady to

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