A Word that has changed the world

By Keith Ray,2014-12-06 19:55
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    A Word that has changed the world

    Honorable judges and dear friends,

    Good evening! Lets talk about perseverance---the word that has changed my world. Perseverance means persistent determination, it is so

    important, as John Kennedy---one of the best American president---has said; the most valuable human quality is perseverance. Combining this with my experience on National Holiday, I cant agree more with this.

    On National Holiday, I went to Mount Tai, a very famous mountain in Shandong Province. It was so steep that my legs couldn’t move after

    climbing for a moment. But the stairs seemed endless so I wanted to give up. But then I told myself; No pains, no gains. If I keep on climbing, I can certainly reach the top. Eventually I made it. Owing to perseverance, I gained self-confidence and my values were changednothing is


    Can you imagine your life without electric lamp? I cant, I cant

    imagine how we do everything in darkness. But do you know what plays a significant role in its invention? Perseverance. It was Edisons

    perseverance that led him to find the right filament and invent the electric lamp, which pushed forward our history and changed our world. Nowadays China is exerting more and more influence on international affairs. We Chinese are all proud of the achievements our motherland has made; a permanent member of the UN, the worlds largest socialist

    country etc. However, I still remember the days when China as a colonial country was devastated by big countries. But for we Chinese peoples

    perseverance, how could we persist in fighting against the Japanese invaders for eight years? How could we defeat all the enemies and gain independence? Undoubtedly, perseverance has completely changed our country and many people. And if every country and everyone has been changed, what the world will be?

    Thank you.

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