By Veronica Bradley,2014-12-06 17:28
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Should the Old People Live with Their

Adult Children


    In China,with aging pheromenon more and more

    serious and the emergence of neets,a topic in our daily life which has caused wide public concern is whether parents should live with us when they get older.To this question,different people have different opinions based on their individual value system.On balance,I agree with the statement that old people should live with their adult children. My argument is based on the following three reasons.


    First of all, people of different ages have different lifestyles. If they live together, the old may feel that they

    are always disturbed and the young may feel that they are often restricted.Time is long will increase the contradiction between each other.

    Secondly , they have different points of view on the child`s education problem.This will be conductive to the child`s independence and growth.

    Thirdly,although adult children have the

    responsibility to take care of their parents. Parents helped them in everything when they were young, tolerate the

    mistakes they made.Their children have been adults,they love indepen dence and freedom, but their parents may still take them as children. The situation will become more and more bad. If the relationship between the children and file parents is not harmonious,it will have a negative impact on the next generation`s education problem.

    According to the analysis above,if the parents and their adult children don`t live together, both the old and the young can enjoy complete independence and freedom.

    It also is good for the child`s education.Living separately doesn`t mean separation of relations.We can go home often or make a phone call to say hello to our parents. In a word, I favor the opinion that old people shouldn`t live with their adult children.

That`s all,thank you!

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