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    Film Review About My Fair Lady

    The movie is a story between Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. At first while

    Henry was a speech professor Eliza was just a poor flower girl in London, but after learn from Henry, she could speak standard English and behaviors like lady. Finally, they fell in love with each other although Henry said I shall never let a woman in

    my life in the beginning.

In the movie impresses me most is Eliza. Because she has her own dream even if

    she was very poor and at the lowest class in the society at that moment and she is very brave to fight against Henry then begin love in him and she make Henry know the

    and she is pretty optimistic. For example: poor also have his own mind

    When Henry said should we ask this baggage to sit or should we just throw her out of the window? she said “I wont be called a baggage, not when I’ve offered to pay

    like any lady.

    When Henry asked her to say her vowels which she had already been saying for three days she said you aint got to heart and then she image something in the feature

    When Henry is at risk and tend to her for some help but she never give him a hand,she think the day would come in the end and Henry just should be wait.

    have learnt from the movie is that: What I

    Money not means happiness. too much money makes man feel prudent-like , and then good-bye to happiness . that just like a story I have heard .the story says ,several years ago ,there is rich who live next to a poor ,although he has a plenty of money he always feels very unhappy , at the sane time , his neighbor is much happier than him , his wife could hardly understand the phenomenon and ask him why . he says do you believe I can make him unhappy tomorrow morning .obviously ,his dont believe him

    at all . but when it is tomorrow , there is really no any happiness sound at all . because at that time , the poor family are care about how to hold the picked money and how to spent the money and so on , there is so many things about the money that they have to discuss with each other . the fact is the rich throw some money in the poor yard, its

    the extra money take the poors happiness away ,so it is. Actually ,the poor as well

    as the rich , just need a little money to save himself , if there is too much money left in your hand you will loss many other things such as your happiness, thats because you

    just have a couple of hand and your hand could never prolong as your property increase .if you are a poor .you will be more easy to be contentment so you may be easy to get happiness.

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