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    Monitoring Mission - Erasmus Mundus Action 2

    Questionnaire MA/UG students

    Wen filled in, please send this questionnaire directly to

    Type of Mobility/duration in total:

    Home / Host University:

    Target Group:

    Partnership/coordinating University:

    Name (optional):

    Field of study:

    1) How did you hear about the program? What do you think about its visibility? 2) What do you think about the selection process through which you were selected to

    participate in the program?

    3) Has a double supervision been set up together with a Learning Agreement?

    4) Were the courses you attended at the Host University in English? If not, was the language an

    issue? What are/were the actions taken and by whom to address the situation?

5) Did you finish your Degree or was it a short-term mobility?

    6) If this was a degree seeking mobility, from which Institution will you receive your Degree? If

    it is from your Host University, will it be recognized as well by your Home University? Is it a

    double degree?

    7) If your mobility was/is not degree seeking, are your ECTS gained during your mobility being

    recognized by your Home University and integrated in your curriculum without additional

    time? Please explain.

    8) How do you see that this mobility will help you in your future career?

9) What are the main benefits of your mobility?

10) What are the weak points of your mobility?

    11) Any other issue (welcoming by the Host University, support received before, during and

    after the mobility, payment of allowances, insurance etc) /Overall assessment.

12) Suggestions/recommendations.

Thank you very much!

Ecorys - Monitoring Team

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