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    Smoking Cessation Resources for Employees

    UC-Sponsored Medical Plan Smoking Cessation Coverage

    This information does not guarantee coverage. Call your health plan directly to confirm eligibility and specific coverage.

    Health Net 1-800-522-0088 - For Health Net members (your must login):

    Stop Smoking - Free online program.

    • Free & Clear? - Telephone program providing personalized support from a professional counselor.

    • Online links to Quitnet?, a free, national online smoking cessation program. • Smoking Cessation Medications: Prescription drugs for smoking cessation are covered up to a twelve week course of therapy per calendar year if the member is concurrently enrolled in a comprehensive smoking cessation behavioral support program. The prescribing Physician must request Prior Authorization for coverage. Information regarding smoking cessation behavioral support programs is available through Health Net by contacting Member Services.

Kaiser Permanente 1-800-464-4000 - For Kaiser members (you must login):

    Healthmedia Breathe? - Free online program; includes a pharmacy benefit for participants. • Freedom from Tobacco - Free workshop for members; non-members can enroll for a fee.

    • Individual counseling available with co-pay.

    • Healthphone - Free telephone information with pre-recorded messages - a free phone message service addressing many health issues related to smoking cessation, including developing a plan for quitting; quitting information for teen smokers; dealing with chronic lung problems and more.

    • Smoking cessation classes, typically 6-8 weeks, are offered at many Kaiser facilities. Check

    with the Health Education Department at your local facility. Class fee and co-pays vary; non-Kaiser members pay a higher fee.

    • Kaiser covers medications for which a prescription is required. Kaiser also covers certain drugs that do not require a prescription by law if they are listed on UC’s drug formulary. (Check with your provider about what drugs may be on the Kaiser formulary or call the pharmacy directly.) Note: Certain tobacco-cessation drugs (such as nicotine patches) are covered only if you participate in a behavioral intervention program approved by the Medical Group.

    Anthem Blue Cross 1-800-634-3435 - For Blue Cross members (you must login):

     The Last Cigarette (TLC) Quit Kit - Free kit providing info and record-keeping tools. Living Free - Online 3-5 week program.

     Various discounted quit smoking products and services are available online for purchase,

    including nicotine gum and patches, books, and relaxation CDs.

    CIGNA Choice Fund 1-800-244-6224 - For CIGNA members (you must login):

     CIGNA Healthy Rewards Program - Tobacco SolutionsTM - Savings on a variety of

    supplies, including patches, gum and lozenges. You can also receive significant savings

    on an eight-week nicotine replacement therapy program that uses nicotine replacement


     CIGNA Healthy Rewards Program - QuitNet? - uses methods proven to help people quit

    smoking and combines them into one easy-to-use online program. Save 35% and receive

    a lifetime online membership, giving you 24/7 access to social support, personalized

    content, professional counseling and more.

     Available through - Living Healthy - Ready, Set, Stop!? Online? is a

    comprehensive smoking cessation system. Based upon solid behavior change science,

    this program blends conventional smoking cessation with the interactive experience

    available in a web-based medium. This allows the participant to make important

    decisions throughout the quitting process. The program was crafted using principles

    from behavior change literature, smoking specific research, and input from smokers


    StayWell* 1-800-721-2693:

    ; NextSteps Tobacco Cessation program - Health education program designed to help

    participants set and meet goals to assist them to quit smoking and improve their health.

    StayWell’s NextSteps program guides participants through the process of behavior

    change and offers maximum flexibility to ensure success. The smoking cessation

    program is tailored to the participant’s personal learning style and readiness to change.

    Once a participant enrolls, they are encouraged to create an action plan. The plan may

    include one-on-one counseling over the phone with a Wellness Coach, educational

    mailings, or online programs. (To access this benefit, eligible participants must first

    complete the Health Assessment.)

    ; Telephone-Based Program: A Wellness Coach works directly with the participant over

    the phone to help ensure success. Supplemental tobacco cessation educational


    materials are provided through the mail, email, or online to complement the

    personalized program.

    ; Mail-Based Program: This program works well for participants who prefer to work

    independently. The mail-based program includes 6 separate mailings to be completed at

    the participants’ convenience. Mailings include informative materials, tracking logs, and

    a personalized action plan.

    ; Online-Based Program: The online-based program includes 6 educational modules, and

    allows the participant to work at their own pace.

    *Eligibility Please check the following website to determine eligibility for the StayWell Program -

MHN 888-426-0023:

     Access code: ucsdhealthcare

     Provides a self-help program or access to counselors through the Wellness Resource


    None of the UC-sponsored medical plans provide coverage for over-the-counter medications (non-prescription) for smoking cessation. These medications may be covered by the Health Care Reimbursement Account if you participate.


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