Supply List Some teachers require different supplies for their

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Supply List Some teachers require different supplies for their

    Supply List: Some teachers require different supplies for their students, the following list(s) have been provided.

Ms. Reese's

    Student supplies for Ms. Reese's Math Classes

     1 pk Looseleaf Paper

     2 Manila Folders


     1 inch/mm ruler

     1 pk 3 x 5 lined index cards

     1 scientific calculator

Ms. M. Johnson- Computer Science


    ink pen (blue or black)

    3 ring pocket folder with prongs

    loose leaf paper

    $5.00 lab fee ?3 floppy disk or flash drive/USB(optional)

Ms. Brandon Hebert

    English Teacher

    Scotlandville Magnet High School


    English IV:

    a three ring, black binder; six (6) dividers; loose-leaf paper;, two

     (2) manila folders; a pencil pouch; blue or black ink pens; a red (or

     other colored ink pen); a highlighter; and a pocket dictionary. Optional

     supplies include a hole-punch, liquid paper, and a flash drive.

Public Speaking:

    one (1) composition book*NOT a spiral bound notebook, loose-leaf paper

     and a binder or folder to keep it in, a pen or pencil, and an

     expandable folder in which to collect your feedback forms from each speech.

    Also, on the school website, the link to my teacher site is incorrect.

     There is an extra "r" in my name.


A. Jackson

    Choir uniform for young ladies: solid black pantsuit, long sleeved

    jacket must come down to hip length, conservative fitting pants down to ankles, black shoes, flesh toned stockings, black shirts. One black binder.

    Choir Uniform for young men: solid black pantsuit or black pants, long-sleeved black dress shirt with collar, black necktie, black socks, black shoes. One black folder with pockets.

    Piano students: One binder, pencils, $6.00 for lesson book.

Mrs. Cefalu

    Supply List

    American History

    1.5" or 2" three ring binder

    loose-leaf paper

    blue or black pen


    1 box Kleenex or 1 roll paper towels

    1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer - example: germ-X (requested but not required)

    $5.00 class fee

Mrs. R. Guillory

    Supply List

    $5.00 lab fee


    ink pen (blue or black)

    3 ring pocket folder with prongs

    loose leaf paper

    manila folder

Dr. Cheryl Major Brandon"s

    Supply list for Freshman Orientation:

    1. Three (3) subject spiral notebook (2) one for each semester 2. Ball point pen(s) and pencils

    3. $2.00 copier fee (maintain portable classroom copier)

Kanika N. Vessel

    SMHS Engineering/Math Teacher

    225-775-3715 ext. 232

    Calculus AB/Adv. Math II:

    2" 3-ring binder



    dry erase marker


Draft & Design I/II/Construction Technology:





Note: Make sure you have a jacket, the classroom is extremely cold

    during warm months.

Ms. Joseph’s :English I and English IV

    Course Materials:

    Black Three ring binder

    Package of Blue/ Black ink pens Package of Red ink pens

    Package of Highlighters

    Loose leaf paper

    Speckled notebook for journaling Two manila folders

    Folder with prongs and pockets Dictionary/thesauras

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