Miraval Puppy questionnaire 2011

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Miraval Puppy questionnaire 2011

    Phyllis Zusman Miraval 855-842-6224

    Arlington, MA

     Portuguese Water Dogs


    While it’s important for us to talk to get to know each other, I have discovered that I often miss things in conversation. As you answer these questions you’ll probably also discover that it makes you consider some of the issues involved in adding a new puppy to your household.

    Some of these questions might seem unnecessary, but I take finding the right home for these puppies very seriously. I feel responsible for these puppies for their entire life. That means if a home doesn’t work out the

    puppy (or dog) must be returned to me to be re-homed. It is especially important that the match between the puppy and its new family be as good as possible. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

    As each family situation is different, so is the temperament of each dog. As the dogs grow up I watch their behavior and interactions between people and other dogs. With the information you provide I can make the best match possible.

    If this brings up any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask, or make additional notes.

    You can fill this out in Word and email it back or print it and email or fax it back. Once I receive it I will contact you to discuss it.


Name of primary contact: email:

    Best phone to reach you: best time to call:

    Spouse/partner’s name: email:


    I generally use email for my initial contacts, so please use an address you check regularly. If you don’t have email

    access tell me the best way and time to reach you.

    About you and your family:

    How many adults are in your household? Have you had a dog as an adult?

    If there are children please list their ages, and how much they have been around dogs: Does everyone in the family want a dog?

    Do you have any pets now? What kind, how old are they, male or female, and are they spayed or neutered?

    If you have had a dog in the past, but don’t now, what happened to it?

    Who will be primarily responsible for the dog and what is their general home/work schedule? Where will the puppy spend most of their time when they are alone?

Where will they spend the night?

The first couple of years (especially the first year) require you to devote more time, energy and

    attention to the dog than when they are an adult. Have you planned for that?

    Who will care for your PWD when you are away if your PWD cannot go along? About where you live:

    Do you live in a house or apartment/condo?

    Do you live in the city, suburbs or country?

    Do you own or rent?

    Is there an exit door from your house into a fenced area that will serve for safe play and potty area?

    What kind of fence do you have? How tall is it?

    If you do not have a fenced in area how will you housebreak and potty your dog? Do you have a pool?

    How will the dog get enough exercise?

About the puppy:

    What made you decide to get a dog, and particularly, a Portuguese Water Dog? Have you met or spent time with Portuguese Water Dogs?

    How long have you been looking for the right PWD?

    Are you considering other breeds? If so which ones?

    Have you contacted other PWD breeders?

    Do you have any tentative commitments for a puppy or given someone a deposit?

What are you looking for ?

     Male Female Either sex

     Brown Black Either color

     With white No white, or just white a little Not important

     Wavy Curly Either one

    Is there anything else that is important to you in choosing a dog?

Are you looking just for a family pet and companion?

    Are there other activities you are planning on doing, or interested in finding out more about?

     Agility Obedience Water work Therapy

     Conformation show) Breeding Something else

    What criteria is most important to you? Are you flexible about it, or is it a must have?

Do you have experience in raising and training a puppy?

    If you have had other dogs what kind of training did you do with them? What are your concerns about getting a dog? Are any specific to Portuguese Water Dogs?

    Do you have any other questions or is there anything else I should know about you now? How did you hear about Miraval PWDs?

     A friend Web Search Breeders List

     Other :

Other things you should know….

     All Miraval puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts with LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION, with

    very few exceptions.

     If you can no longer keep a dog that you purchased from Miraval Portuguese Water Dogs

    you MUST RETURN THE dog to the breeder. If a family member or friend would like the

    dog I will make arrangements with them, but YOU MAY NOT GIVE AWAY OR SELL THE


    ; All of our puppies leave our home already micro-chipped and registered with AKC-

    Companion Animal Recovery (

When you complete this form email it to:

www.Miraval Portuguese Water

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