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BARRACUDA SOFTBALL rules and procedures.doc




    Practice Procedures

    ; Come ready to practice at 2:45 every day.

    ; Be in practice uniform every day (Black shorts or pants, grey

    shirt, black socks).

    ; Follow the practice schedule every day.

    ; Take ownership of your program and help with the field set-

    up and clean-up before and after games/practices.

    ; E-mail coach if you are unable to attend practice. DO NOT

    relay a message through another player. You are responsible

    for your actions.

    ; See the trainer well before or after practice. If you are unable

    to practice due to injury, I expect you to attend nevertheless. ; Leave the coaching to the coaches.


    ; If you are not wearing the appropriate practicing attire you will

    not be able to go out on the field. You will run 5 miles that day! ; Arrive on time. For every minute you are late (3:00 field) you

    will owe the team a mile/minute late.

    ; For every piece of equipment left out on the field, the team

    will add a mile for every piece left behind. Running will be

    completed the next day.

; Players will owe 5 miles for:

    o Referrals in school. (1 mile for every one)

    o Use of foul language.

    o Disrespect of players and other members of the

    team/program(coaches, managers, parents,

    administration, faculty).

    ; No cell phones, I-pods, or any other electronic gadget during

    practices or games. NO EXEPTION

    ; No bathroom breaks during practice, you have time to go

    before you head out to the field. EXCEPTION: medical

    reasons, stomach virus, other emergencies.

    ; Coaches will NOT AT ANY TIME discuss any other players’

    playing time, positions and/or other issues related to the team

    with parents or players.

    ; To discuss any issues you may have as a parent or player you

    may make an appointment to see me in school. I will not

    address any issues on the field after practice or after a game. If

    the issues cannot be resolved at that time, a meeting will be

    scheduled with the Athletic Director, coach, player and parent

    at that time. Any further unresolved issues, maybe addressed

    in a meeting with the Assistant Principal, Athletic Director,

    Coach, and Parent.

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    Student/player signature Parent signature

    ___________________________ ________________________

    Head Coach Signature Asst. Coach Signature

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