BasWare Invoice Processing

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BasWare Invoice Processing

BasWare Thin Client Procedure Manual

    Access to the BasWare Invoice Processing Thin Client application

    Access from with the Flinders University and its sub networks is web based

    ; You will receive an email advising you that you have received a purchase

    invoice please click on the link provided to access BasWare.

    ; You can save the link as a favorite.

    ; Login using your Fan and Fan password.

    ; Access from remote areas is by the Flinders gateway, if you are not on a

    Flinders subnet the email link will not take you to the BasWare log on window.

    ; To log in via the gateway, please go to the web site

    enter your Fan and Fan password

    ; You will receive a Security Alert message click OK

    ; Click on the BasWare folder then the BasWare Thin Client icon

    ; Please contact your system administrator (see Chapter 11) for further


BasWare Training Guide index

Chapter 1 Received Invoices zone

    Chapter 2 How to code a standard invoice

    Chapter 3 How to manage a Purchase Order invoice

    Chapter 4 How to manage a multiple approval invoice

    Chapter 5 How to approve an invoice

    Chapter 6 How to view, email, print and save the invoice image

    Chapter 7 Action Buttons

    Chapter 8 Setting a Backup Person when going on leave

    Chapter 9 Your personal Archive

    Chapter 10 How to Log Out

    Chapter 11 Help

Invoice Types

Invoice Type Description

    APBIN Standard Invoice

    APBPI PO Matched Invoice

    APBFI Standard Foreign Currency Invoice

    APBCN Credit Note

    Training Guide


    Received Invoices window

    Chapter 1

    Received Invoices zone

    Lists all invoices forwarded to you for processing.

    Click on the invoice required and use the Tabs below this zone to view detail.

    Invoice History

    Details a complete audit trail of the actions related to this invoice, including Comments.

    Basic Data

    Lists all relevant invoice details including:

    Supplier, Invoice No, Due date, Amount both inclusive of GST and exclusive. In this Tab you have the option to:

    ; Lock the invoice preventing other users in your group from accessing until it

    is ready for processing.

    ; Approvers must select Y in the compliance statement which is the last field

    in the invoice details list.



    Allows you to enter and save a comment for the invoice, comments can be viewed in the Invoice History tab.


    Allows you to attach or remove a file to the invoice and to view attachments. Set Informative Flow

    Allows you to forward the invoice to a recipient in your Recipients list click

     and Find, select the recipient you can add a comment (maximum 250 characters) if

    required, then click send.

    *All invoices sent to your Received Invoices window will be saved in your personal Archive.

    Chapter 2

    To code a Standard invoice - APBIN

    ; Review the invoice to verify the amount and check to ensure the goods/service

    have been provided.

    ; Enter the account in the fields provided in the Coding zone, to view accounts

    available in the finance system double click in the field and click Find to view

    all then click on your choice.

    ; Save the coding.

    ; To send the invoice to an approver, click on the Review button at the top of

    the page and select from the Recipients box click and then Find, you

    can add a Comment at this time.

    ; If you send the invoice to a User Group remember to tick the “Only one need

    to process” box


    Health Sciences School of Medicine only

    ; Send to the School of Medicine Resource Office Group, and tick the Only

    one needs to Process box this will forward the invoice to everyone in the

    group, but only one member need deal with it.

    ; Click on the Confirm and Send button at the top of the page.

Additional information for coders

    ; To view the account descriptions after coding click on the wide coding


    ; To add another coding line click on the Add button above the lines, to Delete a

    line click on the X button next to the line, to copy a line click on the Copy

    button next to the line.

    ; You can code to any of the accounts available, however your approver for the

    invoice can only approve accounts within their delegation range and amount

    limit. To handle multiple approval invoices see Chapter 4.

    Coding Templates


    ; You can save a coding template for a recurring multiple line invoice. ; Enter the first line accounts then and add another line etc until you have all the

    account lines you need then click on the Save as Template icon above the

    invoice lines.

    ; Name the template and select the Bound to Supplier or Bound to Ledger

    option and save.

    ; To select the template again click on the Get Coding Template icon and

    select your template then add tax codes and amounts for the current invoice. ; When coding is complete click on the Save button in the Coding zone.

    ; If you have a delegation of Approval for the accounts and amount of the

    invoice you can now approve it please see Chapter 5 for instructions. ; To view Recipients click on the + button next to the Next Recipients box.

    Select the next recipient from the Users Tab.

    ; To add the recipient as a Favorite click on the Add to Favorites button this

    will place the recipient in the Favorite tab for future invoice approvals.

    Chapter 3 Manage a Purchase Order related invoice

    ; If the invoice type is (APBPI) you can see the PO Number in the Received

    invoice window, check to ensure goods or service has been received. ; Receipt the purchase order for the amount of the invoice on the finance system. ; In BasWare click on the Return button to send the invoice back to Account

    for PO matching and upload to the finance system.

    ; If the invoice is more than the purchase order, add a line of coding to the

    invoice in BasWare to expense the additional cost.

    ; Click on the Save button in the Coding zone and send for approval as

    described in Chapter 2.

    ; When the extra expense is approved the invoice will be returned to Accounts

    for PO matching and upload to the finance system.

    Health Sciences School of Medicine only

    ; If the invoice type is (APBPI) you can see the PO Number in the Received

    invoice window, check to ensure goods or service has been received. ; In BasWare click on the Review button to send the invoice to a member of the

    School of Medicine Resource Office group (if you send to the group tick on

    the Only one need to process box).

    ; In the comment box enter “Approved to pay”

    ; Your PO will be receipted and returned to Accounts for PO matching and

    upload to the finance system

    Chapter 4 Manage a Multiple approval invoice

    ; Invoice lines which require approval from Cost Centre or projects not

    available to your department’s approver can be managed without the need for

    journal transfers in the finance system.

    ; Code the lines for your department’s portion of the expense only.

    ; Add a comment in the Comments box for Accounts staff advising them of the

    department to forward the invoice for further approval.


    ; Using the Review button send the invoice to an approver for your account

    lines as in Chapter 2.

    ; After approval the invoice will be returned to Accounts where it will be

    directed to the designated department for coding and approval.

    ; The invoice can be directed on to multiple departments with this procedure.

Health Sciences School of Medicine only

    ; Code the invoice as above

    ; Enter a comment advising of the department to forward the invoice for further


    ; Click the Review button and forward the invoice to a School of Medicine

    Resource Officer to approve your account lines as in Chapter 2.

    ; The School of Medicine Resource Officer will approve your lines and return

    the invoice to Accounts for redirection.

    Chapter 5

    To approve an Invoice

    You can approve the invoice lines coded to cost centres and projects assigned to you by the system administrator. These accounts have been sourced from the Sub Authorisation of Expenditure Authority forms provided by your faculty or division. Any changes to your delegation should be forwarded to the Accounts Department on this form. Your delegation will be updated on the finance system and the BasWare IP system by the system administrator.


    BasWare will warn if you do not have the approval rights for the selected invoice line when the box next to the coded invoice line is ticked.

    ; Review the invoice details.

    ; On the Basic Data tab select Y in the last detail field to “sign” the University

    compliance statement.

    ; Click the save button in this zone.

    Note! The invoice will not approve if the statement is not “signed” and saved.

    ; Tick the box next to the account line in the Coding zone that you are


    ; To approve all lines in the zone click the button

    ; Click on the Approve button at the top of the Received Invoices window.

    ; The invoice is now approved and the default Recipient in Send for Transfer

    This will return the invoice to Accounts for upload to the finance system and

    payment when due.

    ; Click on the Confirm and Send Button at the top of the page.

    Chapter 6


Viewing the Invoice image

    To the right of the Received Invoices is the invoice image, you can zoom in or out on the image, view multiple pages, rotate the image and print using the tool bar directly above the image.

    A right click on your mouse button will offer you the option to Print the image,

    Email the image and Save the image to a file.

    These options are useful for sending an invoice to a recipient not available to your department or who does not hold a BasWare license.

    The same options are available for invoices in your Archive window.

    Chapter 7

    Action Buttons

    The Action Buttons are on the top of your BasWare window and provide multiple actions for managing the invoice selected in the Received Invoices window. Review

    Use this button to stamp the invoice as reviewed and coded for your approver. When you have coded the invoice send it to the approver, click on Review and select the Approver from the Recipient list, you can add a comment at this time if desired. If you send the invoice to more than one Approver for their information, you can tick the “Only One needs to process” box if only one Approver is required to action.

    Business rules require that all invoices are Reviewed before they can be approved.


    After ticking the box next to the invoice line and selecting and saving Y next to the

    University compliance statement in the Basic Data tab, this button will stamp the invoice as Approved with your name, time and date of approval.

    If you have ticked the box next to the coding line the default option for transfer under Recipient is Send for Transfer this will send the invoice back to Accounts for

    upload into the finance system. You can add a comment if required. If you have not ticked the box next to the coding line your delegation has not been

    verified and you can select another Recipient from the list. You can add comment if required.

    Business rules require that you cannot code or make changes to the coding lines if you are going to approve the invoice


    Select this button to forward the invoice to another recipient for coding. The invoice will be stamped as requested for forward with your name, date and time. The invoice will remain in your Archive window.

    Invoice Cancellation Request

    Select this button to return the invoice to Accounts if you do not want it to be processed.

    The invoice will be stamped as requested for cancellation with your name, date and time. A comment is mandatory for this option.


    Use this button to:

    ; Return PO related invoices (APBPI) after you have receipted the PO on the

    finance system.

    ; Return the invoice to Accounts if it belongs to another department and has

    been sent to you by mistake.


    ; The invoice will be stamped as requested for return with your name, date and


    ; A comment is mandatory for this option.

    Side Step

    Select this button to send the invoice to another recipient available in your list. The action will lock the invoice to prevent further processing until it is returned by the recipient but you can cancel the side step at any time from your window. The Recipient can review the invoice and add a comment but cannot perform other actions.

    The only Action button available to the recipient is Receipt which will return it to you. The invoice will be stamped with the side step action, the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, and the date and time.


    The Receipt button only appears for Side Step and Informative flow invoices, click receipt and the invoice will be saved to your archive box.

    Chapter 8

     Setting up a Backup Person

    ; You can set up a Backup person for your invoice processing during your


    ; Your invoices are then automatically redirected to the person you have

    selected as your Backup Person, the invoices will be saved to your Archive for

    your information on return.

    To Set the Backup Person

    ; Click on the User Settings icon on the left hand side of the Received

    Invoices window.

    ; Click on the box next to the Backup person field and select a recipient from

    the list in the User tab.

    ; Select a Start date and End date using the calendar provided in the box beside

    the fields.

    ; Tick the enabled box, if this is not ticked the setting is not activated.

    ; Click on Set Backup person.

    ; The Backup person setting will be shown below the Set Backup person button

    with an x in the enabled field.

    Note! If you are sub delegating your accounts and amount to another

    recipient a Sub Authorisation of Expenditure Authority form must be

    forwarded to accounts for the recipient’s delegation to be updated on the

    BasWare and Finance systems.

    Chapter 9

    Your Personal Invoice Archive

    ; You can search for and view invoices in your personal archive folder.

    ; The Archive will display all the invoices you have processed.

    Click on the Archive icon on the left hand side of the Received Invoices



To search for an archived invoice

    ; The default is Show latest Invoices (20) to view all invoices remove the tick

    and click on the Get Invoices button at the top of the window.

    ; To view only invoices sent to a department in your group select the

    department in the Company field.

    ; To search for invoices by Supplier select your department in the Company

    field and click on the box next to the Supplier field.

    ; Use the relevant fields to search by invoice date or amount. ; Other search criteria are available in the Search by field e.g. PO Number,

    Invoice number or Due Date.

    To delete invoices from the archive

    ; Select the invoices to delete by either ticking the box next to the invoice or

    to remove all use the button then click the Delete button.

    ; A confirmation message is shown click Yes.

    Note! The invoice will only be deleted from your personal Archive the original invoice will remain in the BasWare Invoice Processing system. To send archived invoices to Informative flow

    ; Click on the invoice you wish to send.

    ; The invoice opens on the invoice data screen.

    ; Click on the Informative Flow Tab and select a Recipient.

    Note! When an invoice is opened in the archive window all Tabs explained in

    Chapter 1 are available to view the invoice detail, Invoice History will show the approver and Comments will show all dialogue recorded as the invoice was processed.

    You can also email print and save the invoice with a right click on your mouse button.

    Chapter 10

    How to Log Out

    ; It is important that you use the log out icon to the leave BasWare Thin


    ; Changes to settings are not retained if you close the application by closing

    the web browser and click on the X at the top of the page.

    Chapter 11


    Your Accounts Payable Department are the Invoice Masters of the BasWare system.

    ; Accounts will scan, verify and transfer invoices to the Departments noted in

    the invoice address field.

    ; Accounts will monitor your invoices while in the workflow and will help you

    with any queries.

    ; Accounts can see all invoices in BasWare, who is the current recipient of the

    invoice, and how far it has progressed through the coding and approval



    ; Accounts will remind you when invoices are approaching their due date

    assisting you to ensure all Suppliers are paid on time.

    ; Accounts will redirect invoices to other departments for you when you return

    or approve them not fully coded.

    System Administrators

    James Conlon Accounts Payable Supervisor,

    ph 8201 2058 email:

    Sue Dallisson Finance User Support Team,

    ph 8201 5258 email:

    ; System Administrators will update your delegation on receipt of the authorised

    Flinders University Sub Authorisation of Expenditure Authority form. ; They will change your settings for frequency of email notification on invoices

    waiting and reminder notifications.

    ; They will add departments, and user groups to your access as required and can

    transfer licenses to another staff person if someone is unexpectedly absent. ; On line Help is provided by BasWare in a 15 page User Guide accessed by

    ? icon in your Received Invoices window. clicking on the


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