Publicly available document to be published periodically

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Publicly available document to be published periodically

    Publicly available document to be published periodically

    Compulsory use for all grant contracts



    1. Grants awarded under Call for Proposals BG2004/016-711.11.04/ESC/G/GSC-1 published

    on 07 July 2006

    Beneficiary: Action title Action Action Grant Percentage of

    Name & Address location duration amount total eligible

    (Months) (EUR) action costs (%) 13

    Implementation And “DAMIANIATZA” AD Certification Under ISO V.DAMIANI2813 village of 9001 And Procurement 11 49101.00 65.00% TZA Damianitza, Sandanski Of New Technological municipality Equipment

    Improving of efficiency

    and effectiveness of the

    production processes of

    Biogame through supply

    BIOGAME OOD and installation of new

    equipment (capsule Sofia,Ovcha kupel 1 SOFIA 11 49998.33 64.29% filling machine) and quart.,bl.411.,entr.D.,fl.5

    certification under .,ap.9

    OHSAS 18001 in order

    to improve the

    competitiveness of


    Improvement of

    competitive of “INHOM

    98” Limited Axakovo “INHOM 98” OOD via introduction in AKSAKOV11 49502.00 53.00% Aksakovo,Iuzhna exploitation of new high O Promislena zona productivity equipment

    and improvement of

    work processes

    Automation of the

    technological phase

    “Cutting Out” and

    certification of EMS „Zdravohod” TPKI under ISO 14001 tools GABROVO 10 50000.00 63.17% Gabrova,Iyantra 5 str. for sustainable


    enhancement of DPBC


    Investment support to DENITO OOD the competitive BOURGAS 8 49253.75 65.00% Bourgas,Strandzha 1 development of street.,entr. V.,fl.3 DENITO Ltd.

    “Improvement of the

    competitiveness of BDINTEX OOD BDINTEX Ltd by

    certification under ISO VIDIN 11 50000.00 64.94% Vidin, 14 Tsar Ivan

    9001:2000 and Assen II” Str.

    modernization of the

    production process”

    Increasing of the

    efficiency and

    effectiveness of the Tehnomat- Mercury production operation of OOD Technomat- Mercury GABROVO 11 49951.20 62.40%

    Ltd through introduction Gabrovo,Boikata quart.

    of new equipment and

    certification under ISO


    Improvement of the GOSPODINOV I Competitiveness of SINOVE OOD Gospodinov & Sons Ltd. DOBRICH 11 49800.00 60.00% Through Upgrading Dobrich, 2 Anton

    Furniture Production Stoyanov str.


    “TEHNOLES” OOD Tehnoles” Ltd - Ready

    For The Challenges Of GABROVO 11 47940.00 60.00% Gabrovo, N 2 "Negenska

    The EU Membership pateka" Str.

    "ELAN" OOD Improving The

    Competitiveness Of Elan BOURGAS 11 49985.00 65.00% kv. Dolno Ezerovo,

    Ltd - Burgas Burgas 8019, P.B. 63

    ET Nikolay Nedelchev

    Shumen, 8 NEDELCHEV SHOUMEN 8 50000.00 60.37% N.VAPZAROV Str,

    vh.1, apt.6

    “Plovdiv Region 2000” Increasing of the EOOD competitiveness of

    Plovdiv Region 2000 4000 PLOVDIV PLOVDIV 11 49369.60 64.00% Ltd. through purchasing Pl. Kocho

    of long-term tangible Chestimenski , block 1,

    assets and consultations ap.2

    Investment in a new “Dioni” OOD etiquette-gluing machine STARA 11 50000.00 62.50% Stara Zagora,Mechi and certification of QMS ZAGORA Kladenec area. in Dioni OOD

    Increase the

    TRIKOTEX OOD competitiveness of

    trikotex ltd. Through the KARLOVO 7 34872.50 65.00% Karlovo, “Gurko Str.”

    establishment of a 10

    closed production cycle

    Improvement of the

    competitiveness of “HLEBNI IZDELIA "Hlebni Izdelia - PODUYANE” AD Poduyane" Jsc through SOFIA 8 50000.00 40.32% Sofia,Poduane introduction of special district,Kakrinsko bread slicing and hanche 7 str. packaging equipment

    and QMS certification

    “ZMM” OOD “ZММ” LTD Smolian SMOLYAN 11 36700.00 64.96% Smolian, 4 Han Asparuh quality and safety. Street

    “Closing the production “Kimex” OOD cycle and establishment STARA of long-term competitive 11 45536.00 64.00% 26, Ekzarh Antim I Str., ZAGORA advantage of Kimex 6000, Stara Zagora,


    Enhancement of the

    competitiveness of BGMap OOD. BGMap Ltd. trough

    introduction of new SOFIA 11 48828.00 65.00% 1421 Sofia,Lozenec 15

    modern equipment and Sveti Naum blvd.

    quality management

    system ISO 9001:2000

    “Enhancement of the “Sicotherm Industries” competitiveness AD of ”Sicotherm

    Industries” JSC high-SOFIA 11 49796.00 59.60% Polski

    quality joinery Trambezh,Targovska

    manufacturing street 1


    Improvement of the

    competitiveness of

    “Aptechno-Veliko “Aptechno-Veliko Tarnovo-2000 JSC” Tarnovo 2000" AD VELIKO through investment in 11 47970.00 65.00% TARNOVO VelikoTarnovo,37 new packaging Marmarliiska Street equipment for the

    production of gallenic


    Increasing the Allians Print EOOD

    competitiveness of Sofia,Serdika SOFIA 11 50000.00 52.16% Alliance Print EOOD distr.,Vrania 57-59 through combining str.,fl.7.,ap.19 investments in most

    modern equipment and

    certification of a QMS

    Innovation of production CHAR EOOD guarantee for BOURGAS 11 49985.00 65.00% Burgas, 83A Hristo efficiency and Botev str. international standard

    MARBEG” OOD Procurement And Sofia,Vrabnica Installation Of New SOFIA 6 50000.00 56.18% distr.,vilage Technological Mramor,Ivan Vazov 20 Equipment str.

    “Elit Mes Minev-Procurement And Rodopa-V.T.” OOD. Installation Of New VELIKO 6 50000.00 58.07% Technological TARNOVO VelikoTarnovo,Asen

    Equipment Raztvetnikov str. 10

    Improvement of the

    efficiency and efficacy

    of the production SD "Conrat I Sie" process of Contract&Co Kardjali, Belomorski through supply and KARDJALI 11 49492.80 58.92% Boul., bl. Mladost 2, introduction of new vh.A, app. 11 equipment, leading to

    automation of the

    production processes

    Improvement of the

    efficiency and

    effectiveness of the ЕТ Valentin Zlatkov - production process of Valena ЕТ Valentin Zlatkov KYUSTEND11 49978.60 61.55% (Valena) through IL Kyustendil, 46 Sovolski

    introduction of new pat Street

    equipment and

    certification under ISO


    Enhancement of the

    competitiveness of INTERBAU OOD INTERBAU Ltd. trough

    introduction of new GABROVO 11 50000.00 61.35% Gabrovo,49 Nikalaevska

    modern equipment and str.

    quality management

    system ISO 9001:2000

    FRIGOS IK OOD Competitiveness Grant SOFIA 11 48100.00 65.00% Sofia , Scheme 95 Oborishte Str.

    Inteligentni sistemi za Security Smart Systems” sigurnost OOD LTD Competitive VRATZA 11 50000.00 64.94%

    Bulgarian Enterprise 6, Gurko Street


    Increase of the KALIBROVANI competitiveness of STOMANI AD Kalibrovani stomani AD YAMBOL 11 34000.00 64.33% by new equipment and 4 Bezmersko shosse Str.

    certification on ISO 8600 Yambol


    Increasing the

    competitiveness of SD SD “Kostovi sie - “Kostovi sie - EMK”

    EMK” through enlargement of SAEDINENI11 49400.00 65.00% the capacity and the E Town of Saedinenie, 5

    introduction and Lyuben Karavelov Str.

    certification of ISO


    Preserving and

    expending the positions "Agroplasment-92-V" of Agroplasment-92-V

    AD SA, particularly, on the VARNA 11 49927.50 63.40% Bulgarian and French 9000, Varna, N 46

    meat markets, and in "Saborni" Blvd.

    wider terms on the EU

    Common Market

    Competitiveness through

    innovation of “M I S” OOD competitive welding ROUSE 11 49850.00 64.24% Rouse,Kapitan Raicho technology and Nikolov str. 3 introducing a quality

    management system

    “ATM Electronics”

    OOD Consultation and Sofia, Izgrev district, investment support for SOFIA 11 49400.00 65.00% "Nezabravka" street, N “ATM Electronics” LTD 25, Park-hotel "Moskva"


    Investments in new "Elnet Bulgaria" AD machines and quality

    management system SOFIA 11 50000.00 64.97% Sofia, Serdika district,

    certification in “Elnet "Timok" street N 8

    Bulgaria” AD


    competitiveness of “TOTAL-M” OOD “Total M” Ltd. SHOUMEN 11 50000.00 63.05% Shoumen,Industrialna through introduction of str. 32 CNC centre in the

    production process”


    implementation and certification of both management systems: Environmental MS

    MTM OOD under ISO 14001 and Occupational health and Rouse,DIMITAR ROUSE 11 47775.00 65.00% safety MS under BASARBOVSKI

    OHSAS 18001. STREET 12

    Expansion the

    production facilities and increasing production capacities by new equipment purchasing.

    Меs-Ко EOOD To be welcome to the PETRICH 11 43800.00 64.99% European market Petrich, Mesta St. 15

    ISO introduction and purchase of machinery Fedon OOD for improving the PAZARDZH11 44785.00 65.00% Pazardzhik,Carica effectiveness and IK Yoana str. 6 production capacity of Fedon Ltd.

    VITAL EOOD ISO certification and KYUSTENDpurchase of technology 11 50000.00 57.80% Kyustendil, 12 Lipa IL equipment for Vital ltd Street

    “ELTA-R - Chenkin i S-Manufacturing process ie” SD automation of small Sofia, Ilinden district, capacity digital SOFIA 11 49920.00 65.00% j.k. Valcho Ivanov, telephone concentrators bl.319-320, entr.B, floor of ELTA type. 5, ap.23


    introduction, and certification of a system for safe and healthy ELIA AD labour conditions SOFIA 11 49992.00 62.18% Sofia, Poduyane district, according to the OHSAS 14 Vassil Petleshkov Str. 18001:2002

    requirements and

    purchasing specialised computer applications

    Project for purchasing and putting into “RDP-Sofia” EOOD.

    operation two machines Slivnitsa 15 Street, 1320 for recycling concrete SOFIA 10 49000.00 58.75% Ovcha Kupel waste AND distr.,Bankya development and town,Sofia, Bulgaria implementation of an Environmental

    Management System

    (EMS), according to the

    Standard of ISO 14


    ET “DIMITAR ISO Certificaton And DIMITROV MIDIMA-New Tehnological D” DUPNITZA 11 46800.00 64.91% Equipment For Midima-Dupnitza, 9 Nikolaevska D Street

     Project for STOILOV & CO EOOD environmental friendly SOFIA 7 43393.35 65.00% Sofia,Ovcha Kupel 72 production of plastic boul,fl.1 elements

    Improvement of

    production process and Fantastico Mebel OOD increase of production ROUSE 11 50000.00 56.50% Rouse,Trakcia 6 str. rates at Fantastico -

    Mebel Ltd.


    IRA-EKO LTD. SOFIA 11 50000.00 64.10% Sofia, Lozenetz district, 7 St.Naum Str., apt.21

    Investment For “ BALKAN ” AD Increasing MONTANA 9 49861.45 44.90% 12 Parta Street, 3400 Competitiveness Of Montana “Balkan” Ad


    BULGARIA EOOD Improvement of the

    production process at KAZANLAK 11 50000.00 55.80% Kazanlak, 23

    Kremona-Bulgaria” ltd Shipchenski pehoten

    polk 123 Street


    competitiveness of DIKO-IVAN “DIKO-IVAN

    DIKOLAKOV ET DIKOLAKOV” S.P PLOVDIV 11 49994.57 49.85% Plovdiv trough Plovdiv,Uchilishna 23

    delivering and installing str.

    of new technological


    Increasing the

    competitiveness of RIKO STIL EOOD “Riko style” Ltd through

    enhancing its producing Troyan,ZhK

    efficiency and efficacy TROYAN 11 50000.00 46.51% Chernogor , block

    by introducing of Razvitie, 1st floor, 1st

    technology, critical for apart.

    closing of the automated

    producing cycle.

    Improving the

    competitiveness of

    “BULEKO 2000” Ltd. BULEKO 2000 OOD (OOD) through SOFIA 11 49400.00 65.00% Sofia, Housing Estate certification according to Lulin, bl.151,fl.12.,ap.54 ISO 9001:2000 and

    modernization of the

    production process

    Purchase of new

    “Elprom-Elhovo” AD technological

    equipment , introduction ELHOVO 10 50000.00 62.50% 179 ”Al.Stmboliiski

    of System for OSHS and “str.,Elhovo

    its certification.

    Increasing the efficiency

    Hranservicengineering of the production

    AD process and STARA guaranteeing quality of 11 30244.50 65.00% Rayna Kandeva Street ZAGORA the finished products of 65, Stara Zagora 6000,

    HtanserviceEngineering Bulgaria


    KOLEV i KOLEV “The preferable shoe

    OOD. brand for my child”

    improving the SOFIA 9 49711.99 63.55% Sofia,Vazrazhdane

    competitiveness of district,Car Samuil street

    Kolev&Kolev Ltd. 72

    Increasing the

    competitiveness of Vlagoklima OOD. ValagoKlima Ltd. Sofia,Mladost through introduction of SOFIA 11 49877.69 63.25% district,Mladost 1 - integrated quality Poligona,111 street,bl. management system and 1,entr.1,ap.81 modernisation of the

    production processes

    Raising the

    competitiveness Wiener

    amber through Vinarska Izba Kehlibar introduction of OOD. technology for using of SOFIA 11 50000.00 62.70% Sofia.,Poduiane alcohol production district.,Angel Voivoda leavings for producing str. 35-37.,fl.1.,ap.1 of bio-gas, bio-ethanol

    and flux dunk and ISO

    9001:2000 certification

    Increasing the “Dyakov Construction” competitiveness and EOOD promotion of long-term SOFIA 11 45696.00 64.00% Sofia, Serdica District, sustainable development j.k. Banishora No 92, of Dyakov Construction vh.D, et.4, app. 62 Ltd

Publishing house Increasing

    Hermes EOOD competitiveness of PLOVDIV 11 36757.50 65.00% Publishing house Plovdiv, 46 San Stefano

    Hermes Street

    Modernization and

    expansion of the

    capacity of the Distillery

    for the production of INA EOOD essential oils and 11 35009.00 65.00% Panagyurishte,Raina Introduction, Knagiana 11. maintenance and

    certification of a Quality

    Management System of PANAGYUR



    enhancement of

    Tomika Metal” JSC “TOMIKA METAL” through production AD processes automation PLOVDIV 11 39780.00 65.00% Plovdiv,Brezovsko and certifying of the Shouse 186 str. company in conformity

    with OHSAS


    Increasing the CID “Atlas” EOOD competitiveness of CID PLOVDIV 11 28600.00 65.00% Plovdiv,Krali Marko 6A “Atlas

    “EKOMEBEL” OOD Improvement of the Pleven, Bulgarian production process at PLEVEN 11 50000.00 46.71% Aviacia str., Zapadna “Ecomebel” Ltd. Industrialna zone

    Investment in a machine EVRICOM EOOD for pouring candles in STARA Stara Zagora, 17 Ivan glass, ceramic, plastic 6 49896.00 63.00% ZAGORA Vazov Street, vh.B, et.1, and metal containers in app.39 Evricom Ltd.

    PAIN D’OR AD Investment in new

    technolody in Pain SOFIA 8 50000.00 45.25% Sofia, Liulin district, 11

    D’OR Ltd. Obelsko Shouse Str.

    “KIMI-1” EOOD “Kimi-1” ltd. the 1797 Sofia, j.k. Mladost reliable modern EU SOFIA 11 36465.00 65.00% 1, bl.98B, entr.A, fl.12, enterprise apt.31

    Sustainable SE “N.Gogov Nadko competitiveness increase Gogov” HARMANLI 11 49990.00 65.00% of “N. Gogov Nadko Hamanli,Alexandar Gogov” SE through Stamboliiski street,bl. vertical integration of

    206,entr.A,ap.26 wood manufacture and

    solid wood furniture and

    also through increase,

    maintaining, and

    development of the

    quality through

    introduced and certified


    IVAL OOD Renovation of

    Technological PLOVDIV 6 50000.00 58.14% Plodiv,Hristo botev

    Equipment boul. 92 V,fl.3

    “EVRAZIYAN Manufacture of INTERNACIONAL sandwiches- RAUF AHUNDOV” improvements in SOFIA 10 49200.00 58.70% EOOD competitiveness through Sofia,Lozenes distr.,Lipa certification 9 str.,entr. A.,ap.7

    Improvement of the

    competitiveness of

    “Electron Progress” AD

    through investment in “Elektron Progres” AD new means of

    measurement and by SOFIA 10 50000.00 60.52% Sofia,Ilinden

    implementation and distr.,Kukush 1 str.

    certification of an

    Occupational Health and

    Safety Assurance

    System (OHSMS)

    “European Standards at Hleboproizvodstvo i “Bread and TARGOVISsladkarstvo OOD Confectionary 11 48169.29 60.99% HTE Production” LTD in town of Targovishte


    Purchase of a cutting

    vertical processing ASTROIDA OOD centre, introduction and PANAGYURcertification of an 10 50000.00 54.47% Panagyurishte,Ivan ISHTE Occupational Health and Komitata 46 str.

    Safety Management


    Optimization of the Hela - Borislavov OOD production through PERNIK 8 21222.50 65.00% Pernik,Sveta Petka 50 technical modernization str. and QMS application

    Improvement “ERGON VASIL competitiveness of ZASHEV” ET SOFIA 11 45175.00 65.00% “Ergon Vassil Zashev” Sofia,ZhK SP through introduction lulin,bl.11,entr.B,fl.8,ap.of Wide Belt Sender in

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