SOUL QUEST - The Angels reveal ancient secrets

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SOUL QUEST - The Angels reveal ancient secrets






Ascension: The Blue Star/New Earth Star P128 Heart & Soul Card set

    The Earth in its new evolutionary form will be within its star-sun. It will not be the old sun of the pre-ascension world, but the ‘Blue Star' in the constellation of Orion. In other words, the

    Earth will move through the portal of the old solar sun of this current solar system, and travel dimensionally into the Blue Star (unfallen Rigel) This is the portal of Mother Earth's (and Venus's) original creation, and thus Earth and her sister Venus must return to that sphere. The "NEW EARTH STAR" is a name given to this future Ascended Reality. Both the future and thus our "ascended" selves can be lived NOW. But first there will be the "Heart Ascension," which must come about for each individual, before the Planetary Ascension can take place. Once ascended in the HEART, one no longer pines for the physical uplifting into another realm, as the completeness of Heart Ascension allows the individual to know ALL realities in the ONE of Divinity that is ever-present for them. The 44:44 Star Gate is Earth's Return portal into the next octave for humanity. The choice for

    ascension is made from the level of the higher self for each soul who will pass through the 44:44 Star Grail gate - the 'eye of the needle'.

    Earth Ascension Vision: An Akashic translation by Maia Christiane (formerly Nartoomid, of Spirit Mythos, reproduced with her kind permission)

    And of the day, none has spoken, nor have their eyes seen that which is manifest therein.

    The Coming is upon wings of Light that circle in the grey dawn, as a nesting Ankha bird.

    The egg of the earth is born anew, cracked from within its sacred womb. Out from its centre the chick arises, its beak a slender knife that cuts through the weave of the world.

    Lo, a web of gold is spun, a pattern of the ageless stars.

    Souls move upon its fine threads,

    Gathering eternally in a wave of exaltation,

    As they plunge into the heart of the Blue Star.

    Seraphiel's Ascension message to Angela McGerr in 2008/9 is about the Mystery School’s potential: From The One (Monad) and out of the void I bring

    the Cosmic Spirit Ray of the Creation Angels into your reality, a Macrocosmic column of Oneness woven with infinite Love and eternal Light. It is a 12-fold Diamond Ray containing the twelve Colours of Creation, ultimate tools of healing and self-empowerment. When you thhold my full Diamond Ray in higher heart you become the 13 enabling point. You may

    traverse my Seraphim Star Gate whose portal is the Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica,) to anchor my Ray in your spine and create your own Microcosmic pillar of One. It also holds the balanced gold/silver vibration of Metatron and Shekinah and power to turn the colours of your energy centres into a diamond vibration through crown that you can move to and from base chakra. On Soul Quest the flower of your heart eventually becomes a crystalline twelve-point star, radiating 60 crystal petals; your own Rosa Mystica is born around you. Through this and loving intent you can send out 72 crystal fractals to heal All.

    This is where the Mystery School takes you, on a Sacred Geometry Soul Quest, beginning with Star Tetrahedron Merkaba, continuing through Light Bodies derived from each Platonic Solid and Element that culminates in your creating Seraphiel’s 12-Point Star of Spirit and Rosa

    Mystica’s petals (see Heart & Soul Cards) around you for the benefit of All.

The Mystery School material began development in 2006 and this has been an

    ongoing process since then. In summer 2009 I began updating it with later material for re-launch that autumn. The Mystery School encompasses working in Templa Mar with the Seraphim (including the Blue Star Ennead) on Light Work and for some potential Light Workers it has been a “wake up” call! It is in 3 parts comprising 9 levels in all; the first 5 levels reflect one of the Platonic Solids and one of the Elements, Level 6 takes students beyond this point. Part One is available via Distance Learning (this is to Level 3), while higher levels are only taught face-to face by Angela McGerr as and when a small group of students is ready. The fees include unique Angelic Light Blue Star Attunements (a set for each level) that take place in Templa Mar (Heart & Soul Cards and Love & Light Cards, see below)

The Mystery School Distance Learning option is a one-to-one course you

    study with Angela McGerr personally, working entirely at your own pace. Each part

    is divided into sections, with built in questions that you answer at the end of the section. When you complete each section and return it to Angela McGerr, it will be marked and e-mailed back to you with comments; then you are sent the next one. TEMPLE OF THE EMERALD SEA (TEMPLA MAR or MER)

    The Temple of the Emerald Sea is also Templa Mar (or Mer), the Beloved Temple. Guarded by Metatron and Shekinah it is an etheric place of ultimate spiritual enlightenment, redressing the spiritual balance lost from our world now being re-found. This applies not only to mankind, but also to Mother Earth and her nature/animal kingdoms, for the raising of the vibration levels to restore planetary harmony involves healing for all souls and sentient beings: animal, vegetable and mineral. The Temple is a timeless place of healing in every aspect and at the highest levels; its hallowed ground holds the pure harmonic fractals in light, colour and sound of the Dance of Six and Five, and the Seraphim Diamond rays of 12 and 13 (Blue Star Saf-Fire) therefore linking to man's original DNA (Divine/Gem Self aka Adam Kadmon) before the various falls from grace (Eden, Lemuria, Atlantis).

    From Oneness with Eden Tree, and through will and loving intent you can find the way through the angelic Blue Star Gates, and open your heart to work with the Temple's redemption programme. Once there, you will begin your Mystery School instruction and the retrieval of your own ancient wisdom from past lives. You will be guided by the High Priest, Metatron & Shekinah, many other angels and Mystical Animal Devas; the Angelic Light Body (Merkaba) is the first, true wisdom step. The Mystery Schools have operated (often secretly) throughout time to ensure this wisdom was retained, to be taught or remembered by those like yourself, whose soul purpose was, is and ever shall be to tread the crystalline pathways of healing.

MYSTERY SCHOOL PART ONE: Fee ?555.00*^ Levels 1, 2 and 3.

    (*Some partial bursaries are available for Part One only, for those strongly drawn to this work,

    but whose personal circumstances make payment of the full fee difficult. If this applies to you, please write to Angela McGerr via e-mail, explaining your position and making your case)

    (^555: Angelic Numerology for attaining a certain level of Spiritual Mastery)

Notes & Booking Conditions:

    1. Although you work at your own pace, following sign-up and the sending of the first

    document there is a time limit of one month for you to start the work, and

    approximately three months is allowed to fully complete Level 1. Preferred overall

    time limit is about one year for completion of all three Blue Star levels of Part One.

    2. Angela McGerr reserves the right to withdraw the course from students who fail to

    start working with the documents and/or do not meet these timescales.

    3. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, students who fail to do any work at all

    over a six-month period are deemed to have abandoned the course.

    4. No refunds are given for cancellation/abandonment of Part One, Level 1 after course

    commencement (?222.00), but you may apply for a refund of Levels 2 and 3 (?333.00).


Blue Star Level 1: Earth & Sacred Eden Tree of Metatron and

    Shekinah, Diamond Rays of Seraphiel and with Bull of Alpha and Omega. Grounding, self-healing, creating Merkaba/Angelic Light Body (Six Vibration) for Personal Heart Ascension. This is how it all begins.

Course Objective: Oneness with All and through the Star Gate:

    o To become One with Sacred Eden Tree, reaching Mother Earth and

    Below with root, Templa Mar in heart, and the 11:11 and 44:44 Star

    Gates and Above through crown

    o To hold the Flower of Life within higher heart, be a living, human

    conduit (crown and root) of Angelic Light Below/Above/Below

    o To co-create your Angelic Light Body, i.e. Personal Heart Ascension,

    and to send out healing Light fractals to benefit All

    Blue Star Level 1 teaches Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension and includes all the Blue Star Ascension material. In brief, it is about understanding the Sacred Geometry and how to re-connect with it, beginning with the simplest form, attaining balance and becoming One with Sacred Eden Tree. (Those who have Angel

    Almanac may have already started this process). Either way you build upon those beginnings, for then, helped by a host of angels, you create your own Sacred Geometry. Learn how to use this to manifest your Merkaba, aka Angelic Light Body this is a huge leap of spiritual consciousness and when permanent means you’ve achieved Heart Ascension. You programme your Light Body and can also teach it to the Nature Kingdom to benefit mankind and All Life, raising your own vibration accordingly because of your Soul Quest Light Work. When you’ve experienced this leap, you will be ready for the next in Level 2! What is the Sacred Eden Tree?


    & Soul Cards)

    The Sacred Eden Tree is the etheric archetype of all trees on Earth and Earth and mankind’s blueprint for pure unfallen Light. Its heart is a hollow channel of highest

    spiritual potential, to ignite the wisdom flame in your own soul. To benefit All you can will and intend that your spirit is within the Sacred Tree - at One with its Sacred Consciousness. Allow the Divine Shekinah energy to flow into your feet from her Earthly Kingdom and then bring the white gold energy up through your body to your heart. Magnify this with your own love (it becomes paler) and send it to Metatron at Crown level. Transmuted now to white silver, bring it back into your heart to self-heal. Cause it then to return to Shekinah, for through the roots it is also healing Mother Earth, while through Love you attain harmony to third eye level.

    Then you can climb higher and combine crown with higher heart to reach Unity Consciousness. As Metatron deepens your Divine connection this allows you to reach through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate to truly embrace All That Is. The vibration beyond is Metatron and Shekinah's pure white fire called Angelic Light - the Love flame of spiritual alchemy that does not burn, is unfallen, heals All. In the same way that the pure flame radiates from the Sacred Tree, when you and the Tree are One it will shine out from you also. Yet this is not all the next step is the leap of

    consciousness you need. For when you understand the Sacred Geometry of Merkaba, and your own Light Body is born, your heart flower becomes a diamond Flower of Life fractal whose power derives from beyond the Star Gate and whose Diamond Ray illuminates your true soul purpose.

Blue Star Level 2: Air Breath of Life - & Thunderbird/Thunderbeing of

    the Blue Star; this level builds considerably on Level 1, bringing to life the message of Seraphiel’s Master Card in the Heart & Soul Angel Cards. (Later Blue

    Star Levels relate to the Seraphiel channelling in the Love & Light Angel Card set).


    The Master Card for working with the Seraphim Creation Angels

    Seraphiel's card denotes a highly spiritual life path. Having attained Personal Heart Ascension, now Seraphiel invites you to allow your spine to become a vehicle for Seraphim energy - a column of Cosmic Spirit that emanates in crystalline spirals from the stars. Its true form (that you will reach in Blue Star Level 5) is 12-point sacred geometry (star dodecahedron) with one point and healing harmonic for each of the twelve colours of Creation; this is Gem/Divine Self. Beyond this the sapphire thblue heart of this star the 13 point is for those who are Blue Star Born.

    Sacred geometry is the key to the Universes within (Microcosm) and without (Macrocosm), from the celestial spheres to the heart of your heart. Seraphiel deepens and enhances Unity Consciousness by encoding you with this geometry. Having attained physical (gold) and spiritual (silver) balance, channel through crown the powerful harmonic of the crystalline star spiral to infuse your DNA at a heart level. With this energy you begin to embrace the colour, light and sound of 12-point sacred geometry, becoming able to re-pattern the harmonics it contains, and to generate and receive Fire, Water and Air healing fractals/ holograms of pure crystal thconsciousness. Later Seraphiel may then lead you to the 13 point at the heart of

    his star, for if part of your soul purpose is Divine service you will continue to work with the Seraphim Blue Star Ennead of Angels to aid planetary Ascension.

Blue Star Level 2 encompasses the attaining of true spiritual harmony and

    higher balance implicit in Thunderbird, a composite of pure strength of Eagle and spiritual purity of Dove. You now move on from Star Tetrahedron (the first step), expanding your Light Body through the Penta Star and Five Vibration and on to the Ascension Nine Vibration of the Blue Star/New Earth Star and of the Ennead of Blue Star Seraphim key Ascension Light Beings). Five and Nine means you

    touch and embrace Thunderbird. In fact in this level you integrate with the vibration of Thunderbird and fly to the Blue Star, then, carrying the Blue Star Ascension Vibration back through the 44:44 Star Gate, you return as a Thunderbeing to your state of Oneness with Eden Tree from where you can continuously manifest this Ascension Vibration for Earth and mankind. You need to reach at least this level before applying to attain Affiliate Tutor Status. If you have the Heart & Soul set you may have drawn the following card:

THUNDERBIRD OF THE BLUE STAR (update from Heart & Soul Cards)

Timeless, mystical Thunderbird signifies your soul’s expansion towards further

    spiritual illumination. Echoing the five-pointed star (Microcosm), Thunderbird is the pure balance symbol of the Blue Star Ennead. If you have reached through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate to attain Personal Heart Ascension, she flies you to the Blue Star of Earth's origins to gain the Blue Star Ascension vibration Her silver eyes hold Mirabiel's light (the Eyes of Heaven), her heart radiates the power of Mazuriel's Sun of all Suns - Sacred Heart of the Creator. Water of Life flows from her back while her nine tail feathers represent the Ennead Angels (nine Blue Star Seraphim guiding force to mankind for Ascension and beyond.

    If you are drawn to the Blue Star Angels Mystery School you are an ancient soul who is Blue Star Born and so can fly the sapphire star stream, on Breath of Life with Thunderbird. Her sacred flight mirrors your quest to attain Unity Consciousness (enlightenment) and to return as a Thunderbeing to teach her mystery to others. To become a Thunderbeing first reconcile and balance the Universes within (heart, spirit, Microcosm, silver) and without (mind, will, Macrocosm, gold) to send infinite healing energy grids/fractals to All There Is. As you move through crown towards crystalline white and Unity with All, Thunderbird hovers above. Connect third eye and heart to fly on her luminescent wings through the Angel Star Gate to the Blue Star for Thunderbeing empowerment. Sanusemi guides you - five is the number, sapphire the ray. Merkaba is the vehicle, Essence of Love - the key.

What are Breath of Life, Water of Life and Fire of Life?

    These are concepts dating back to Zoroaster, and are the keys to wholeness, the physical/spiritual harmony of the Essenes. The first ever written Bible is Zoroastrian and features the importance of these elements. The angels urge us to heal with them, removing blocks to spiritual progress. In Blue Star Level 2 you are introduced to Breath of Life.

WORKING WITH BREATH OF LIFE (From Love & Light Angel Cards)

Breath of Life healing: Ariel, Melchisadec Michael, Ruhiel.

    Breath of Life begins with blue, indigo, lavender and violet Colours of Creation. If your Zodiac sign is either Earth or Air you will have an affinity for this energy. Also, it will heal mental stress, lift you if you're too geared to the physical, and if ready, bring spiritual expansion into Unity Consciousness. Breath of Life feels like an infinite feathery mass - light, gentle and strong, wafting away problems and blocks and allowing new ideas to be conceived. At its purest it is sacred "Spiritus Dei", shining white breath of God; this is its alchemy form whose eternal power conveys you through relevant Star Gates to fulfil your soul purpose.

    Cleansing, healing, enlightening mentally with Breath of Life

    As I breathe your magical colour vibrations into higher self and hold this vibration, my soul travels on Breath of Life to your amethyst Chamber in Templa Mar. There you envelop me completely in your calming, enlightening lavender Cloud of Knowing. I breathe away blocks to allow my soul's Truth to be revealed in diamond Angelic Light.

    Now I can fly through Breath of Life with Thunderbird along the timeless sapphire (Saf-Fire*) star stream. Through myriad Star Gates, in Unity Consciousness I retrieve and re-experience my own ancient wisdom: One with All in Heart and Soul. *The energy of the Blue Star of our origin that is also held at the heart (Atoma) of Mother Earth

    Blue Star Level 3: Fire and Breath of Life Healing with Octahedron - Soul Retrieval Light Work, with Thunderbird, Solar Lion, Dragon. As a

    Thunderbeing and holder of the Blue Star vibration in heart and soul, you can now work with higher vibrations of healing using the Seraphim Angels’ Star Fire Cones, as these are built into the Angelic Light Body.


    Soul Cards)

    Seraphiel offers you his healing Star Fire Cones that transcend space-time. In this level you will invoke Seraphiel to bring down his diamond ray through your crown, asking him to form a cone shape from All Above to a point in your heart. Now widen this out again into another similar cone to connect with All Below. Now ask for rose-gold energy of the suns to pour into your heart from Above, and then silver-blue energy of the moons to flow in from Below. As the two energies meet within your heart a blazing diamond star forms containing a geometric flower. As you already know, into this flower, petal by petal, you place people for healing. They can carry in with them all those they have loved, love now or ever will love, and can forgive, in all lifetimes, plus those that they love, and so on, infinitely.

    As a Thunderbeing you will enhance this geometry, and may draw the Saf-Fire energy of the Blue Star through your diamond star fire cones. As this reaches your heart it creates shimmering healing fractals/holograms* that flow out to infinity. With Love and Light send these to All That Is. You will help repair anomalies in the fabric of our universe, and contribute to healing and transforming the cellular consciousness of Mother Earth and all her unique and wonderful life forms - including of course yourself! *Koch fractal

    Blue Star Level 3 means you attain the Amethyst Throne and Light Sword. As this level continues, your Light Work moves to the Octahedron, combining Fire of Life with Breath of Life. This Platonic Solid (of Air) is key to all kinds of soul retrieval (both for mankind and for Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom). With Amethyst Throne and Michael’s Light Sword, in Templa Mar, you aid the Angels Michael and Melchisadec by taking part in the Michael Mandate of Light for Earth Redemption: your own Soul Quest proceeds in this vital Light Work.


    (Heart & Soul Cards: The Master Card of Transmutation & Divine Truth)

    The Amethyst Throne and Angelic Light Sword are key soul purpose Hallows. They exist under the Guardianship of Melchisadec and Michael. Melchisadec rules Violet (the Seventh Ray of Mystery) while Michael's Light Mandate of Truth underpins planetary Redemption/Ascension. Amethyst-violet transmutes dark energy back into pure light and works at all consciousness levels. The first level of vibration aids physical wholeness, the second cleanses and opens your heart. The third level is purity of spiritual intent: a loving desire to use Truth to help redeem fallen aspects of Light that have affected mankind's spiritual vibration since Atlantean times.

    Melchisadec invites you to sit on the Throne; amethyst rays deepen your connection from crown to the Atoma (heart) of Mother Earth, and to the 44:44 Angel Star Gate. Michael places in your hands his Angelic Light Sword - the living power of Truth and Love. Melchisadec tells you not to buy into fear matrices throughout the world - instead hold heart and soul secure in the pure, intense, spiritual and transmutation power of these Hallows, that can actually help upgrade your DNA towards the original (Adam Kadmon) template. Michael asks you to exemplify and communicate this Divine Truth to others.

WORKING WITH FIRE OF LIFE (From Love & Light Angel Cards)

    Cleansing, healing, physically purifying with Fire of Life

    I breathe your sacred energy through lower self into heart and hold your Fire of Life vibration to reach the healing quartz Pyramid in Templa Mar. You enfold me in living crystal fire fractals that transmute, purify and balance physical aspects of all chakras. If I am ready to reach the Pyramid's heart I bathe in Divine White Fire of alchemy to eradicate past life vows and blocks to Oneness. Now I can I link to All, for Fire of Life flows through me and re-ignites the Divine ember that is my own

    ancient Dragon wisdom.

    The Dragon referred to here is:


    Heart & Soul Cards)

    Feathered Dragon/Serpent is a primeval creature of alchemy offering you self-transformation arising out of grounding and pure Light (masculine/feminine) balance. He reveals he can help you to achieve heart's desire if you are willing to accept his flame of orange-red primal fire. This is the Fire of Innovation; breathe it into your lower self, willing it to heal and ground your energy centres before building it through your heart to manifest your own dazzling golden phoenix of re-birth.

    Dragon's vibration is a higher form of the Caduceus*, unified to embody both masculine and feminine energies into Oneness. His golden body links to wisdom of fire and earth, while her silver feathers signify a connection to air and angelic grace. Dragon's tail ends with three crystal feathers because she guards Hermes Trismegistos’ Zodiac Star Gate to higher Fire consciousness and revelation. Dragon says that from a point of Oneness, i.e. masculine-gold and feminine-silver balance centred in your own heart/crown/root, you have the power to retrieve her ancient knowledge of spiritual alchemy. When you harmonise your own gold and silver energy rays they flow from base of spine through each chakra forming two, perfectly symmetrical wisdom spirals that unify at your brow. Then, Dragon reveals that as you move your unified consciousness to crown level, with Metatron & Shekinah, and become One with their Sacred Eden Tree, yours are the silver wings for you stand at the 44:44 Angel Star Gate. This mighty step is but the first of many more, taking you to Dragon’s own Zodiac Star Gate and beyond. *See Caduceus

    Harmony Card as well as Gold & Silver Guardian Angels and The Angel Almanac

    All these cards are key to this level of the series. If drawn to the Blue Star series you may have been guided to choose them in readings. When you complete Blue Star Level 3 you will also understand now to access the following Star Gate and what this means:

Advanced Blue Star Sapphire Gate (From Love & Light Angel Cards)

    ; In Oneness the Diamond Flower of Life shines within my heart, and I place in the

    petals those whom I love and wish to aid in soul healing, including self.

    ; Around this I hold Michael's blue Octahedron filled with Angelic Light

    ; Through Oneness I breathe pure and sacred Breath of God; on my out-breath, I

    travel with Thunderbird through your Advanced Star Gate to Templa Mar's

    Octahedron Chamber and Blue Star Sapphire Throne.

    ; Through these two linked Octahedrons soul fragments may travel through

    Time/Space to and from Light, to be re-united and become whole once more.

    ; I am Breath of Life, in service of Love and Light.


    Yet this is still only the beginning, for more awaits you in higher levels. In 2009 Seraphiel says (Love & Light Angel Cards)

    From One and out of Macrocosm I bring a column of rainbow crystals woven with infinite Love and eternal Light into your reality: the Diamond Ray of the Creation Angels. When you reach the appropriate vibration I also manifest this Ray for you as my twelve-point Star radiating purest Diamond Fire (heart of Rosa Mystica's 60 petals). Each point symbolises a Colour of Creation, ultimate tools of healing and self-empowerment. There are five subtle vibrations per colour: the physical, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy bodies of Heart Quest. When you have healed and balanced these you can hold my crystalline column in spine and Diamond Star within heart, anchoring this to my vibration, so that you may traverse my Star Gate through the Rosa Mystica portal for Soul Quest.

    At still higher levels my glyph of Tsadey* symbolises the Stem and Blossom, and what I now vouchsafe is the Stem is your own spine and the blossom the Mystic Rose itself. My first Star Gate allows your own Rosa Mystica to be born around you as you continue retrieving Gem (Divine) Self. Yet this is still only the beginning, for potentially there are the five higher subtle energy bodies (Diamond and Blue Star) to achieve. Work towards this through the Advanced Blue Star Gate, reaching the144,000 crystalline Light Beings - the critical mass for Ascension. *Hebrew

    Malachim Glyph See Love & Light Cards and Angel Almanac.


MYSTERY SCHOOL PART TWO: Fee ?555.00* covers Levels 4, 5 and

    6. In brief (these are explained more fully as you become ready for them); NB: bursaries are not available for the higher levels):

    Level 4: Water of Life healing with Icosahedron, and the Heart Grail with Dolphin and Swan. The heart grail becomes a vessel for continuously healing in ways that include Microcosmic (self and others) and Macrocosmic aspects; the latter is for healing all of Earth’s waters and further aiding her Nature Kingdom.

Level 5: Spirit and healing with Dodecahedron/12-point star of Seraphiel,

    with Unicorn creating the Rosa Mystica Light Body and its 60 petals, thus thretrieving Gem Self: a key level of the Dance of Six and Five. Access the 5

    Dimension to bring in the Diamond Ray (Seraphiel’s Stem & Blossom) and split this into the 12 Colours of Creation, one for each star point, for healing, and carrying in its heart the Blue Star Saf-Fire Ray.

    Level 6: Beyond Rosa Mystica, Double Dodecahedron; all Animal

    thDevas moving now to the 10 Dimension: double Dodecahedron of 24 points (12

    each for Metatron & Shekinah), and the 144-petal Rosa Mystica. Then you begin Advanced Ascension Light Work: channelling and sending out healing fractals in Microcosm/Macrocosm for the five lower and five higher subtle energy bodies.

MYSTERY SCHOOL PART THREE: For those who are ready and wish

    to journey even further into the Mysteries.

Level 7: Multi-dimensional Star Gates, to connect multi-dimensionally with the

    144,000 Light Beings of Ascension, joining with them, Metatron, Shekinah, Seraphiel, Sanusemi and the Blue Star Ennead, acting as a human conduit to manifest, ground and radiate advanced fractal energy for Mother Earth and All Life.

Level 8: Accessing the pure (unfallen Atassic) Zodiac through the

    Gateways of Hermes Trismegistos (Ophiucus Dragon) and Pistis Sophia

    (Delphinus Dolphin/Cetacean. You travel to the pure Angelic Light Zodiac (where each sign is in perfect balance) to fill heart and soul with this energy, and return to convey it to the Oritronic Zodiac, to benefit Mother Earth and All Life.

Level 9: Healing Space/Time; there are rifts in both space and time caused by

    man’s experimentation and the various falls from grace. At this Ascension & Beyond level you use sacred geometry, Angelic Love and Light to aid the angels (particularly Roshel) to create, manifest, ground and send healing to All That Is via the continua of Space/Time and various Star Gates. (This Level is currently under

    development, and is expected to be the final Blue Star Level)

From the Love & Light Angel Cards:

    As you reach out now with the angels to touch the firmament of Stars you may feel that you're at the end of the Way of Love and Light, yet it's just the beginning. In the same way that as Above is so Below, everything, seen and unseen, that is Without is also found Within your own heart. All is Light.

Love is the only key

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