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band parent basics 2011.doc - Boonville R-I School District


    A field guide for the high school band parent

Marching and Concert Band Uniforms

     All black shoessoles and laces need to be black also

     We have shoes available for use in the uniform room. Let us know if you need a repair.

     Long Black socks, not short ankle socks

     Hats and silver mylar plumes used only for some football games, Carrollton and Fayette Band Days

     Warm weather uniform

     Band T-shirt , jean shorts, and tennis shoes of their choice.

     T-shirt cost is $10.00. Information will be sent home with students and posted on the band website.

     Cash or checks payable to Boonville Band Boosters.

     This is worn for the first home game. The uniform for other games is dependent upon weather condi-


    Pirate Blue Silver Pirate Band T-Shirts with student names listed on the back. Purchase of these shirts is NOT required, but many parents enjoy having them to wear to show their support for the band. A separate or-der form is available on the website and in the band room for students to take home.

Early Morning Marching Practice

    These practices will begin on Tuesday, August 23 2011

    During marching season the band practices before school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Rehearsal begins promptly at 7:15 a.m.

    Arrive early enough to have equipment, instrument and marching shoes ready by 7:10 a.m. These rehearsals last only about the first six weeks of school.

    A wise man once said, ―If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late.‖

Carrollton Band Day Saturday, September 24

    Fayette Band Day Saturday, October 1

    At Carrollton there are usually over 70 bands competing and is an interesting and fun day for students and parents. At the competitions the Band Boosters provide lunch for the students (sandwiches, chips, and drink). Parents transport the food and all are welcome to caravan from the high school to Carrollton or Fayette. Band parent shirts are available to order to show support for the band. There is a pocket-sized pirate design on the front and all students names are listed on the back. Order forms will be available for students to pick up in the band room and on the band website.

Pie Auction Friday, January 13, 6:45 pm Laura Speed Elliot Auditorium

    The money raised at the pie auction is used to provide, scholarships for summer band camps, purchase instru-ments, hire piano accompanists for solos at District Music Festival, hire a drum line instructor and flag corps instructor and to fulfill other needs of the band program.

    Freshman parents provide one or two pies that are auctioned throughout the concert between songs. Pies can be of any flavorhome made if at all possible. More information and pie making tips will be provided in January.

Instrument Care and Maintenance

    Brass: Valve oil should be applied daily to brass instruments to ensure valves and slides are always in working order. Daily maintenance prolongs the life of the instrument and reduces the number of trips to the repair shop. Mouthpieces should be cleaned regularly with soap and water.

    Woodwinds: Clarinets and saxophones need cork grease should be applied as needed to prevent cork from dry-ing out and cracking off the instrument. Reeds should be played on an alternating basis. Purchase reeds in sets of four, number them and then use a different reed each time they play.

This has three main benefits:

    1) A better sound will be produced because the reeds maintain their quality longer

    2) Reduces the amount of money spent on reeds

    3) Cleaner and safer for the student because the reeds have time to dry before being played again.

     Mouthpieces should be cleaned regularly with soap and cool, not hot, water.

    Flutes should keep head and foot joint areas wiped clean with a soft cloth. The instruments should be swabbed out after every use with a thin, soft cloth to remove moisture.

    When repairs are needed, students may leave their instrument on Tuesday morning for Butch Antal of Columbia Band Instrument Co. to pick up, repair and deliver the following week. Payment arrangements must be prior to completion of the repair.

    Reeds, valve oil and other supplies can be purchased from the school for a discounted rate when compared to the retail stores. Cash or checks payable to Boonville High School

Band Boosters Meetings

    The best way to stay informed about events in the band department is to attend Band Boosters meetings. Any concerns or questions that arise throughout the year are addressed at this time. Meetings are also a great way to meet the parents of other students you child knows.

The dates of the booster meetings are as follows:

    September 12

    October 10

    November 14

    December 12

    January 9

    February 13

    March 12

    April 9

    May 14

    Any changes to this schedule or to any event will be posted on the band website as soon as possible. If you notice that we have missed adding something to the website, please feel free to contact us!

Go to the BHS website.

    Click on ―Academics‖ and then ―Silver Pirate Band‖

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