Ag Sales Career Development Event

By Tony Bailey,2014-05-03 22:58
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Ag Sales Career Development Event

    Ag Sales Career Development Event

    Holly Hufford Smyrna Middle, Karen Breeding- Woodbridge


; Register at the time of State Convention

    ; Your registration must be accompanied by:

     Official Certification (National Convention Only)

    Waivers (National Convention Only)

    Found at and then go to the CDE page.


    ; Team Make-up- The event will be a team event consisting of four students.

    All four students’ scores count toward the team total. A team may compete

    with less than four members.

    ; Students MUST be in official dress; FFA jacket, scarf/tie, white collared

    shirt, black pants or skirt.


    * The model agricultural sales event will consist of five parts:

    ; Written Test questions will come from the last three years’ National FFA

    Ag Sales CDE exams. These tests may be ordered from ; Sales Situation your students pick their own product to sell prior to state


    ; Team Sales Situation- each team competes as a group in the team sales.

    o The Team Sales Situation is the team activity. Team members work together to

    demonstrate group dynamics, problem solving, data analysis, decision making and

    oral and written communication skills.

    ; Sales Call-

    ; Practicum One of the following sales situations will be conducted each year for

    all participants. Those sales situations are:

    o Customer Relations

    o Order Taking/Customer Service

    o Customer Prospecting

    o The practicum will rotate every year down the list above

    ; The practicum from 2007 was prospecting for new customers

    ; The practicum for 2008 will be Customer Relations

    ; The theme for this and the team sales situation will be the same as nationals

    theme for the year (ex. 2007 was the Crop Industry)

    ; The Theme for 2008 will be Natural Resources

    Tie Breakers: highest sales call score will break the tie. If the tie cannot be broke using the sales call score, the highest written test score will be used. If a tie still exists, the highest sales situation score will be used to break the tie. Should a tie occur in the team scores, the highest team sales situation will break the tie. If the teams are still tied then in order the sales call, written test and then the sales situations will be used.


    ; Students must bring two #2 pencils

    ; Optional:

    o a non-programmable calculator

    o bottled water, computer

    o sales materials

    ; Cell phones are NOT PERMITTED


    ; Official Dress is mandatory


     The scores will be announced at State Convention ;

    ; Top 10 Individuals are recognized

    o Top 3 receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold CDE pin.

    ; Team placings are announced and the first place team receives a plaque

    ; The winner does go on to National Convention

    ; There are no financial awards associated with this CDE


    ; Copies of previous years tests can be ordered from


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