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    good afternoon, dear teachers and fellow students. it‟s my great honor to stand here and share with you a happy afternoon. my topic is “keep your

    goal in mind” .i hope you will enjoy it. do you have a goal for your work?

    do you have a goal for your study? do you have a goal for your life? maybe i will get an affirmative reply. yeah, everyone has a goal of doing something. there is no doubt that a goal is very important in our life. now i want to tell you a true story in my school life. I have learned a lot from it. I never forget last year‟s school sports meeting. 1500-meter race was

    one of the most exciting. before the race, my best friend he had a goal to be no. 1. as a matter a fact, she is not so strong, but she is a sunny girl. she is active and likes doing sports. what‟s more, she tries her best to achieve the goal, but I wonder if she is able to be the champion. there were eight players in the race. on the first lap, she was in the sixth place; on the second lap, they took the fourth place, she went on running and she ran toward her goal, the goal in her mind, look! on the last lap, she was the first to pass the finishing line, she was the winner. oh, great! she made it! congratulations! at that time, i knew a goal was so necessary and important. i made a decision : “i want to take part in the English speaking

    competition held in my school. what‟s more, i will try my best to be no.1 in the competition as my best friend he did in sports meet. ” i am sure of

    it. i still remembered what my English teacher said to us. he said :“if

    anyone took the first place in our school English speaking competition, he or she will be chose to take the competition held in prefecture. it‟s a great

    honor!” though i can do well in my English written exams, however, to be honest, i am a little afraid to speak English in public. my English teacher often encourages me: “ your voice sounds so beautiful, be brave,

    you will succeed.” from then on, i kept a goal in mind. i said to myself

    aloud: stick to your goal and you will win. and then i try my best to improve my oral English and dare to speak either in class or after class. at last, i took part in the competition and became no. 1. i am chose to take part in the next year‟s English speaking competition held in prefecture. i

    said to myself aloud again: come on! you will win. how time flies! today i am a lucky dog. i am very honored to give you a speech. i hope everyone has a dream! in fact, we should work hard to make our dream come true. otherwise it will become day dream. at the same time, i hope everyone has a goal in mind, because the goal is the first step to success. that‟s all.

    thank you for your attention.

    One dream

    my dear teachersfellow students and friends good afternoon. as we

    all know, the earth is a planet almost covered by waterand it is water

    made everything on the earth livelywater is also one of the important

    part of our environmentthoughis there really so much water for us to clean, to produce many things, to play with? how much water are there on the earth then? most of the water is in the oceans or locked away as icethe largest volumes of fresh water are stored underground as groundwaterimagine there is only one barrel of water in the world

    then there is only a spoon of it on the landand the water we can use is

    only a drop of itnow I have to remind all of you here that the single drop of water is never as clean as beforeit has been polluted severely

    by our human beings. there is a very beautiful river in Parisit is the

    seineit runs across the citypeople drink coffee, chat on the bank in the dayat nightthey enjoy the beautiful scenery in the boatsongs

    from the river fly into the sky made the river more attractive, the seine is

    a famous symbol of Franceon the west coast of pacific ocean there lies the modern city shanghaianother river which used to be a very

    important transportation route runs through the center of the citypeople

    respected and regard it as “mother"it is the suzhou riverbut l believe

that few of you would sit beside itpeople will be scattered by the

    terrible smell of water when walk byi have to say it is extremely dirty!

    and we all know that a lot of beautiful rivers in the world also are sharing the same fate with suzhou river who is the devil? I can't help

    askingmany human activities and their by-products have the potential to pollute water. please have a look along the banks of the river, large and small industrial enterprises discharge dirty water, tons of garbage were thrown into the river, the water contained so much that it can't clean itself. compared with the dramatic development in many sides of shanghai, the suzhou river has become a black point of the appearance of city. fortunately, the government has control the situation now, we are happy to see some parts of the river has become clean again, and we even can find fish sometime. the unique earth is the only planet full of lives, the water is just like the blood in the active body, protecting water is saving ourselves. not to waste a single drop of water, otherwise, the only drop of water we could keep in the future would be our tear! my dear friends, mankind still faces a great difficulty in solving the problems of the environment and development, and there is a grand task to perform and along way to go. the middle school students in china will always cooperate with the young people of the world to protect the environment. the future is ours to build! thanks for listening.

good afternoon, dear teacher and my friends.

    i think my dad was a hero for me when i was a young child. we'd go fishing, walks, and other fun things for a kid. every child has a good and great father, and so do i. my dad played a very important role in my daily life exactly speaking, in my past 16 years. my father always stands in the center of my life from past till now and possibly in the future. my

    family was rather poor when i was in my childhood. we didn't have our own house and had to live in a shabby small room rented from my

    father's factory. the room was so small that there was little space for people to walk. i didn't have my own bed and had to sleep with my parents. this is terrible both for my parents and me. but father made this all different;he works very hard on his own business, now we have our own 2 houses, surly have my own room. and he take our family so much happiness, richer and richer. when i was little, i did everything with my dad. you could always find me sitting on his knee or walking and doing everything with him. every night he would read me a bed time story and make the voices of each character. i learnt a lot from my daddy. i learnt to never take things to seriously and to always smile. like many other fathers, my dad and i also has generation gap. he is not good at or even can‟t work the computer. so when i sitting at the computer desk, he will say something like „you should pay more attention to your study‟, „don‟t waste time on the computer games‟ , „it will be bad for your eyes‟ and so on. how can i- a computer fan reduce time on computer? so i continue

    studying and playing on it years pasted, my father is over 45 now. it is

time for me to look after him and i am sure i will do and we will live an

even better life. and i will say, i really love you dad, cause you are the

hero in my mind. thank you so much!

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