Baden-Powell Trail

By Ray Anderson,2014-11-28 12:53
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Baden-Powell Trail

    Grouse Grind

    ; Length: 2.9 km

    ; Difficulty: advanced

    ; Description: Also known as “mother nature’s stairmaster”, this

    trek 2,800 ft straight up the mountain is well worth it for the

    amazing panoramic view of downtown Vancouver, Washington's Mt.

    Baker, the Pacific Ocean and -off in the distance Vancouver Island. It

    only takes 1-2 hours depending on your fitness level and you can ride

    a tram down for only $5.

    Lighthouse Park

    ; Length: 5-km circuit

    ; Difficulty: moderate

    ; Description: Trail through centuries-old Douglas-fir and cedar forest.

    To the east, enjoy fabulous views of English Bay, Stanley Park and

    downtown Vancouver's iconic skyline. To the west, you'll see Bowen

    Island and, further on, Vancouver Island

    The park is full of large, smooth rocks, ideal for relaxing in the sun or

    enjoying a picnic. Check out the park’s namesake, 1912's Point

    Atkinson Lighthouse.

    Lynn Canyon Park

    ; Length: varies

    ; Difficulty: easy to moderate

    ; Description: A 250-ha municipal park located at the foot of the North

    Shore Mountains. It features pockets of second-growth coastal

    rainforest; sheer canyons; creeks; natural pools; a suspension bridge

    and a café. Vegetation includes Douglas fir, Western hemlock, Western

    Red cedar and 40 types of moss. Once across the bridge, you can

    walk upstream 10 minutes to 30 Foot Pool and take a dip or go

    downstream to Twin Falls, a 15-minute walk. You can also link to trail

    networks in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and Lynn

    Headwaters Regional Park. The reserve features a short loop around

    Rice Lake and Fisherman’s Trail, which runs alongside the Seymour

    River. The regional park has trails that extend deep into the mountains.

    Mount Seymour Provincial Park ; Length: 6km or 8km depending on chosen route

    ; Difficulty: Routes vary in length and difficulty

    ; Description: Trails in the 3,508-ha park will lead you through awe-

    inspiring old-growth and second-growth firs, cedar and hemlock; past

    meadows and small lakes; as well as by towering rock faces en route

    to panoramic views of Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Indian Arm and

    the Coast Mountains. Look for wildlife along any of the trails such as

    coyotes, deer, Black Bears and cougars as well as a wide variety of


    Pacific Spirit Regional Park ; Length: Over 50 km of walking trails

    ; Difficulty: easy

    ; Description: Too lazy to leave campus? Well there are some

    great walks waiting for you right here at UBC. See if you can

    spot Bald Eagles soaring overhead, or Harbour Seals and Sea

    Ducks, which are frequent visitors to the park's shorelines. You

    can also explore the 12,000 year-old Camosun Bog. A walk

    across its boardwalk reveals a rich array of vegetation, including

    sphagnum moss, cloudberry and sundew.

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