Do you think luck and opportunity are more important than hard work

By Tammy Kelley,2014-07-14 09:42
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Do you think luck and opportunity are more important than hard work

    Do you think luck and opportunity are more important than

    hard work





    We both sides have to seize this opportunity;to pursue our desires for

    success. Our opinion - --the opportunity and luck is the key to success. If there is no opportunity, even though you have talent you have not demonstrated vision and the opportunity to stage. Mrs. Courier said: "the weak waits for the opportunity the strong creates opportunity”. We think: Opportunity and Luck are the keys to success! That’s all, thank you.


    Our side insists on that hard working is the key to success. It’s true that hard working and the opportunity are the important factors to success. But we are discussing which is more important. First;seeing from the

    side of philosophy, the inside factor is the most importance to everything developing. The hard working is the inside factor. Second, seeing from the way to success, we must set up a goal in the first instance, and through the personal hard working, we can hold the opportunity and achieve to success. So we believe the hard working is the key to success. That’s all, thank you.



    The hard work can not lead to success. “Chopsticks Brothers” become famous overnight. They all have strength and work hard during this pried. But if there is no this opportunity "Chopsticks Brothers" competition, they certainly are still unknown to hard work. Can you say that the opportunity and luck is not the key to success? Thank you.


    "No pains;No gains". I think everyone can understand this simple truth! The people without ability even have the best opportunities, he still can not succeed. If Newton is a farmer, and he has no knowledge, when the apple fall on his head, he may just eat it, what the effect of this opportunity? Thank you.


    Young people should have more successful opportunity, because young people lack experience and economic base, more needs of others and recommend. If there is no good opportunity, they will not have opportunities to demonstrate and exercise their own?


    All right, we agree that it must have the opportunity to obtain the success. But in turn, having opportunity is not sure to succeed, it also need to work hard. What is the premise of our shows? Is not it work hard and constantly improve ourselves?


    Balzac once said: The most successful people are not hardworking people, but good at grasping the opportunity. The same material, why in different periods have completely different results? Not precisely because the opportunity different.


    Yes, but people who are good at grasping the opportunity certainly work hard. As long as work hard, opportunities will not leave you. Because only pay then will have the repayment. Effort is the key. Genius comes from hard work.


    Bole and horses are our familiar example. Opportunity and luck are the premise of all the other factors. If there are no opportunity and luck, even if you have talent, you can’t get a stage to show yourself.


    Einstein once said: "Opportunity only prefers the mind prepared.” The countless scientists of the success in history have told us, the people who hard work is easier to success than that who only wants to wait for the opportunity and luck.



    Thank for the well debating of the negative part. We insist on our view that the luck and opportunity is more important than hard working. The hard working is important, but not the key to succeed. When the opportunity is coming, the hard working man or other may catch it and succeed. Hard working can improve the personal ability. It can help us catch the opportunity. So hard working is for getting the opportunity. It means that there is no opportunity and there will be no success. So our side insist that the luck and opportunity is more important than hard working for success.


    We always believe that hard work is the most important. As we all know “no pains, no gains.”Even if you have good opportunities, then all are in

    vain without work hard. Success is not the result of the opportunities. The success of life consists in a firm goal in mind and hard work. To a person's spirit and talent, environment, opportunities, natural knowledge and other external factors are important, but more important is dependent on their own hard work and efforts. So we firmly believe that success lies in hard work, thank you!

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