Some skin diseases respond easily

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Some skin diseases respond easily

Skin Conditions

    Some skin diseases respond easily. Stubborn and long standing problems may need multiple cleansing treatments but respond well, given time and strict diet control. Diet restrictions usually include avoidance of milk, curds, sour things, til, jaggery, fish, urad.

    (* The medicines are only indicative. Diet and other stipulations are central to the treatment line.)

Smt P, aged 5 - Calcutta

    Medical History She had had a mild skin problem since she was small. After the typhoid vaccine given when she was 4, it became very severe. Allopaths put her on anti-allergens like Cetzine and steroid creams. After three months, parents stopped this and went to a homeopath. In 3-4 months, it worsened during the treatment. So they went back to allopathy. They went to one of the top dermatologists in Calcutta. As antibiotics were not working, they were put on oral steroids (15 day course which controlled the problem), and then on ‘Cyclosporin’. A small bottle costed 5000/-, but the doctor assured them that

    the problem would be cured in 6 months. But they were not informed that a side effect is blood cancer. They consulted 4 doctors who all agreed that this was very dangerous. They were informed that he drug will reduce IGE levels in blood serum. 200 is the normal level. But in subsequent tests the level shot upto 2000, and then 4000. In Apollo also, Dr. R, told them this was very dangerous. He also told them that as the mother is asthmatic, the child has this skin allergy. That all allergies are related. They were then referred to CMC, and went there Oct 2008. They were told that nothing could be done, and maybe as she grew up she would be better.Then a relative from Vijayawada, suggested that they explore Sanjeevani as they were near Madras. After coming here, and taking the medicines to Calcutta, they deferred for a week as there had been so many false starts. Also the patyam (diet regulation) of no milk, no sour fruits etc.… worried them. But after they started in 2 weeks they realized the obvious effects of the treatment. Food Habits Curds, milk had been part of daily diet.

    Treatment thThe first visit was on 10 Oct 2008, and patient was put on combinations of

    Darviguduchyadi Kashayam, Sudarsanam/ Gandhaka Rasayanam, , Ekavimsathika Guggulu, Khadirarishtam, Nalpamaradi/Satadhautam/Nimbadi thailam. (Diet condition

    was to avoid milk, curds, sour things, til, jaggery, fish, urad). Family left for Calcutta. thNext visit was on 11 February 2009, and the medicines prescribed included.

    Darviguduchyadi, Sudarsanam, Ekavimsathika guggulu, Khadirarishtam, Maha Tikta ghrtam and Madhusnuhi rasayanam (for a short while), Nimbadi Thailam. thWhen they next came in 12 Nov 2009, she was much better, and there was just a very

    small rough spot on the leg.For last few months has been on Sudarsanam, Gandhaka

    Rasayanam, Khadirarishtam, Maha tikta ghrtam.

    Medicines prescribed for the next week while in Chennai were Ekavimsathika guggulu,

    Gandhaka Rasayanam, Khadirarishtam, Nimbadi thailam (nimbadi to be applied thrice a day, and then the child bathed)

    thBut by 13 evening, the skin condition aggravated, and there was itching and small red rashes. The child was advised Darvi guduchyadi Kashayam, Sudarsanam, Ekavimsathika Guggulu, Gandhaka Rasayanam, Khadirarishtam,Sata dhauta ghrtam,Nalpamaradi, thBy 16 the skin improved.

    They were leaving for Calcutta, and were prescribed Brihatchagalyadi ghrtam,

    Ekavimsathika Guggulu, Gandhaka Rasayanam, Guggulu panchapalam,Khadirarishtam, Sata dhauta ghrtam/ Nalpamaradi. till Sankranti.

    Then they were to stop Brihatchagaladyam ghrtam, and start Darvi Guduchyadi and Sudarsanam instead.

    The situation had become incurable in allopathy. Also, the child was on lethal drugs. After a year's treatment her skin is almost OK, though sometimes it worsens. Treatment is still ongoing.

Smt. G.V., aged 61

    Medical History She has had black patches on her face and neck for the past 1 ? years. Dermatologists suggested an UV protection ointment which did not help at all. She has been on cholestrol tablets for a year now, and also Evion/ calcium tablets since menopause.

    Treatment thOn 7 Jan 10, the patient came, and was prescribed Mahamanjishtadi kashayam, Maha

    tikta ghrtam, Khadirarishtam, Doorvadi Thailam, Nalpamaradi Thailam. She was told to

    stop calcium tablets, and reduce cholestrol tablets by 1/3.

    Two weeks later she was prescribed Madhusnuhi churnam also, and to further reduce the

    cholestrol tablet by 1/3. Another two weeks later, her patches had almost completely cleared up. Her heel pain had increased, and she felt it could be because she was off calcium. But her dal intake had also increased, as many other foods were restricted and

    that may have caused it, She was prescribed Mahamanjishtadi kashayam, Maha tikta

    ghrtam, Madhusnuhi churnam, Khadirarishtam,Anu Thailam, Kumkumadi thailam, Prabanjana Vimardana Thailam.

    Notes Patient is very happy with the quick and complete improvement. She says that her relatives are amazed at the improvement.

    Problem completely addressed in a month.

Smt D, aged 47

    Medical history

    A week-old visarpam (herpes). It had started as a reddish patch, which later developed blisters. There is only a burning feeling.

    Treatment thOn 25 May 09, patient came with visarpam and Gairikam, Triphala and Patoladi

    Kashayam were prescribed. In a week she was better, and Madhusnuhi churnam was

    added. Three days later she reported completely well, and was asked to take only Maha

    Tikta ghrtam.

    Problem completely addressed in 2 weeks.

Smt A, aged 14

    Medical History When out in the sun, the skin gets rashes and itches. It usually starts as small as an antbite, and becomes a red discoloured patch. It lasts for 6 hours. It begins with the ear getting hot. Patient usually takes Citrazine, or just wraps a wet towel, and sits under the fan.

    Treatment ndOn 22 Oct 09, patient came and was prescribed Maha tikta ghrtam, Sudarsanam,

    Kamaduga Rasa. In a week she was better, and in another week she was completely well. Problem completely addressed in 2 weeks.

Smt. A, aged 14

    Medical History Has been on Atkin's diet only pulses and fish.

    Treatment thOn 28 Nov 09, patient came with complaint of painful boil under arm. She was prescribed Chandraprabha Vati, Kaisoradi Guggulu, Panchatikta Kashayam, Sata dhauta ghrtam.

    Within a week the boil subsided.

    Problem completely addressed in 1 week.

    Notes There was also the complaint of heavy bleeding for 9 days now and painful

    menstruation. She was asked to stop the Atkin's diet as fish has the property of increasing bleeding

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