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     Now Apply for the Free State ID

     HOW TO

     MV3004 Application OBTAIN A


    When applying at the DMV for a Wisconsin ID, check the box WISCONSIN indicating that you want it FREE Barbara M. Seegers, Clerk STATE ID for voting purposes. FOR VOTING 920-788-4548 YES PURPOSES W2004 County Rd S Please note: MV3004 replaces MV3001 P.O. Box 1007 for a new state ID 12/05/2011. Freedom, WI 54131 Effective 2011 Office Hours Once documentation is accepted, the 8 a.m. 4:00 p.m. FREE Wisconsin ID Card is processed and mailed. A Wisconsin ID Card Receipt is issued and is an acceptable ID for voting purposes until your card arrives.

     Voter Public Access

    This information is for obtaining a DMV-

     issued Wisconsin State ID Card. For further questions: For detailed information about the Voter Photo ID Starting with 2012 February Primary law, please visit the Government Accountability SEARCH: ”Obtaining an identification (ID) card” and all subsequent elections thereafter, Board website: or Wisconsin electors must show an call 1-866-VOTE-WIS or forms/mv3001.pdf acceptable photo ID before receiving contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at 608-261-2028 and casting a ballot. DMV Call Center (608) 266-2353 or TTY 1-800-947-3529.

    In 2011, Voter Photo Identification Law ;;Do not currently have a valid or Legal Presence (need one) was passed requiring a photo ID for BIRTH CERTIFICATE (certified) unexpired WI Driver License (DL) CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP voting purposes. ;;Do not have a WI State ID card that is FOREIGN PASSPORT (valid) TSA WORKER ID Transportation Worker Identification Credential Wisconsin does not issue a separate not eligible for renewal

    Voter ID card.

     Identity (need one) Valid out-of-state driver licenses must be CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE (Copy) surrendered to obtain a WI State ID Card. Acceptable photo identification CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE DRIVER LICENSE (from another State) for voting in Wisconsin include: STATE ID CARD (from another State) Required documents for a TSA WORKER ID Transportation Worker Identification Credential MILITARY DISCHARGE PAPERS + DD-214 FREE Wisconsin ID for voting U.S. GOV & MILITARY DEPENDENT CARD SOCIAL SECURITY CARD purposes Under 18 (LEGAL GUARDIAN’S WI ID CARD) To get a Free State ID for voting purposes Wisconsin Residency (need one) you must provide your social security Pay Stub

    Mortgage Documents number and present any documentation Utility Bill (incl. Cable & Landline Phone) listed below that proves your name & date Employee Photo ID

    Dept. of Correction Documents of birth, legal presence, identity, and Insurance Policy The IDs (in the circles above) must be Wisconsin residency. Listed below are Financial Institution Statement unexpired or if expired have expired after the College Enrollment Document the most common forms of documentation.

    Certified School Record date of the most recent general election: Complete lists for each category can be Gov-issued Correspondence currently, November 2, 2010 found at: Documents presented as proof must be

    original. Photocopies are not acceptable .htm If a person has none of the photo unless otherwise indicated above. ID forms listed above, a One acceptable document can be Documents with a photograph of a person Wisconsin ID can be freely presented as proof in multiple categories. will be accepted only when the person is obtained for voting purposes if

     readily recognizable from the photograph. these requirements below are Name & Date of Birth (need one) met: The Division of Motor Vehicles will decline BIRTH CERTIFICATE (certified) CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP to accept any documents presented if it ;;Must be at least 18 yrs of age on the DRIVER LICENSE (Other U.S.) has reason to suspect the authenticity of date of the next election FOREIGN PASSPORT (valid w/ I-551 or I-94 arrival & departure record) TSA WORKER ID Transportation Worker Identification Credential the document. Questionable documents ;;Eligible to vote in Wisconsin ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE RECORD may require additional review. COURT ORDER: Adoption, Divorce Name or Gender


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