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    Apps for Early Intervention (Birth Three)

    with Special Attention to Young Children with ASD, Vision

    Impairment and Other Disabilities


    I like Books (1.99)

    Story Time for Kids (free)


     Drawing Pad (1.99) Doodle Buddy (free)

    litter Draw (1.99) GDrawing with Carl (free)

    Glow Coloring (free) Zoodle Pad (free)

     Kid Art (.99)


    Magic Piano (free) Toddler Jukebox (1.99)

Simple Cause/Effect

     Tap-n-See Zoo (2.99)

    Tap Tap Baby (1.99)


Communication (AAC)

    Tap to Talk (free) Look2Learn(14.99)

     ProLoquo2Go (189.99)

    Tap Speak (49.99)

    Sounding Board (49.99) Tap Speak Sequence (29.99)

     TouchChat HD (149.99)

    iConverse (9.99)

     IClick I Talk (19.99) Scene and Heard (49.99)

Social Development

    Touch and Say-Emotions (free) Pictello (18.99)

    Moody Monster Manor (free)

    Stories2Learn (13.99

Visual Schedules

    icommunicate (49.99) iPrompts (49.99)

    Picture Scheduler (2.99) First Then Visual Schedules (9.99)


    AA Visual Schedules (9.99)

    Choice Board Creator

    Time Timer (6.99)

    My Choice Board (9.99)


     Glitter Draw (free) Pocket Pond (free)

    Glow Coloring (free) Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD (4.99)

    BrightStart Babies (free)

     Baby Aquarium (.99)

     I Love Fireworks Lite (.99)

    Balloonimals (2.99)

ABA- Discrete Trial Training


     ABA Receptive Identification ABA Recetive Identification (.99) by Function (.99)

     See Touch Learn (free) ABA Receptive Identification

     by Feature (.99)


    Just for Fun/Special Interests

    Flibbix Spinner Clean my Screen Lite (free)

     Thomas and Friends: Engine Talking Tom Cat (free) Activities (free)

     Clicky Sticky Trains (1.99) Talking Baby Hippo (2.99)

    iOS Tips for Toddlers

    ; Provide children with an abundance of opportunities to learn concepts

    through sensory experiences, movement and by exploring toys, objects,

    materials and their environment. Technology should NEVER totally replace

    opportunities for active engagement unless the child is unable to explore on

    their own because of his/her disability.

    ; Some children are especially engaged with iOS devices because apps are

    visually engaging and feature music and novel experiences. Other children

    appreciate apps because the activities are predictable and consistent.

    ; Select apps that feature the child’s area of interest (trains, animals, coloring,


    ; Create opportunities for children to play with the iPad beside or with other


    ; Limit the amount of time young children are allowed to play with iPads to

    short periods of time (10-15 minutes at a time). Play together with your

    child to teach joint attention, expressive and receptive language, literacy and

    numeracy concepts, social skills and other needed skills.

    ; When using iOS devices for the purpose of assistive technology, consider the

    child’s need for assistive technology by looking at the child’s skills and needs,

    the demands of the environment, tasks to be accomplished and other tools

    available. Begin with low-tech solutions (such as object and picture

    schedules, simple AAC devices, etc.). If a child is more proficient using a low-

    tech system, than an iOS device, then the low-tech system is the preferred

    system. (Don’t be fooled by the excitement of new technology)

    ; When using iOS devices for AAC with very young children, assess the child’s

    receptive understanding of words, understanding of two-dimensional picture


    representation, ability to choose between multiple pictures presented, size of

     pictures needed as well as portability and accessibility of the device.; Personalize your child’s stories and favorite apps with familiar pictures (such

    as favorite toys, family members, friends, etc.). Teach skills through social


    ; Since iOS devices are so portable and accessible, remember to protect your

    device with protective cases.

    iPad Accessories

     iAdapter Case, ($198),

     rubberized case, hides home button, built in speakers

     Big Grip iPad Case,, rubberized, easy to grip

     RJ Cooper iPad Carrying Case ($79), Otterbox Defender ($29.95-$89.95),

     GumDrop Drop Tech Series Case ($59),

     Incipio Destroyer ($19.99-$75.99),

     iMaingoX speaker case ($59.95),

     Pogo Pointer (14.95),


IDEA: If a child drags their hand across the screen, have the child wear a knit glove

    with the tip of the finger cut out for the activation point. This will help prevent

    unwanted selections.

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S. Jones, VDOE T/TAC at VCU

    Revised 3/12


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