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    My intention has been to post a simple little article on the Divine Sarah.

    With Sarah Bernhardt it AIN’T that easy.

    Divine Sarah

    as the Empress of Byzantium Théodora by Sardou

    I was a pissy little homo- boy, my mother dismissed my histrionic fits by telling me to “stop acting like Sarah Bernhardt”.

    I hadn’t a clue as to what she was referring to, I do now.

    Sarah is eternally fascinating. As I cannot possibly tackle the Goddess in one little modest post, perhaps chapters would be best.

    As I like shiny things, and Sarah liked shiny things lets begin with jewels.

    We all know the quite fabulous Dragonfly corsage , so let us start

    with it.



    Lalique 1897-1898

    gold, enamel, chrysoprase stones, moonstones .

    Museo Calouste Gulbenkian

    I have read that this perverse little creature owned by Sarah’s friend, Calouste Gulbenkian, was a portrait sculpture of Bernhardt. I don’t see a resemblance, but it is of course quite extraordinary.

    Calouste lent this jaw dropper only once to dear Sarah, but we are still talking about it.

    The man had fine taste, plus he was rather cute.

In addition to this bit of

magnificence, he was a fine patron to Lalique. I must post more in a

future date, but I cannot resist the siren call of this piece.

    Serpents pectoral

    ca. 1898-1899

    gold and enamel

    Museo Calouste Gulbenkian

    Lalique wasn’t the only horse in Sarah’s bejeweled stable. Georges Fouquet and Alphonse Mucha produced this dazzling wonder.



    ca. 1899

    gold, diamonds, opals , rubies, and enamel

    Alphonse Mucha Museum

    Sakai City, Japan

    As the opal is Sarah’s birthstone, the Snake Bracelet is particularly fitting.

    It’s Orientalist mystique is by way of a larger snake that wraps round her wrist, Snake -1 linked to ring -Snake- 2 by a delicate series of chains. Flexibility is provided by discreet hinges from behind. a mechanical bit of genius that even I can appreciate. In addition to designing Sarah’s jewels, Mucha of course famously designed posters for many of her performances. this poster of 1898, depicts the divine one as Medea, in the production of Médée

    performed at the Theatre de la Renaissance.

    The Snake

    Bracelet quite visible, in addition to the bloody knife. Georges Fouquet and Alphonse Mucha collaborated on other pieces, this pendant will drive you mad.


    ca. 1900

    Georges Fouquet and Alphonse Mucha

    gold, enamel, mother of pearl, emerald, colored stone, gold paint

    Metropolitan Museum of Art

Clearly dear Mucha relished being Sarah’s lap dog.

    Mucha went

    on to design more for Sarah, jewels and posters most specifically. When Miss Bernhardt was performing La Princesse Lointaine at the

    Renaissance Theatre in 1895, Mucha designed this magnificent tiara for her.

    Diadem for La Princesse


    ca. 1895

Musée et Bibliothèque de l’Opera


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