book report---The Picture of Dorian Gray

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book report---The Picture of Dorian Gray

    Novel Reading Report

    Your name 洪耕 Missy

    Class 2010212

    Presentation time 2010.20.23

    I. General information

    Book Name: First Publishing time: Publishing country:

    The Picture of Dorian Gray In 1992 In Hertfordshire, England

    Impressive features

    This book is Wilde’s amazing masterpiece, and the profound content and flowery dancing language are definitely worthy to read. At the beginning when I

    started to read, I found that my vocabulary is a big barrier for me to understand the

    meaning of many sentences. I struggled away with the new words and moved on

    tardily, because the profound meanings and exquisite language became my prime

    powers. Reading this book is like playing an interesting puzzle. The more word I looked

    up in the dictionary and found the meaning, the more beauty and miracle of language emerged. I was addicted to the process that collects the small pieces and puts them

    together to work out the beautiful scenery of the puzzle. Wilde was a wonderful

    philologist and linguist.

    On the other hand, the twist of plot was also impressive. At the first part of the story (I think it is form chapter 1 to chapter 11), the plot was pushed smoothly and steadily, as if the stream flow a flat riverbed. But when the second part comes (I think it is chapter 12 to the end), the compact plots lead the story to fly into its stunning climax. I was so exciting and nervous that I cannot put It down.

    Author name

    Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde

    Author’s brief biography

    thOscar Wilde was a gifted poet, playwright. He was born in Dublin on October 16,

    th1854 in Dublin, Ireland and died on November 30 1900. Oscar Wilde was a

    phenomenon in 19th century England. He was illustrious for preaching the importance

    of style in life and art, and of attacking Victorian narrow mindedness.

    His works did not find recognition until the publication of "The Happy Prince and Other Tales" in 1888. His other noted work, which was his only novel, was "The

    Picture of Dorian Gray" (1890), which caused controversy as the book evidently attacked the hypocrisy of England. The book was later used as incriminating evidence at Oscar Wilde's trail, on the basis of its evident homosexual content.

    Oscar Wilde was a married man with children, but his private life was as a homosexual. He had an affair with a young, snobbish aristocrat named Lord Alfred

    Douglas. Douglas' father, the Marques of Queensberry did not approve of his son's

    relationship with the distinguished writer, and when he accused Wilde of sodomy, Wilde tried to sue the Marques in court, but his case dropped to the ground when his

    homosexuality was exposed, which was then outlawed in England. Wilde was sentenced to two years hard labor in prison. On his release, he was a penniless, dejected man and he soon died in Paris, aged 46.

    Length of the book (words How much have you How much do you think you

    and pages) finished? All. understand it?

    194 pages How many hours do you Maybe 85%.

    spend on reading it? A

    whole month.

    II. Main idea of the book

    Basil Hallward was a famous painter. He unrequitedly loved a pure, innocent, handsome young man named Dorian Gray. Basil had been painting a portrait for Gray. Because of his deep love to Gray, he made this amazing portrait so vivid, and totally copied Gray’s beauty, youth and simplicity.

    One day, Basil’s good fellow, Lord Henry Wotton, who was eloquent

    and wise, met Gray when Basil was painting the portrait. Henry’s unorthodox and poisonous theories tempt Gray to evil.

    The day that the portrait finished, Gary prayed carelessly that he would sell his own soul to keep his youth and beauty. This call was answered by the devil. And Henry act as a massager of the devil, by and by, inspired Gary’s essentially but deeply hid narcissism and hedonism. Dorian Gray's

    picture grows aged and corrupt gradually but his appearance maintain fresh and innocent. And there began his self-indulgence. After he killed a young woman who fell in love with him, Dorian Gray is surprised to find no difference in his beautiful surroundings and his good life. But the picture of him got more and more hideous when he did something evil.

    When he was 38 years old, he totally changed to another person. He no longer feared the picture being hideous and couldn’t control his


    something to restrict us respect others’ rights. Entirely freedom, to some degree, means no freedom. We must sacrifice little parts of our freedom to gain maximized liberty. Like Gray, he indulged his lust too much, so he lost his soul. No matter how pretty and innocent one’s external beauty was, if his or her soul was corrupt, the person could not survive.

    In a word, in my opinion, we should do what we do to defend our liberty, and in another hand, restrict our lusts and respect other’s rights. In this way, we may lead a free, comfortable and dignified life. IV. Criticism or questions to the author or the novel.

    Actually, it’s a little mess in my mind, because the profound questions are always not easy question. Sometimes we could not come to a standard answer to these questions. But I think, the value is not the answers but the process that we struggle to get the answers. This book causes me so many thoughts, that the comment mess up. I am really sorry. I want to say a lot of things, so my thinking is not that clear.

    And the ending confused me. Did Gray’s regret and guilt implicate the author’s surrender?

    And at last, I want to pay honor to Oscar Wilde. To his book the picture of Dorian Gray and to the sufferings he got through. The sufferings are not just his, but are everyone’s that deeply rooted in our minds.

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