1989 NSTDP Convention Class Packets

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1989 NSTDP Convention Class Packets

    NCC Library Pattern Packets-Acrylics (updated Jan. 2005)

Artist Title

    Anderson, G. On the First Day of Christmas Aubuchon, S. Large Welcome Board

    Azalea, Daniel Fall Harvest

    Badger,Lindy Air Brush Design Portfolios Brandt, S. Easter Eggs

    Bullman, J. Large St. Nicholas w/starred Staff Cagle, G. Country Fresh Eggs Eggs in copper Cagle, G. Green Apples & Blossoms on Checkerboard Caithness, Betty Farmer’s Garden

    Caithness, Betty Gingerbread Bakery Caithness, Betty Sunset Sail

    Caithness, Betty Stone Bridge

    Chung, W. Santa with a Lute

    DeRenzo, Patti Poinsettias

    Diephouse, J. Blue & Rose Strokework Bowl Dillon, Jane Shaker Seeds Cabinet

    Dolsen, R. Three Season Primitive Landscape Box Fiddlestix A Cat in the House Plate Fortnam, Deanne Miltonia Orchids

    Foster, S. Bauernmaleri Collections: Second, Big Things

    Foster, S. Painted Spanschachtel (hat box) Foster, S. Scalloped mantle Mini Clocks Foster, S. Lake Constance and Appenzell Mini clocks Grace, Gladys Holly & Ribbon Stencil Hansen, J. Bluebird/redbird w/flowers, theorem Harrington, N. Painted Frames

    Harrington, N. Maple Lane Farm

    Hewitt, C. Lasting Impressions

    Hoernig, K. Apple Bread Box

    Hoernig, K. Autumn Lamp

    Hoernig, K. Birdhouse Frame

    Hoernig, K. Birds & Bees Brushbox Hoernig, K. Falls Leaves Box

    Hoernig, K. Frosty’s Bird Haven

    Hoernig, K. Garden Angel Paintbox Hoernig, K. Noteworthy Noelle

    Hoernig, K. Painting Notes

    Hoernig, K. Palette Calendar

    Hoernig, K. Palette Clock

    Hoernig, K. Pumpkin Bag Trio

    Hoernig, K. Rose Heart

    Hoernig, K. Simple Daisies Box

    Hoernig, K. Snowcouple Memory Book

Hoernig, K. Snowpeople Coasters

    Hoernig, K. Time to Paint Clock

    Hoernig, K. Two Hearts Table

    Hogue, K. My Bear-ry Best Buddy

    Johnson, C. Victorian Heart Ornaments Johnson, J. Mushrooms Mini Book

    Johnson, J. Strawberries Mini Book Kaput, D. Noah-Keeper of the Birds Triptych Kreutz, M. Christmas Bear

    Landes, L. Country Spice Box

    Lange, D. Sewing Angel

    Lange, D. Golfing Angel

    Lange, D. Gardening Angel

    Lange, D. Bowling Angel

    Lange, D. Honky Tonk Angel

    Lange, D. Domestic Angel

    Lange, D. Rembrandt Artist Angel

    Lange, D. Easy Painting Angel

    Lange, D. Peach Tulip Plate

    Lenski, Nancy Lee Paisley Angel

    Lia Black Forest Painting

    Mason-Lilliedahl, J The Fainting Couch McNaughton, Maureen Color Scheme Paint Caddy, #521 McNaughton, Maureen Tapestry of Flowers, #558 McNaughton, Maureen Roses and Tulips, # 557 McNaughton, Maureen Strokework Dogwoods, # 554 McNaughton, Maureen Irises, #540

    McNaughton, Maureen Flat Brush Study, Ruffle Flowers, #533

    McNaughton, Maureen Strokework Columbines, #523 McNaughton, Maureen Spring Border, #520 McNaughton, Maureen Tapestry, #506

    McNaughton, Maureen Roses Thistles and Heather, #564 Masters, D. Homeward Bound

    Masters, D. Katie

    Mitchell, D. Noah’s Ark

    Mitchell, D. Cozy Christmas Cubbies Moreland, J. L’il Love Boat

    Newman, A. Daisy Floral on Plate

    Newman. A. Summer Fruits & Flowers Seed Box Newman, A. Candy Pink Dogwood curtain tie backs Newman. A. Daisies, Lilacs and Roses on glass Nicholson, H. Patchwork Christmas Wreath Pipka Merry Christmas Santa

    Raffin, P. Peace Angels, Pet Me

    Stamilio, E. Triple Decker Noah’s Ark

    Stamilio, S. Elegant Eggs, PP119 Thomas, M. Noah’s Ark Memory Board

    Thurmond, V. Polar Bears

    Thurmond, V Baby Features

    Ulvilden, P. Angel Tree Top Ulvilden, P. Victorian Angel Whitmire, K. Gone Fishin, Henry & Hobart

    Whitmire, K. Sled-Hector & Hobart Wilson, M. Bless My Teacher Wiseman, M. Tea Table

    Wirth, L. The Herb Cottage

    NCC Library Pattern Packets Fabric Painting

Artist Title

Brandt, S. Patriotic Parade

    Holt, A. Colonial Treasures

    Holt, A. USA Sampler

    Inman, M. Songbirds

    Keller, D. A Rainbow Vest

    Lange, D. Sunflowers on a Bag Rongey, Colleen Cabbage Roses

    Wetterman, Della Me and My Friends

    NCC Library Pattern Packets Oils

Artist Title

    Crume, P. Poppies & Daisies Hansen, J. Old St Nick-Goodies Hansen, J Oriole with Black-eyed Susan Hansen, J Bluebird with rose

    Johnson, J. Patterns of the Month (8) Kingslan, A. Waterlilies

    Kingslan, A. Country Garden Kingslan, A. Sugar and Spice Kingslan, A. Study in Yellow Kingslan, A. California Green Grapes Kingslan, A. Time to Paint

    Kingslan, A. Artist’s Paint Box

    Kinney, N. Apple a Day

    Mullins, D. Tulip Magnolia and Red Grapes Perkins, G. Hat with Roses

    Roberts, H. Southern Charm

    Snyder, E. Flowers on Dk Green Background-Russian Flowers #6

    Snyder, E. Black Plate w/ Orange & Pink Flowers-Russian Flowers #5

    Stodgil, P. Floral Medley on black

    NCC Library Pattern Packets Water Colors

Artist Title

    Laible, Gayle Home For the Holidays Spires, Mary Transparent Rose Travassos-James, G. Forest Fire Travassos-James, G. Forgotten Bayou

Travassos-James, G. Garden Party Magnolias

    Travassos-James, G. Geraniums in Clay Pot Travassos-james, G. Jewel of the Rainforest Travassos-James, G. Pink Cannas

    Travassos-James, G. Red Poppies

    Travassos-James, G. Red, White and Blue Travassos-James, G. The Red Door

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