Item Donations - The Volunteer Projects

By Kenneth Shaw,2014-09-25 05:16
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Item Donations - The Volunteer ProjectsItem

    Required Donations & Resources


    ; Books on sports coaching, yoga, strength training, etc

    ; Used or new sports gear/equipment/uniforms, etc

    ? Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball

    ; Coaching Supplies/ Referee supplies

    ; Clipboards, Air pumps for balls & needles, Stop watches, Training cones and supplies,


    ; Playground items ( (Jump ropes, rubber balls and kick balls, Frisbees, Hacky sacks) ; Running shoes (lightly worn only) kids are all ages and sizes so whatever you bring can

    fit someone, New shoe laces

    ; Tents, sleeping bag and any other camping equipment


    ; Pencils/pens/colored pencils/crayons/markers

    ; Construction paper, flashcards

    ; Printer / copy paper

    ; Printer Ink (HP 21, 22)

    ; Manila File Folders

    ; Desktop Organizers

    ; Paperclips, staples, etc

    ; Note pads/paper

    CHILDREN'S PLAY/EDUCATION (for orphanages, pre-schools, schools)

    ; Various Small musical instruments

    ; Children's movies (DVD), board games, computer games (a few locations have access) ; Children's toys, books, puzzles, coloring books

    ; Science lab equipment/kits

    ; Text books (even used, or slightly dated), all ages/grades, multiples ; Encyclopedia / reference books


    ; Hospital (medical equips)

    ; Mosquito nets, bed sheets, mattresses, birthing chairs, glucose testing kits, and sterile

    suture kits

    ; First aid kits and supplies (for orphanages)


    ; Film camera PD150 or Sony Z1, Tape Stock, Camcorders for practice , Still cameras

    (professional & practice for the smaller kids)

    ; Radio Mics, Boom , Hand held Mic, Tripod, Lighting Equipment, Writing Equipment,

    Books, Laptops, Memory Sticks/ external HDD for photography ; Lenses, TV Monitor, Editing facilities, Office equipment

    ; Digital Cameras (helpful for orphanage staff to use)


    ; Tampons

    Required Donations & Resources ; Toothbrushes and toothpaste (check with your DDS!) ; Towels

    ; Soap (can be purchased here)

    ; Lotions

    ; Flat bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases (twin) ; Clothing/flip flops there are children of all ages and sizes, so likely anything you bring

    can be used by someone.


    ; Zippers (all lengths, colors)

    ; Medium/Large buttons (used for bag clasps) ; Velcro rolls

    ; Beads and beading tools (variety, a few groups are making items to sell to support their


    ; Lining fabrics

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